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Another Peek At This Month's Kitchen Sink PLUS Exclusive PRINTABLE Planner!
Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 5.30.26 PM
Hey, everyone!

I am sitting here looking at the deceptively pretty fall afternoon through my office window...and I am NOT heading outside anytime soon because it is so humid today it literally takes your breath away! Climate change, anyone??

On a cheerier note, the re-created Kitchen Sink PLUS planners are all uploaded and ready for you along with lots of other goodies - coloring page mandalas, transparent mandala overlays, extra covers, backgrounds, and graphics, plus the fully dated 2022 Vision Board Journal/Planners (both Digital and Printable) and the matching Lead Magnet.

As a reminder - this was the bonus if you purchased the BCStack bundle through our link. If you did not bookmark the download page - please check your account at - you will find the link to the page in the BONUS section of your account there. Our next workshop is Tuesday, September 21.

The Kitchen Sink PLUS will open for public membership this FRIDAY so be on the lookout - this is going to be one of the best bargains online today, I promise! Between the original, EXCLUSIVE products and the monthly Workshop - this is something you will not want to miss!

An Update To How NOT to Get Approved As An Affiliate

Honestly, this was actually a little funny - but also a lot sad, because I know that someone out there is teaching people to do this:

I received an email this am from someone that said they found me on Warrior Plus, and wanted me to offer their list of bonuses to my customers, in exchange for 'some small piece of the commissions earned' and they would also write "highly converting follow-up emails" for me to send out. All of the bonuses were the 'instant push-button' traffic stuff that we do not promote at all...ever...the sender did not include any name or personal details, but claimed to be a "highly experienced" affiliate at W+ - so I asked for his member name....

Amazingly, he (using this pronoun only for convenience) gave me a member name, and stated that he is a Top 15% Affiliate at I naturally checked...NOPE!! Not even in the W+ system. When confronted with this piece of information, this person admitted that they lied, that they were new there but 'experienced'. blah. blah. blah. BLAH.

This actually went on for several emails while this person promised they would never lie to me again, they just wanted to work with me, etc.

All I could think of was this was alarmingly reminiscent of convos with my first hubby -and gee, that turned out swell....

And yes, you know what my response was. The bottom line is that it can be tough getting approved initially as an affiliate, but be honest when you apply. Reach out to the Vendors whenever possible and share your website, your facebook page, whatever you may have! Let us know you are a real person - and our reputation is safe in your hands!!

It's also tempting as a new product creator to approve everyone that applies - but don't!! Payment fraud is a real problem and do not think that your 'no refund' policy is going to save you. It won't. I can tell you as someone that has almost 30 years of experience in the international payments processing industry that if the transaction is fraudulent - your policy doesn't matter. one. tiny. bit.

Dates To Note...

This week's Kitchen Sink Mastermind will feature Attorney Bob Silber and a review of legal requirements for our websites. Join us at 3:00 PM EDT, Thursday Sept 17. Zoom details are in your member dashboard!

NFTs are due!!
For members of the NFT Workshop - please get your FALL and/or dessert NFTs in ASAP - our next meeting is Friday, September 17th and FALL is right around the corner!

The Kindles & Courses Group Zoom will be Wednesday, September 15 at 3:00 PM EDT

September 22 is the deadline to get your submissions in for the Homepreneur's Adventure Virtual Summit Part 2! Swag Bags and Premium Bundle. Everyone is welcome but bring your A-GAME - 'cuz this is a curated bundle by member committees from the Kitchen Sink Mastermind ;-)

PLR Releases (Written & Video)

• From Alice Seba: Journaling as a Daily Practice Planner Pack LAUNCH SPECIAL ENDS TONIGHT!! This is a huge bundle, but I am sure you already know that!!! SO rather than tell you more about this - here's my bonus for you if you buy through my link: Get a $25 coupon for ANYTHING on our website! Pick up the MONSTER OTO and get a bundle of 10 original watercolor Covers, with full commercial use rights ;-)
Full Details Here

• From Francis Ochoco - PLR eCommerce Business Fast Start
This is a great course at great price, and is the perfect seed material for your own course, or use on your website as a lead magnet or even just as additional content. Break it into a series and bring visitors back to your website on a daily basis! YOU EVEN GET THE TRANSCRIPTS SO YOU CAN RE-RECORD IN YOUR OWN VOICE!!
Full Details Here: PLR eCommerce Business Fast Start

• From Charles Harper - Warrior Plus For VENDORS!!
Yes, this is the one we have been waiting for - learn to set up and launch your products to sell on WarriorPlus!! 20 short no-fluff videos will walk you through the process - all for $7!!!
Get It Here: Warrior Plus For VENDORS!!

7 Steps to Find & Interview Influencers
Stumped on what to do to create your first product? Interviewing influencers in your niche is a fantastic way to create a unique and original product!! Thi IS a PLR product but it's also a good little course for us Content Creators, too! It's also limited to only 100 buyers so you won't be seeing it all over the place ;-)
Check it out here: 7 Steps to Find & Interview Influencers

PLR Releases (Low-Content/Planners/Journals)

From Coach Glue: Map Out Your Monthly Social Media Content Calendar in a Weekend Part of the "Back To Business" Sale, this is a great planner to organize your social media and maybe actually GET IT DONE??? LOL, yeah we are all in the same boat! And it also comes with PLR ;-)
Get Full Details here: Map Out Your Monthly Social Media Content Calendar in a Weekend

• From Lynette at 2022 Three Column Planner
This 132-page printable planner is perfect for planning and tracking anyone’s three areas of life all in one place. Whether is it for 3 people of the family, or work, home and school
Get Full Details here: 2022 Three Column Planner.


The Author Advantage: How to Create Amazon Book Listings That Sell
by Karon Thackston, Marketing Words
Whether you are a kindle author or low-content product creator, this course will help you
craft better book descriptions that will make your book description stand out among millions of others! Handy, fillable worksheets and cheat sheets to guide you every step of the way, too!
Get full details here: The Author Advantage: How to Create Amazon Book Listings That Sell

WordPress Plugins!

WP Promote Guard WordPress Plugin
Make sure you can comply with Google's latest rollout that affects all AFFILIATE links on your website by picking up this super inexpensive plugin!
Get full details here: WP Promote Guard WordPress Plugin

WP Scroll Convert WordPress Plugin
I am loving this one - This plugin is all about putting offers directly in front of your visitors and putting more money in your pocket - you really need to see this to get the full impact of what it can do!!
Get full details here: WP Scroll Convert WordPress Plugin
That is it for today see you all Zooming around this week!

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