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What my cats think of the Kitchen Sink Mastermind...

Oh well, ya can't please everyone....

Happy Saturday, everyone!

The weather continues to be hot and humid here, but we are expecting a break this coming week. But the leaves are indeed falling so I guess, as much as I hate to admit it, fall is not far away. I know most people love fall but to me, it just means that winter is not far away, and I freely admit to being a total wuss when it comes to cold weather. Cincy has its perks but the weather is not one of them....

Of course, of course.....

There seems to be a HERD of fabulous courses out recently, and while I try to buy most products and review them ahead of time before writing about them...that is just not always possible...but, because there have been so many over the past couple of months - and many are now heading to the $97 mark and more on a regular basis - I have heard from a lot of readers that it is getting overwhelming, and the courses are just sitting on your computers. Unopened.

So, I would like to offer some suggestions on questions to ask yourself before you buy another course:

1) When will I have time to go through this course?
Some people will tell you not to buy another course until you have finished the last one - but truthfully, that is not always realistic. If there are two courses on sale at the same time, and you can honestly pick up some missing skillsets or knowledge from both, then it is justified, especially when you know that there could be a significant price increase after the launch. should be able to slot in time within 30 days of purchase to go through them both - because if you don't? You won't. You will forget about them both and they will become more clutter on your hard drive. When you buy a course that you cannot get to the same day - schedule it on your calendar just like any other event or business appt and stick to it!

2) Is this course an investment or an expense?
If you know that whatever you learn in this course is going to get you over that next hurdle or teach you a skill set that you are missing right now - it is an INVESTMENT. If you are buying it because everyone else is, and FOMO is setting is an expense.
I don't buy a course or software if I do not think that I can use it to get my money back, by utilizing either the tool or the knowledge.

3) Is the course the work of someone that has DONE IT or is simply TEACHING IT??
I see a lot of 'courses' that are little more than 'case studies' that were created by people that have simply compiled stats and are often just guessing at what the business owners have actually done to get those results. And then there are courses with 'proof of sales' screenshots that are years old and never updated but you keep seeing them over and over in new renditions of their original course. If you want to scale your business to $10k or $20k per month - learn from someone that has done it MORE THAN ONCE. Believe it or not, having a $10k launch is doable for most people at least once - but I want to learn from folks that have sustained that kind of income for a while ;-)

4) Why don't you have a course out for [insert topic here]?
LOL That is indeed a question I get all of the time! I do plan to have some courses out soon, probably on creating and customizing Digital Planners, and List building, because I do think that I have accomplished enough in the last 18 months, that I have something worth sharing. But the truth is that I really do not consider myself an expert at this whole online thing yet, so like most of you - I am still learning and investing in myself every day!

I hope this will help you a bit when making your decisions. I am a firm believer in investing in my knowledge whenever possible - and I am thankful that there are so many wonderful teachers out there willing to share their knowledge, because no matter what the cost - it is still cheaper than a college degree - and probably more relevant to today's world!


If you are looking for a fantastic course on HOW to create a course by a creator of university-level courses, then please check out the recent release by Dr. Bob Silber - How To Create Your Irresistible Online Course In Any Niche” is based on his years of teaching and designing courses as a former adjunct professor at Florida Atlantic University - and it shows!

Kate Riley-Anderson, NicheRaiders

Printable Pros: Six-Figure Printable Business

If you want to succeed in a given area - follow the people that are already successful at that level!! Kate Riley is a leader in printables and KDP interiors. This new course - just launched - Printable Pros, will show you how to quickly create a successful printable business on Etsy, your own blog, or your website—the choice is yours! Kate is not someone new to the Printable space, or someone that researched a bunch of products on Amazon to create a course - she is running a successful online REAL business, with a long-term history of revenue and is definitely the REAL DEAL!

This is an ALL-INCLUSIVE course that will help you generate passive income with in-demand printables. From building a profitable Etsy shop, creating your own blog-based storefront, to advanced traffic generation strategies, this training program has it all - and comes from someone that has a long and SUCCESSFUL track record in this space!

• Level up to earn thousands a month with her bonus "printable-plus" strategy.

• Bonus content is also included, such as checklists, lead magnets, swipe files, shop graphics, and much more! This is an ALL-INCLUSIVE course that will help you generate passive income with in-demand printables.

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Just Too Pretty To Pass Up!

Screen Shot 2021-08-28 at 2.46.46 PM
OMG - if you don't know Stephanie Hansen from Wildflower Digitals - I promise that she is going to be one of your fave paper creators!! These are absolutely gorgeous and at this price - you can afford to stock up!!

Cindy Bidar's 6 Figure Membership Is On Sale

As I said above...I firmly believe that if you want to build a $20k per month business, then you should follow the people that are already doing it, and Cindy is one of the very few in our little part of the world that is. She is, in short, like Kate Riley (above), the "REAL DEAL".

Her signature 6 Figure Membership is on sale through Sunday August 29th - Use code 2021 at checkout to get this very rare discounted price ;-)


Content Sparks Summer Sale


This is a brandable, ready-to-teach course on ‘Low-Cost Marketing Strategies’, you can both LEARN and TEACH others proven tactics that will stretch every inch of their marketing budget and many of the strategies are FREE - always my favorite price!

The course covers both quick and longer-term methods for building an audience and attracting customers - and is at the lowest price you will see for content of this quality!

There are also two versions available - the Lead Magnet version and the full course, so something for all budgets here!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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