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Happy Friday, everyone!!

This is a short one today as I am still not doing terrific after my booster shot. Not awful but definitely not firing on all cylinders. Fine in the am but as the day wears on, I am definitely wearing down, kinda feeling like the tail end of the flu or maybe a sinus-y kind of headache. But, still very grateful that we were able to get in and get our boosters before the holiday season, and hopeful that maybe we can have dinner with the family this year indoors instead of in the garage with the heaters blasting! if nothing else, it will be a dinner to remember.

First up - I want to send a huge shout-out to Catherine Beebe for her Affinity demo yesterday - it was amazing! I love her teaching style - calm, straightforward, no fluff!
And if you have not picked it up yet, check out Catherine's new course here:
Create Printables in Affinity

And yes, there will be a replay posted over the weekend - you will find it in the member area dashboard (right-hand side of the main dashboard)


We had so many people ask us if they could get the launch pricer that we brought our Meet the Creators event back for one last hurrah at the launch prices!!! From now through Monday midnight - get an amazing bundle of goodies for just $5!!!!


Upcoming Launch!!

I have 2 new Digital Planners launching Tuesday as part of an entire funnel of products on WarriorPlus! If you promoted our Meet The Creators launch last month - you should be auto-approved for this one too - it should be live to get your links by Monday ;-)

Zoomin' Around Next Week...

Kitchen Sink Mastermind
Thursday, October 7, 3:00 PM EDT
We have another VERY special guest, Dan Morris, founder of Blogging Concentrated and the BC Stack Bundle. Dan will be joining us to discuss Podcasting, something that many of us are hoping to tackle in 2022!

Friday Freebie!!!

If you do not know who Tony Shepherd is, you are in for a treat! Tony has been around forever, and is known by most of us old-timers as the "Hippie Marketer".
He is uber-successful at this whole online marketing thing, and is one of the best at email marketing you will find anywhere.

Get his free report here: Tony Shepherd
Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 5.54.18 PM

I RArely recommend Lifetime Memberships...
But This One? I wholeheartedly Recommend!

I generally consider "Lifetime Memberships" to be little more than fund-raising efforts by most vendors and only recommend them when the company or person has been a trusted resource for a long time - because while they CAN be a fantastic deal - they can also be a great way to say goodbye to your moola.

THIS is one of those exceptions! Alice Seba has been one of the most trusted and consistent PLR creators in the industry for years, and she is offering an incredible lifetime price for her new membership, Big Growth Shortcuts and Templates Club - which is already a steal at only $9.97 a month - but $97 for a lifetime membership? Grab it before it goes away because this is content you will use.

Freebies too!
Free Template Pack:

  • Quick-Action Shortcuts Strategy Guide – Find out why information products are a great income earner and how to brainstorm products your customers will love. Plus, get lots of ideas for putting your product together, quickly and easily.
  • Product Brainstorming Worksheet – This worksheet gives you plenty of ways to come up with the best ideas for your information product. It covers. This is a really comprehensive worksheet that will be sure to give you plenty of ideas…maybe even for more than one product.
  • Product Brainstorming Checklist – Use this checklist as a road map to keep you on track and motivate you to release your next information product.
  • Product Creation PlannerA handy quick planner to ensure you stay on top of tasks and can keep track of their completion dates
Check it all out here:
Big Growth Shortcuts and Templates Club

Yadsia Is Having A Sale -
I think this ends Saturday???!
Yadsia is holding a retirement sale for her best-selling bundle of Canva Templates! I Love everything she does and have all of her trainings, so this is a 'no brainer' for me today!

This DONE-FOR-YOU CANVA PINTEREST PINS TEMPLATES bundle includes 70+ fresh Pins PLUS 20+ Video Pins to start promoting your content on Pinterest.

Plus you get Video Tutorials to walk you through everything:
Importing the Templates
• How to change colors
• Add and remove Images
• Using the Shadows

All of this for only $13.50


Affiliate Cash Overlay

It's rare that I buy upsells on products, but I did on this one, because I love what it does! This basically is a Wordpress plugin that lets you create a bridge page to an affiliate offer very quickly, and overlay YOUR message "on" the sales page. At first, I was not sure how useful it would be but then I thought about using this to remind the visitor of my bonus for the offer, or do a quick video review of the new product. And the upsell lets you place a sticky note graphic (among other things) over the offer so you don't even have to do a video.

The sales page has a great video showing exactly what you can do with this plugin - NOT another blind sales page. I think you will love this one!

Full Details Here: Affiliate Cash Overlay

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 9.13.56 AM

This is being billed as a replacement for Vidnami - I purchased this am but have not had a chance to test it yet but it is on launch special pricing right now, and I have had good luck with the company's software in the past, so fingers crossed!! I don't think it has as many templates as Vidnami did, but it does seem to have a huge image library, which most of the replacements to date have not had.

You can copy and paste URLs into ClipsReels, but you can also copy and paste ANY text to create outstanding videos too. Use this with your blog posts, scripts, or any other content you have access to and quickly make videos that get results. One of the best features is that it creates both square and vertical videos so you can use for Stories!
Full Details Here: ClipReels
And now, back to bed.....

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