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Hey, everyone!

This has been a crazy busy day, as I am preparing the Speaker packets for the upcoming Homepreneur's Adventure: PART 2! Virtual Summit. This is truly a group project and I cannot believe we are actually doing this again!! LOL but the truth is that we all stretched our wings farther than we ever thought possible with the first one and I think this one will outdo that one!

Scary? You betcha! Especially when you are reaching out to people that you soooo admire and respect, and they actually say "YES" (who woulda thunk, right??) and then you get to actually interview Zoom...with people watching, and I hate being on camera! And I 'volunteered' oodles of Kitchen Sink members that ALSO hate being on live Zooms to do AMAZEBALLS Round Table discussions. hey - if I was going to be traumatized - I was taking my buds with me!!

And at the end of the event, we all looked at each other in awe and said "well, dawggonnit, we DID it!!"

Cuz, yeah, we did it. Clueless. Without buying a $2,000 course.
Without any fancy software or consultants.
Flying. by. the. seat. of. our. collective. pants.
WE DID IT simply because we decided that we could ;-)
And now, we invite you to join us....

September 22 is the deadline to get your submissions in for the Homepreneur's Adventure Virtual Summit Part 2! Swag Bags and Premium Bundle. Everyone is welcome but bring your A-GAME - 'cuz this is a curated bundle by member committees from the Kitchen Sink Mastermind ;-)

We will be announcing the key Speakers next week - and we have a ROCKSTAR lineup - non-PLR people so we can network beyond our niche, learn new things and expand our reach into new markets!

Dates To Note...

Thursday - 3:00 PM EDT! Join us at The Kitchen Sink Mastermind as Attorney Bob Silber presents "Legal Forms You Need On Your Website...To Keep The Government Off Your Back"

If you do not know Dr. Silber - he is a highly respected internet legal specialist and his client list looks like the "Who's Who of Internet Marketing. You do NOT want to miss this!
For Zoom details, log in to your member account HERE or open a free member account - the details are in the member area on the right ;-)

NFTs are due!!
For members of the NFT Workshop - please get your FALL and/or dessert NFTs in ASAP - our next meeting is Friday, September 17th and FALL is right around the corner!

Let's Learn Somethin'!

How to Scale Your Blog to 5-Figure Months with Printables
This is SUCH a hot topic right now - especially with the holidays coming up! Sponsored by the folks at Ultimate Bundles as part of the promotion for the upcoming release of The Genius Blogger's Bundle, this webinar features Julie Berninger and Cody Berman, founders of Gold City Ventures and creators of the popular E-Printables Course

Here is what the Workshop will cover...
  • Why printables are so effective for bloggers
  • Case studies on what's actually possible
  • Ideas for creating printables in different niches
  • How to use printables as lead magnets to grow your list
  • How to sell printables for income (on and off your website)

There are 2 time slots for the webinar - and replays WILL be available):

3:00 pm ET (12:00 pm PT), September 20th
11:00 am ET (8:00 am PT), September 21st

Register here ASAP -
I would not be surprised if this one gets booked up!
How to Scale Your Blog to 5-Figure Months with Printables


• From Karon Thackston - Profitables Printables Planner
Want to make the most of your time and get your printables business off to a fast start? GET ORGANIZED! This new personal-use planner from Karon will do just that...
  • Getting Started: defining your printable type, your audience and how it will help them.
  • Outsourcing Your Printable
  • Creating Your Own Printable
  • Buying Done-For-You Printables
  • Selling Your Printables
  • Creating Images for Your Printables
  • Creating Your Printables Listing
  • Sketching Your Printable
  • Working With Affiliates To Sell More
  • Profit Calculator Sheet
  • 12-Monthly Calendar Pages To Plan More Printable Launches
Full Details Here: Profitables Printables Planner
COUPON CODE: PPP Gives $5.00 off!

PLR Releases (Written & Video)

Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 9.24.51 PM
• from Tiffany Lambert - a Limited Release (50 only will be sold) A Work at Home Mom Strategy to Save Your Sanity - If you are in the Mom niche - this HAS to be a no brainer for you! Pair this with your business or home planner, and you have a WINNER!
Get It Here: A Work at Home Mom Strategy to Save Your Sanity

• From Charles Harper - Warrior Plus For VENDORS!!
Yes, this is the one we have been waiting for - learn to set up and launch your products to sell on WarriorPlus!! 20 short no-fluff videos will walk you through the process - all for $7!!!
Get It Here: Warrior Plus For VENDORS!!

• From Francis Ochoco - PLR eCommerce Business Fast Start
This is a great course at great price, and is the perfect seed material for your own course, or use on your website as a lead magnet or even just as additional content. Break it into a series and bring visitors back to your website on a daily basis! YOU EVEN GET THE TRANSCRIPTS SO YOU CAN RE-RECORD IN YOUR OWN VOICE!!
Full Details Here: PLR eCommerce Business Fast Start

PLR Releases (Low-Content/Planners/Journals)

Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 9.08.13 PM

• From Sue at - the cutest dog planner! You really do not want to miss this one! The Dog Lovers Journal includes

  • 3 Sets of PowerPoint Templates ready to edit
  • Full Color version in 8.5 x 11
  • Black and white versions of the templates
  • 5 Covers/Divider Pages in 8.5 x 11 inches - JPG Files
  • 5 Digital Papers in 8.5 x 11 inches - JPG Files
Get Full Details here: The Dog Lovers Journal includes

>>>>>BONUS: Buy through my link and get the Original Pets 'n' Pastel Planner bundle - you will find the link to the download page in the member area at Sue's website!

• From Sheila Anderson Mochrie, Halloween Party Guest Book & Activity Sheets Commercial PLR Bundle
This Halloween Printable PDF & PowerPoint PLR Bundle is adorable and incorporates 40 pages of spooky cute Halloween clipart alongside a neatly designed party guest book, coloring pages, activity sheets, and Halloween word search pages. Perfect for any Halloween celebration!
Use Coupon Code SCARY21 to get the NEW Halloween PLR Bundle for only $7 September 19th, 2021 (ending at midnight EDT)
Get Full Details here: Halloween Party Guest Book & Activity Sheets Commercial PLR Bundle

WordPress Plugins!

WP Promote Guard WordPress Plugin
Make sure you can comply with Google's latest rollout that affects all AFFILIATE links on your website by picking up this super inexpensive plugin!
Get full details here: WP Promote Guard WordPress Plugin

WP Scroll Convert WordPress Plugin
I am loving this one - This plugin is all about putting offers directly in front of your visitors and putting more money in your pocket - you really need to see this to get the full impact of what it can do!!
Get full details here: WP Scroll Convert WordPress Plugin
See you all at the Kitchen Sink Tomorrow!

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