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Chocolate is cheaper than therapy
Hey, everyone!

I am not sure where the weekend went. I know it was around here somewhere just a few minutes ago and POOF!!! It's gone. So many things on the to-do list, undone. Techie issues - my calendar plugin and the latest WP update - or maybe it was the Divi update? who knows... have had a parting of the ways, so I have deactivated it and will be posting a simple event page for the time being. And ultimately, that may be a better solution since the calendar was pretty but a pain-in-the-tush to actually use! LOL

As most of you know, we recently launched a little mini-event over on WarriorPlus. It was a lot of fun and a sput-of-the-moment event that I hope we get to do again soon. One of the questions I was asked was why we chose to WarriorPlus for the launch.

There are many reasons for launching your new product on Warrior Plus (aka W+):
• No upfront costs
• No installation on your website
• No need to even have a full-blown website - all you need is a sales page!
• You can deliver your product using Dropbox if you need to!
• No need to fight with a shopping cart set-up
• A potential new audience
• And supposedly you can gain the attention of the thousands of affiliate marketers that visit W+ daily

Now, don't get me wrong - there ARE lots of affiliates there - but I rejected 99% of them because they cannot be bothered to tell me anything about themselves...or if they do? It's all one big, fat lie.

Apparently, someone is selling a rather expensive course on affiliate marketing and advising new affiliates to get approved by claiming that they have a list of 10,000 or more, that they are 'professional' affiliate marketers, and that they have 'extensive social networks".

Some days, I would get 20+ requests like this - all with almost identical comments on their application!

AND amazingly - almost all of the links to their 'websites' were dead links or to a WordPress site that was live and that was it. Apparently, they were also told that no one ever actually checks websites...ouch.

And Yes, I rejected them all!!

Affiliate marketing, if done correctly, can be a wonderful way to create additional revenue streams, in addition to your product creation, and shops - but it can take time to build up your reputation as an affiliate.

When you first start out - you will not automatically be approved for everything that you apply for. And one thing that is often a big issue - and a bad surprise - for many new affiliates - is that your earnings are probably going to be held for 30 days or more - JVZoo, for example, may hold your funds for 30 days PLUS they hold 25% for 6 MONTHS in reserve against Chargebacks!! WarriorPlus is a bit more lenient - they do not hold a reserve but they do hold your funds for 30 days, until you have a consistent history with them. Eventually, you can get down to a 3-day hold. Additionally, you can only withdraw funds every 7 days initially, and then eventually, every 3 days.

When you apply to be an affiliate for a particular product, you can send a message to the vendor, explaining a bit about yourself and why you would like to promote the product.
Since you are limited on characters, I recommend writing it out ahead of time, and keeping it in your notepad, ready to be tweaked as needed for each new product you want to promote.

Here are some tips to help get approved as a new Affiliate:
• If possible, buy the product first!! This is a HUGE help - it shows you are serious and you will get the money back when you make 2 sales, right?
• Tell me how you will promote the product
• Share your Facebook/instgram/website link - whatever you have!
• Tell me the size of your mailing list, if you have one
• Tell me about others you have promoted for
• Be polite! Include your email address
• Do NOT ask for a review copy as a new affiliate!
• Be honest!!
• And please - do not start your app with "Dear Sir" or "Hey Bro!" - a lot of us women in the biz!!
• Last but not least - if you want to offer a bonus - please include it in the app! It really does make a difference because the Vendor can see that you are serious!

Do not get discouraged if you don't get approved - when you are first starting out, it is a NUMBERS GAME!!! Apply for every product that you like and are comfortable promoting, and over time, as your reputation grows, it will get easier!

BUT....also remember that only want to promote Vendors that you trust, and know! Promoting those 'too good to be true' offers will do more harm than good to your business and your reputation in the long run.

The process can be slow and time-consuming, but is worth the effort if you want sustainable, multiple revenue streams!


Dates To Note...

• Our FINAL Digital Planner Workshop is Monday, Sept. 13 at 1:00 PM EDT. This is the Bonus for Ruthie's Birthday Bash Bundle, and your Zoom details are in your account at (if you purchased her bundle through our link!). We will be doing a quick review of everything that we have learned in the previous 3 sessions - and yes, there will be a replay. The previous replays are available on the same page as the Zoom details.

