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Hi, Everyone!

For some reason, the last several weekends have not turned out as planned. Every weekend I have a long list of things to 'get caught up on' over Saturday and Sunday, when there are no Zoom calls to break up the day....but then along came football season. And when you have two grandsons that play...ya kinda have to show up, or at least that is how Bob and I think! This past Saturday, we almost decided not to go because it was another long trek to the game (2+ hr round trip), which pretty well ate up most of the day, BUT, Will had 2 touchdowns and his brother Ben caused a fumble in the play right after the second TD. It was so cool to hear both boys over the loudspeaker within seconds of each other ;-)

Getting a second-hand recap from Mom and Dad would not have been nearly as much fun as being there in person!

Yes, I was answering questions about PLUS on my phone - but I was THERE, and the only grandma that was - even though I am also the only one that still works too!

Interestingly, the boys' father took a couple of calls during the game, and if my youngest 'faux son' had been there, he would have been working as well during the game. Instead, he was in Chicago attending a Grateful Dead concert...with a client.

I am very blessed to be part of a family that weaves business and life pretty much seamlessly, understanding that time off - for us, anyway - is much more stress-free if we know that we are not facing a pile of emails or a herd of angry customers when we return from the weekend, vacation or any other 'down' time. We all spend a few minutes even when we are 'off' checking to make sure that there are no fires to put out.

I call it the 'integrated lifestyle', meaning that work and life are melded together, rarely needing a hard-line separation between the two. I have been living and working like this since 1992 when I left the corporate world, and for the most part, it works pretty darned well.

Yes, there ARE times when I do take a total break from my phone and emails, but even on vacation, I check email at least 2x a day - when I get up and before bed. I relax more and sleep better knowing that nothing has blown up ;-)

I've also learned the hard way that a few minutes of checking in can avoid some MAJOR issues (i.e. - a hosting company that filed BK and was taking everything down with literally 24 hrs notice).

I know that this does not work for everyone - some people still try to maintain the same 9 to 5 hours as their corporate counterparts, but I enjoy the flexibility of having a late breakfast on Tuesday with the hubby, or hitting the mall mid-afternoon, and working a couple of hours in the evening instead.

If I wanted a hard and fast structured schedule - I would have stayed in that corner office 30 years ago....the bottom line is that our online businesses allow us the freedom to work when and how we want - and don't let your friends that still have J-O-Bs try to convince you that 9 to 5 is better - unless that is really what you want.

Sleep in.
Stay up late.
Take a nap in the middle of the day.
It's your business.
Enjoy it ;-)

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    Whew that is it for off to clean out that fridge....before some of that stuff walks out on it's own...


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