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Today's Gift ;-)

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 5.00.52 PM
Hi Everyone!

It's Sunday and as always there are oodles of deals ending today so just wanted to send out a quick update ;-)

AND because I am feeling totally wrung out today and have nothing of note to say - how about a free gift instead?

Yep, thought that was what you would say ;-)

So, today, I have a gorgeous floral UNDATED 12-month Digital planner. This was a giveaway for Black Friday 2020 - so some of you may have it - but even if you do - how many of you have used it? This DOES have a 2021 calendar in it, so you will need to swap for 2022, but it is otherwise undated, and makes a PERFECT FOUNDATION PRODUCT!!!

Now you can use all that good brain stuff you have been soaking up for weeks in all of those workshops!!

There will be NO Workshop Monday - I have had to postpone it to Monday, September 13th (holidays in the way, too!). I apologize for the inconvenience and the short notice, but I promise to make it up to you! And besides - now those of you that missed previous ones can get caught up and hopefully catch the last one to ask questions ;-)


If you are looking for a fantastic course on HOW to create a course by a creator of university-level courses, then please check out the recent release by Dr. Bob Silber - How To Create Your Irresistible Online Course In Any Niche” is based on his years of teaching and designing courses as a former adjunct professor at Florida Atlantic University - and it shows!

Kate Riley-Anderson, NicheRaiders

Printable Pros: Six-Figure Printable Business

If you want to succeed in a given area - follow the people that are already successful at that level!! Kate Riley is a leader in printables and KDP interiors. This new course - just launched - Printable Pros, will show you how to quickly create a successful printable business on Etsy, your own blog, or your website—the choice is yours! Kate is not someone new to the Printable space, or someone that researched a bunch of products on Amazon to create a course - she is running a successful online REAL business, with a long-term history of revenue and is definitely the REAL DEAL!

This is an ALL-INCLUSIVE course that will help you generate passive income with in-demand printables. From building a profitable Etsy shop, creating your own blog-based storefront, to advanced traffic generation strategies, this training program has it all - and comes from someone that has a long and SUCCESSFUL track record in this space!

• Level up to earn thousands a month with her bonus "printable-plus" strategy.

• Bonus content is also included, such as checklists, lead magnets, swipe files, shop graphics, and much more! This is an ALL-INCLUSIVE course that will help you generate passive income with in-demand printables.

BONUS: $50 coupon for any CURRENT products

from PLROfTheMonth.Club

(Coupon details will be available in your WarriorPlus account by end of day today -
and yes, if you already purchased it will be there!!)

Just Too Pretty To Pass Up!

Screen Shot 2021-08-28 at 2.46.46 PM
OMG - if you don't know Stephanie Hansen from Wildflower Digitals - I promise that she is going to be one of your fave paper creators!! These are absolutely gorgeous and at this price - you can afford to stock up!!

Ending Today!

Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 7.05.00 PM
From Katrina Willis of

If you joined us last week's Kitchen Sink Mastermind, you had a chance to see just how indredibly easy it is to COMPLETELY change the look and feel of Katrina's gorgeous templates in Canva! She was kind enough to extend the discount through the end of the weekend for us so you can still get this huge bundle

20 individual designs for one-page lead magnets, and have a distinctly feminine style (which, of course, can be easily transformed). The pages include checklists, cheatsheets, worksheets, recipe pages, workflow diagrams and more. The templates are A4 size, Canva designs.

To celebrate the first product launch for Blue Wren PLR, the Lady Boss Lead Magnet Templates are available at a never-to-be-repeated $7!!!! [The Coupon Code: LADYLAUNCH will deliver a massive $20 saving at Checkout! ]

Cindy Bidar's 6 Figure Membership Is On Sale

As I said above...I firmly believe that if you want to build a $20k per month business, then you should follow the people that are already doing it, and Cindy is one of the very few in our little part of the world that is. She is, in short, like Kate Riley (above), the "REAL DEAL".

Her signature 6 Figure Membership is on sale through Sunday August 29th - Use code 2021 at checkout to get this very rare discounted price ;-)


Content Sparks Summer Sale
Today's Special:
Build A Community Around Your Brand

Everyone tells you to build a community - but it is NOT that easy! This is the soup-to-nuts course on building your brand following:
  • Increase your audience’s trust in you, ...because they’ll get to know you as a real person who understands them, rather than a faceless business
  • Boost your sales, ...since that personal bond and trust is what buyers need most
  • Raise customer success and retention, ...because you can more easily give them the support they need

I am working my way through several of Debbie Gartner's courses - will let you know how I do - this lady knows her stuff ;-)

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