• NFTs are due!!
For members of the NFT Workshop - please get your FALL and/or dessert NFTs in ASAP - our next meeting is Friday, September 17th and FALL is right around the corner!

• The Kindles & Courses Group Zoom will be Wednesday, September 15 at 3:00 PM EDT

This week's Kitchen Sink Mastermind will feature Attorney Bob Silber and a review of legal requirements for our websites. Join us at 3:00 PM EDT, Thursday Sept 17. Zoom details are in your member dashboard!

September 22 is the deadline to get your submissions in for the Homepreneur's Adventure Virtual Summit Part 2! Swag Bags and Premium Bundle. Everyone is welcome but bring your A-GAME - 'cuz this is a curated bundle by member committees from the Kitchen Sink Mastermind ;-)

The Author Advantage:
How to Create Amazon Book Listings That Sell

This is a challenge for most kindle authors and for low-content product creators, in particular! This is a concise, fluff-free course that covers the following:
  • Understanding the pros and overcoming the cons of selling on Amazon
  • Getting inside the mind of your perfect readers and how to speak their language so they know that your book is a must-read
  • The skill and art behind crafting book descriptions that pique curiosity and boost sales
  • Simple steps for making your book description stand out among millions of others
  • Easy optimization techniques to help Amazon send more readers to your book page
  • Handy, fillable worksheets and cheat sheets to guide you every step of the way
  • Transformations of current book listings on Amazon, changing them from ordinary (or downright horrible) to engaging and intriguing
  • Lots of great book description examples to spur your creativity
  • Plenty of awful “what not to do” examples to help prevent you from going astray
  • Insights and knowledge that only comes from years of frontline copywriting experience (Karon knows what she is doing!)

Get full details here:
The Author Advantage: How to Create Amazon Book Listings That Sell

Must-Have WordPress Plugins!

WP Promote Guard WordPress Plugin
Google recently rolled out their "Link Spam" update a month ago and it came with a serious warning to affiliate marketers...Start marking up and qualifying your affiliate links on your websites!! EEK!!! How on earth do we do that???

With this plugin!!! Google now wants all affiliate or sponsored links to be tagged with the rel="sponsored" markup to each individual affiliate link in order to comply with this Google update and is nearly impossible and NOT doing it could result in your site being slapped by Google search results.

The plugin works by adding the rel="sponsored" markup to ALL of your affiliate links ACROSS YOUR ENTIRE SITE AUTOMATICALLY. All new links you create AND all existing affiliate links will AUTOMATICALLY be in compliance. And this is from a TRUSTED WP resource - Mark Hess and his team. I own everything he has created!

Get full details here:
WP Promote Guard WordPress Plugin


WP Scroll Convert WordPress Plugin
Ok this is kinda embarrassing - I missed this one when it launched....

A visitor lands on one of your pages or posts and begins to scroll...and when they reach a certain point on your page or post an offer page appears. The person can either take action or close the offer and continue on your page or post.

This plugin is all about putting offers directly in front of your visitors and putting more money in your pocket.

And it is super simple to use:
• Install and active WP Scroll Convert...
• Choose what you want to show the visitor (it can be ANY URL even if it's on a domain you don't own).
• Select at what point when they scroll down the page or post you want to trigger the offer page to show.
• Then select one of 4 attention-grabbing animations you would like to use.

That's it - and yes, you will be seeing it on my sites very soon ;-)

Get full details here:
WP Scroll Convert WordPress Plugin
This Is An EASY PEASY Way To Create A Fast Product!!
Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 2.01.18 PM
Stumped on what to do to create your first product? Interviewing influencers in your niche is a fantastic way to create a unique and original product!! Thi IS a PLR product but it's also a good little course for us Content Creators, too!

It's also limited to only 100 buyers so you won't be seeing it all over the place ;-)

Check it out here:
7 Steps to Find & Interview Influencers
That is it for today see you all Zooming around this week!

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