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Balloon Speech with Pop Art Comic Style and OOPS Text-01
Hey, everyone!

There is one thing that you learn early on in business: stuff happens.

If you are a control freak like some folks I know (ahem, pointing finger at self), then this is a tough but truly necessary lesson to learn. And one the universe seems to think bears repeating LOL....

Take a peek...

Wednesday, I presented a Digital Planner Workshop at the PLR Summit, coordinated by Lakisha Mosely. There were several last-minute schedule changes, as two speakers had to drop out at the last minute, and so my email went out later than usual, and many of you were not able to attend as the event sold out...then during my workshop, my hosting company had some regional outages and while some people could access their gift for attending the presentation, others had issues....sigh....

LOL...STUFF HAPPENS!! Thankfully, Lakisha and her assistant, Lila, are rockstars, and are allowing me to share my Digital Planner Workshop with you! And if you would like to see the rest of the replays and grab the amazing Swag bag - you can pick it up here.

(My co-presenters were folks you know and love: Kelly McCausey, April LeMarr and Becky Beach, so you will want to check out the replay offer)

And since that was not enough fun and games - my website has been plagued with broken image links for a couple of weeks - randomly - the images were visible while editing but not on the live page....after trying everything imaginable - it turned out ShortPixel, my image optimization CDN network, was causing the issue. Turned it off and all is good with the world and my website again. Well, except for that minor detail called the pandemic. Ok, so not everything is right with the world, just maybe my small corner of it is looking a little better...


Then I discovered that the planners that I just uploaded last week for the Kitchen Sink PLUS membership are all corrupted!! I have no clue what happened or why as I have never had this happen with Keynote - and planners I created before and since are just fine. But there was a system update last week, and we had a couple of storm-related outages that shut my computer down while I was working so I can only guess that one of these events caused the issues...maybe... I was also having some very strange issues with my iMac last week that seem to have disappeared with the system what caused the problem? I don't know and I will probably never know, TBH. It is one of those things that is probably not worth trying to figure out, and my time is better spent fixing the planners! may be wondering why I am
sharing all of this with you...

And it's not for sympathy LOL!

It's simple....I want everyone to understand that stuff happens to everyone! No matter how new or how experienced you may be - there are so many moving parts to running a business - online or offline - that pretty much every day, a part will stop moving the way it should!

Your email service provider may shut your account down. Your shopping cart dies on you in the middle of a launch. Your website says 'bye bye' in the middle of a demo....or a cyberstalker (aka The Troll) tries to make you so miserable you close the doors....

Been there. Done that.
Got the t-shirt, the hat AND the coffee mug. ;-)

It's not the end of the world, and you are not the first, nor the last, that it will happen to! And it's probably not the last time a 'crisis' will hit your business either!

The key is to realize that these 'setbacks' happen to EVERYONE and they are only insurmountable if you let them be! There are very few online 'disasters' that you cannot fix, with a little patience and sometimes, a little help from friends. (A glass of wine and a lot of chocolate can also help)

So the next time your website goes down or your shopping cart is giving you a fit - remember that it is not just you going through this, we all do - and it is never a good reason to give up if you really want an online business. ;-)

Kitchen Sink PLUS Members

I am recreating the planners since the entire bundle was corrupted and should have it all finished and uploaded tomorrow - but I am also going to include a huge bundle of mandala coloring pages as an extra bonus for you!! The month's bundle is a Vision Board planner & Journal, so these will make a really nice addition! Use them as dividers, create a coloring book, use them as lead magnets - or colorize them as use as uniques covers.

In our next meeting, Tuesday, September 14th - we will be looking at some really fun ways to colorize Mandalas, and how you can use them in your new Vision Board planner - plus some neat ways to make this planner into something totally different ;-)


Dates To Note...

NFTs are due!!
For members of the NFT Workshop - please get your FALL and/or dessert NFTs in ASAP - our next meeting is Friday, September 17th and FALL is right around the corner!

• The Kindles & Courses Zoom will be rescheduled for Wednesday, September 15 - but I will have a free gift for you to make up for the change - check the group page tomorrow!!

September 22 is the deadline to get your submissions in for the Homepreneur's Adventure Virtual Summit Part 2! Swag Bags and Premium Bundle. Everyone is welcome but bring your A-GAME - 'cuz this is a curated bundle by member committees from the Kitchen Sink Mastermind ;-)

I was going to save this for Tuesday Tutorials -
but it is too good to make you wait!!

One of the most common issues we see is creating a great email sequence - from Social Media Examiner, this is a FANTASTIC article - Email Sequences: How to Crush Your Sales!

Two New WordPress Plugins I Am Loving!

WP Promote Guard WordPress Plugin
Google recently rolled out their "Link Spam" update a month ago and it came with a serious warning to affiliate marketers...Start marking up and qualifying your affiliate links on your websites!! EEK!!! How on earth do we do that???

With this plugin!!! Google now wants all affiliate or sponsored links to be tagged with the rel="sponsored" markup to each individual affiliate link in order to comply with this Google update and is nearly impossible and NOT doing it could result in your site being slapped by Google search results.

The plugin works by adding the rel="sponsored" markup to ALL of your affiliate links ACROSS YOUR ENTIRE SITE AUTOMATICALLY. All new links you create AND all existing affiliate links will AUTOMATICALLY be in compliance. And this is from a TRUSTED WP resource - Mark Hess and his team. I own everything he has created!

Get full details here: WP Promote Guard WordPress Plugin


WP Scroll Convert WordPress Plugin
Ok this is kinda embarrassing - I missed this one when it launched....

A visitor lands on one of your pages or posts and begins to scroll...and when they reach a certain point on your page or post an offer page appears. The person can either take action or close the offer and continue on your page or post.

This plugin is all about putting offers directly in front of your visitors and putting more money in your pocket.

And it is super simple to use:
• Install and active WP Scroll Convert...
• Choose what you want to show the visitor (it can be ANY URL even if it's on a domain you don't own).
• Select at what point when they scroll down the page or post you want to trigger the offer page to show.
• Then select one of 4 attention-grabbing animations you would like to use.

That's it - and yes, you will be seeing it on my sites very soon ;-)

Get full details here: WP Scroll Convert WordPress Plugin
This Is An EASY PEASY Way To Create A Fast Product!!
Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 2.01.18 PM
Stumped on what to do to create your first product? Interviewing influencers in your niche is a fantastic way to create a unique and original product!! Thi IS a PLR product but it's also a good little course for us Content Creators, too!

It's also limited to only 100 buyers so you won't be seeing it all over the place ;-)

Check it out here: 7 Steps to Find & Interview Influencers
Ready For Fall? Check Out Jan's Fall Bucket List!
Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 2.55.11 PM
This gorgeous ORIGINAL set of Fall Bucket List printables includes
  • 1 cover with editable text, 2 blank covers and 3 background options
  • Plus 14 different pages
  • a ready-made decorated PDF
  • in US Letter and A4 to cover international home printing requirements
  • Powerpoint (.pptx) source files provided so you can create something unique without starting from a blank page.
  • CANVA Templates also included so you can use whichever tool you prefer to make your planner your own
Check it out here: Jan's Fall Bucket List Printables
That is it for today - off to get those planners re-done!!! Have a wonderful and SAFE weekend!!

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