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Hi, Everybody!

Well, my last email certainly generated some great dialogue with many of you, and yes, if you haven't emailed me directly, I actually DO respond, and usually pretty quickly. When you respond to this newsletter, it comes to ME, not to a helpdesk or outsourced to someone that also answers emails for 20 other businesses. It comes to me, and your response comes from me, the person that knows my products better than anyone else.
My recent article on what to do with your new planners generated a lot of great conversations and more interesting questions, one of which was the difference between a 'fillable' PDF and an 'interactive' PDF. Answer? Nada. It's just marketing. If you've been using or working with PDFs in business, they are called fillable PDFs - if you are trying to cause a marketing buzz, they are interactive because it sounds sexier.

LOL! BUT...the bottom line is that being able to offer BOTH versions of a PDF planner, workbook or journal does give you a lot more options from a marketing perspective, because you are giving your customer options to utilize the product in the way that best fits their lifestyle. I have some planners that I print out because I simply prefer a written version that I can keep updated with quick notes, but I have others that are more fluid, and I use my desktop versions.

I also frequently use fillable single page forms that I fill out on my computer but print and then put into a binder, such as client profiles, project overviews etc.

So, whether you call them interactive or fillable - these can be a pain in the tush to create - but they DO add significant value to your offer and widen your potential customer pool greatly. Another great reason to let us do your grunt work for you ;-)

The other big questions were related to TRAFFIC and where to find those buyers. Interestingly, I had just purchased two highly touted courses, by names you will probably all recognize. I was planning on reviewing and putting together a bonus package to promote them, because I assumed that these would be good courses based on the people behind them. One of the courses touted several ways to get massive free, targeted traffic to your POD products. My hubby and I BOTH went through both courses, and decided to share this 100% free method with you instead - there is nothing to buy here - but the content and method is awesome:

How I Added 76,000 Subscribers In One Month With A Viral Loop

This I find exciting because this is something that you can do with what you probably already have on hand! Give a planner away! If you own some of the earlier Planner toolkits - create something totally unique for Linkedin, maybe a Linkedin marketing tracking planner - and give it away. I've done something like this in the past, but missed the asking for comments step which is the KEY to making it go viral!! And it's free to do.

===>>> UPDATES!!

We will be adding another bonus later today, so look for an update later this afternoon. Adding two NEW themes as a bonus - everyone that buys a single Workbook Journal will be able to choose ONE of the two new ones as a bonus, and both will be added to the Super Bundle. If you already purchased, look for instructions on how to claim your bonus later today ;-)

===>>> Planner Toolkit #5: The 'Stay on Track' Workbook Journal

BTW - If you have a credit from one of the recent promotions that you want to use, just drop me an email at melody@plrofthemonth.club and let me know what you would like to purchase, and we will get you taken care of ASAP.

NOTE: The price for the SUPER BUNDLE increases Monday at midnight!

Have a wonderful weekend - get out and play!!
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