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Hey, everyone!

Seriously, it was just Friday afternoon and it's Sunday evening already?? And just like that, another weekend bites the dust...the house looks like it was the staging ground for a WW3 rehearsal, and I really do. not. care. I got a LOT of work done this weekend, and am sorta getting caught up on the backlog of things. I had to say no to a couple of events, which I hate to do, but it was the smart thing to do right now.

I usually have a folder of products that are more or less 'ready to go' at a moment's notice, but I had pretty much depleted my goodie bag while caring for Bob after his surgery, and have not had any time to replace the items that I had used.

LOL trust me, the value of what I refer to as 'foundational products' has proven itself time and again over this past summer!!

Now, about Helene Sula.....

Until the day that the Genius Blogger's Toolkit launched, I had no idea who this woman was. And then, I saw the Leader Board...
Day 1: Helene Sula
Day 2: Helene Sula
Day 3: Helene Sula
Day 4: Helene Sula
Day 5: Helene Sula
Day 6: Helene Sula

Ok, now this is one of the biggest darned bundle events of the YEAR...and this woman is ahead of folks like Debbie Gartner and THE Darren Rowse (ProBlogger and one of the first professional bloggers) AND Michelle Schroeder-Gardner (, who has a HUGE list, and is one of the top revenue generating blogs online. These are BIG names and someone I have never heard of has been at the top of the pack since DAY ONE.

I want to learn from this woman!! And doggone if she doesn't have her course,
Newsletter in a Night by Helene Sula ($97.00) in the Genius Blogger's Toolkit.

Yep, that was the first product I downloaded, too!! And yes, I signed up for her newsletter! This one product is worth more than the whole bundle sells for.

As I am sure you know, tomorrow is the final day for the Genius Blogger's Toolkit, so you are going to be inundated with emails by then, but no worries, I am not going to mail you 3 times tomorrow like they suggest YIKES!!!

Truthfully, while I have been buying it for a few years now - not everything is relevant in the bundle, and I probably won't even download everything - but there is enough that I will get far more than what the price is.

BUT...I will give you my tip for getting the most out of it:
I download what I want, and categorize them in folders (ie: blogging, ads, marketing etc) inside the one master folder, Genius Blogger 2021 and then I put a reminder on my calendar about 2 months from now, to go back and see what else may be relevant by then. I do the same thing again for 2 months later, and pretty much use everything that I downloaded by the time the next bundle rolls around ;-)

Please remember that courses that deal with fluid topics such as Pinterest strategies or Facebook ads should be consumed sooner rather than later, because this is information that can quickly become outdated, while other topics such as creating graphics in Canva or PS, are pretty much evergreen and can be studied as your schedule or needs allow.


Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 9.18.38 PM
You've seen the lists by now, and chances are that you have even visited the sales page a few times - if you are on the fence - now's the time to make the decision!!
  • Build Your Digital Etsy Empire by Sadie Smiley (eCourse) $127.00
    Discover the blueprint you need to build your Etsy Empire without wasting time, money, or effort.
  • Create Editable Printables To Sell On Etsy by Carmen Chan (eCourse) $57.00
    Learn how to create in-demand editable Canva templates and fillable PDF files to sell with Create Editable Printables To Sell On Etsy course.
  • Create Planners Like A Pro by Faith Lee (eCourse) $97.00
    A step-by-step course that teaches you how to create printable planners that are beautiful, practical, and highly sellable!
  • Newsletter in a Night by Helene Sula (eCourse) $97.00
    A 2-hour workshop that will walk you through, step-by-step how to create a newsletter and how to get the right people to sign up for your list + full tech training on creating, optimizing, & monetizing your list.
  • Ivory Mix Content Membership by Kayla Butler (Membership Site) $97.00
    The most comprehensive content membership of premium stock photos, Canva templates, captions, and marketing resources (NOTE FROM ME: These are GORGEOUS!)
  • Launch A Christian Blog: Avoid the biggest beginner mistakes by learning how to implement SEO, set up your email list, and all the must-know legalities to blogging by Elaine Rau | LadyBossBlogger (eCourse) $97.00
  • And of course, planners (Digital and Printable!), stickers, social media graphics and a 30 day blogging challenge and so much more from your Kitchen Sink Cohorts - Ruthie, Helen, Jan, Steph and me!
And of course....
there has to be a BONUS, right?
Purchase the Genius Blogger Toolkit through my link and get four $25 coupons, good towards any purchase, any time PLUS 15% off any purchase through the end of 2021. And I am in the process of updating the 2021 planners so there will be LOTS
of great stuff to pick up in the coming weeks ;-)

Please send your receipt to [email protected]
Please put GENIUS BONUS in the subject line!!
(all bonuses have been sent out - if you do not have yours -
please send in your receipt ASAP)

And yes, if you signed up through my link for the webinar,
and purchased then, you still get the bonus!


From Tiffany Lambert - Vision Board Success For Entrepreneurs
This 5+ page, 2,283-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:
- A Widely Used Tool for Training Your Brain for Success
- Categories Entrepreneurs Often Put on Their Vision Boards
- Choosing Images That Don't Underestimate Your Potential
- The Process of Building Your Vision Board
- Never Set and Forget Your Vision
** This report comes in both Word and TXT formats
Free Graphics included
Get full details here: Vision Board Success For Entrepreneurs

The latest from Charles Harper: Product Creation Playbook
You get 20 "Over the Shoulder" Instructional Tutorial Videos plus the transcript so you can record your own voiceover if you like, slides and everything you need to get your course launched - at a price you won't believe - $7!!
Get full details here: Product Creation Playbook


• From Kevin Fahey - Traffic Five
Kevin is the gent with heavy Irish brogue who seriously knows how to build lists and drive traffic, so I jumped on this one as soon as it launched this morning. It's on a dime sale, so if you might be interested, check it out sooner rather than later. This is NOT one of those idiotic "push button' traffic programs but rather a full-on course of 5 traffic methods that he uses to build his business.
Get full details here: Traffic Five
Don't forget to get your submission in for the Homepreneur's Adventure: Part 2
And, yes, we have extended the deadline for the Homepreneur's Adventure" Part 2 Swag Bag and Premium Bundle to midnight Monday...which really means 10 EDT am Tuesday morning because I know I know I won't take the forms down until then ;-)

Here are the links - descriptions of each bundle's requirements are on the signup pages:

Premium Bundle

Swag Bag

And if anyone would like to see a particular service or product as a sponsor or prize contributor for the event, let me know, and we will reach out to them ;-)


Create Printables in Affinity

I've been anxiously waiting for this course for ages!! As most of you know, I am a Photoshop person - it is open all day on my desktop and use it off and on every day. But it is not cheap, and there IS a learning curve - even with courses! Canva is awesome and affordable - but it DOES lack a lot of the flexibility in PS...and then along came the market disruptor, Affinity. Affordable and easier to learn, it's quickly gained market share and I predict that it will only improve as time goes on. There are a few things yet that I would like to see added but for the price? You can make do!!

This new course, by Catherine Beebe, promises to be a #1 winner, based on her other courses. If you plan on using Affinity and want to get the most out of it - I recommend you grab this one!

BTW - Catherine will be joining us next week on the Kitchen Sink for a 'hands on' demo - and YES!! She falls under the heading of "TRUSTED VENDOR" as she has been a long time Kitchen Sink member ;-)

Full Details Here: Create Printables in Affinity

Have an AMAZING week!!!


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