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Hey, everyone!

It's Monday, and that really should not make much difference to me but for some does! It's strange but I somehow have put myself in the Monday-dreads mindset again, and I am not sure when or how that happened. It really makes no sense since I do the newsletter almost every day, and my schedule is pretty much the same every day. The only difference is that we used to go out for brunch on Sunday mornings but now we actually tend to go out during the week when there is less likely to be a crowd.

But the thing that makes this really odd? I have not had to show up anywhere on Monday am since 1992!! LOL, so any Monday pressure is definitely coming from something internal! That is when I walked away from my corporate job and I have never looked back. I never set the alarm anymore - I go to sleep when I am tired and get up when I wake up.

A funny and true story: our twin grandsons are on the high school JV football team and play every Saturday, so we decided to set the alarm for the first game because it was more than an hour away from us. So I set my iphone for 7 am...and when the darned thing went off the next morning, Bob and I both woke up startled and trying to figure out what that noise was before we remembered we had set the alarm the night before. Seriously? An alarm? What's that??? Arrgghhhh....

It's also interesting looking back at how things have changed since that time - those of us that were early ecom pioneers did everything we could to hide the fact that we were home-based because it was generally assumed that "consultant" meant the same thing as "unemployed" and not by your own choice! I had multiple landlines coming into the house, used an answering service, had a fax machine and a dedicated line for it, and rented a mailbox at one of the many executive suites that were springing up all over to accommodate the new home-based trend so I had a "business address".

Today, of course, things are different and working from home is accepted and almost the 'norm' in many industries. My business today is light years away from my former career and I love that I have been able to do something that is so different and so much fun! I have had so many fun opportunities and met so many terrific people over the past 2 years - I can't wait to see what 2022 holds for us!

And yes, I know the Pandemic is still with us, and trust me - it affects every aspect of my life right now, but I am working around it and refuse to let it define my life any more than it already has. We can still succeed in spite of it.

Now I just need to figure out where this Monday mania is coming from....ROFL!!


Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 7.58.37 PM
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Upcoming Events!

Just Announced!
October 11th - 15th

Design Cuts Brings Us

4 days of LIVE instruction and it's FREE! I definitely recommend that you register early because I have a feeling that this will fill up quickly!! Classes on Photoshop, Procreate, Lightroom, After Effects, Digital Calligraphy, Lettering - the list goes on and on!!!


From Tiffany Lambert - Vision Board Success For Entrepreneurs
This 5+ page, 2,283-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:
- A Widely Used Tool for Training Your Brain for Success
- Categories Entrepreneurs Often Put on Their Vision Boards
- Choosing Images That Don't Underestimate Your Potential
- The Process of Building Your Vision Board
- Never Set and Forget Your Vision
** This report comes in both Word and TXT formats
Free Graphics included
Get full details here: Vision Board Success For Entrepreneurs

The latest from Charles Harper: Product Creation Playbook
You get 20 "Over the Shoulder" Instructional Tutorial Videos plus the transcript so you can record your own voiceover if you like, slides and everything you need to get your course launched - at a price you won't believe - $7!!
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Don't forget to get your submission in for the Homepreneur's Adventure: Part 2
And, yes, we have extended the deadline for the Homepreneur's Adventure" Part 2 Swag Bag and Premium Bundle to midnight Monday...which really means 10 EDT am Tuesday morning because I know I know I won't take the forms down until then ;-)

Here are the links - descriptions of each bundle's requirements are on the signup pages:

Premium Bundle

Swag Bag

And if anyone would like to see a particular service or product as a sponsor or prize contributor for the event, let me know, and we will reach out to them ;-)


Create Printables in Affinity

I've been anxiously waiting for this course for ages!! As most of you know, I am a Photoshop person - it is open all day on my desktop and use it off and on every day. But it is not cheap, and there IS a learning curve - even with courses! Canva is awesome and affordable - but it DOES lack a lot of the flexibility in PS...and then along came the market disruptor, Affinity. Affordable and easier to learn, it's quickly gained market share and I predict that it will only improve as time goes on. There are a few things yet that I would like to see added but for the price? You can make do!!

This new course, by Catherine Beebe, promises to be a #1 winner, based on her other courses. If you plan on using Affinity and want to get the most out of it - I recommend you grab this one!

BTW - Catherine will be joining us next week on the Kitchen Sink for a 'hands on' demo - and YES!! She falls under the heading of "TRUSTED VENDOR" as she has been a long time Kitchen Sink member ;-)

Full Details Here: Create Printables in Affinity

Have an AMAZING week!!!


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