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Happy Labor Day!

Are you enjoying your big day of LABOR??? HUH? What was that? This is the day we are NOT supposed to be laboring? ...oh......sigh.

Yeah, like this was a day off? Hmmm....not so much, but it is what it is - and today was definitely not much of a holiday around here! Trying to wrap up a number of projects, and work around things that have been rescheduled (doctor appts!).

Dates To Note...

• The Kindles & Courses Zoom will be rescheduled for Wednesday, September 15 - but I will have a free gift for you to make up for the change - check the group page tomorrow!!

September 22 is the deadline to get your submissions in for the Homepreneur's Adventure Virtual Summit Part 2! Swag Bags and Premium Bundle. Everyone is welcome but bring your A-GAME - 'cuz this is a curated bundle by member committees from the Kitchen Sink Mastermind ;-)

• Speaking of which....don't forget to pop into the KSM Facebook group. It's open to all and free of charge, so come on over! You are welcome to post news of your own launches but no affiliate posts, please!!

• If you have not checked it out yet - our "Meet The Content Creators" Amazing $5 bundle doubles in price tomorrow!!!

This is a short one tonight, as we have an early start to the day as I get the Hubby off to a doctor's appointment again ;-)

Last Day For Discounted Launch Price!

Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 5.35.25 PM
The Affiliate Marketing Compendium by Debbie Gartner is the latest addition to my Debbie Gartner LIBARY. Yes, I DID say LIBRARY because Debbie is one of the few people that I am following and snapping up everything she produces because Debbie IS THE REAL DEAL. Debbie is consistently hitting 20k per month from her affiliate marketing efforts - this is someone we all want to learn from!

You have heard me say this before, but it is important so I will repeat it: If you want to succeed in ANY aspect of your life - learn from those that are successful in that area.

Debbie is a TOP affiliate marketer and I guarantee no matter who you are - you will learn some tips and trick from Debbie:
  • 63 Insider tips that no one else teaches you so that you can market like a pro.
  • How to sell without sounding like you're trying to sell (and without selling out)
  • Why banner ads stink and what you should use instead to make more conversions.
  • 3 Videos that show you how to create tracking IDs so you can improve conversions
  • The best types of posts to generate affiliate commissions
  • The 3 best ways to generate affiliate income passively and consistently (and avoid wasting your time on activities that won't get you anywhere!
BONUS: You know that I have created OODLES of planners - Digital and Printable - over the last year that I use for Bonuses - and they WORK!! My Bonus is a bundle of 5 Lead magnets that I have given as bonuses over the past year PLUS a bundle of at least 10 additional covers so you can customize them more ;-). This bundle is easily worth the cost of the course!!

The One Long Term Membership I Can Endorse....

It's rare that I buy a 'lifetime' membership to ANYTHING,
because they rarely last for more than a year, and often less time than that.

But one of the most dependable and prolific creators of high-quality low-content products, Lynette Chandler, of ThriveAnywhere, has her 2021 Annual Passport open again this weekend. For just $69, you'll have full access to download any 6 of her gorgeous products released during 2021. That's just over $11 each, instead of $39 OR trying to catch her $19.50 sales the first few days of release.

This is a HUGE savings on the highest quality planners, journals, and workbooks with full commercial and private label rights anywhere.

Get the Passport >>> 2021 Annual Passpport

Reveals 10 Things That Will Explode Your Business
WITHOUT Having To Rely On Affiliates
Or Promote Shady Products

Kevin Fahey is back with a RARE freebie - and this is a GREAT short video....but I would love to hear your opinion of the delivery and the 'landing page'. YIKES!!!

On a positive note - there is NO upsell - nope, you just register, and you are taken to your W+ account....but when you click on the access product button - the landing page (sales page?) for the offer is one of the worst and most confusing messes I have EVER seen!!

The actual webinar is at the bottom left of that mess of a page LOL!

Check it out:

10 Things That Will Explode Your Business
WITHOUT Having To Rely On Affiliates
Or Promote Shady Products



Yes, the price is going up to $10 Wednesday, which is STILL an incredible deal - but $5 is better!!!

• 12 Week Coloring Planner by Ruthie Bowers

• The Floral Birthday Calendar by Jan Small

• Watercolor Motivational Calendar by Stephanie Hansen

• Sleep Journal And Tracker by Sue Fleckenstein

• 17 Bird Watching Covers by Michelle Farmer

• 40 Done for You Activities Pages by Helen Ross

• Natural Summer Beauty Social Media Pack by Lori Winslow

• Ocean-Themed Digital Vision Board & Journal by Me ;-)

All of this for only $5!!!
Price doubles to $10 after Sept 7th/ $27 for OTO
(currently only $17!)

AND...if you would like to promote this offer to your list - you will get 100% commission on the front-end sales (yes, there is one upsell offer on this for $17!)

Click here to sign up as an AFFILIATE on Warrior Plus

HAve a wonderful week!!

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