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Yep, Too Good To Be True.....

Hey!! Happy Monday!!

We had a great session today in our "Create a Digital Planner" workshop! We looked at some really fun and creative ways to create a planner that will really be different from all the rest!

This is a hot market but very competitive - and the ideas we discussed today can be used in so many ways with so many different themes and niches - the possibilities are unlimited and elevate the 'OMG Gotta have that' factor significantly.

I know that many business coaches teach that you must follow your passion, but I have seen many very passionate people fail miserably because no one else shared that passion. Instead, I have always tried to find a way to make business fun, because if at least some of what I have to do during the day is fun - the drudge (which is kinda one of those unavoidable things, sometimes) becomes more tolerable.

Finding new and unusual ways to make planners fun to design and more engaging for the end-user, keeps the business fun for me and makes the drudge (creating those thousands of hyperlinks!) simply a doable step in the process rather than an insurmountable hurdle. And trust me, there was indeed a time when it felt like that to me!

But then you get to share your ideas and your vision with a group like we had today - and it's all fun. Every bit of it ;-)


Ya Gotta Love Google Image Search....

So today, I was looking at some new products that launched today, and there was one very interesting new SEO product., but I did not know the creator and so I thought I would check his/her profile and history on WarriorPlus - having just been burned by someone last week with a product that really looked good, was being promoted by EVERYONE...and I got crickets when I tried to reach support because I could not get access to the $37 OTO.

So, this week, feeling a little more cautious....and rightfully so since this vendor just joined WP+ this month and this is their first product. That makes me a little hesitant to drop $27 already but then I look at the profile pic - wow! Not your typical WP+ vendor, right? In fact, the guy could be a male model, right?

Oh WAIT!!! The guy IS a male model...the pic was apparently swiped from this guy's IG account and used as the profile pic for his product launch.

Not exactly going to inspire confidence, you know?

I know that not everyone wants to use their pic online, but if you want people to buy your products, transparency goes a long way. I would prefer to see a brand/company logo over an image that is obviously not the vendor - it lays down an impression of dishonesty and distrust right from the beginning of the relationship. And that is never a good way to start!

So once again....that pic was just too good to be true....

And nope, did not buy the product either....


Thank you!!!

I can't believe how many folks have already joined! We are sitting at 164 members - not bad for less than 24 hours after the announcement!

The Kitchen Sink Mastermind Facebook Group!

Speaking of Announcements....

Kindles & Course 3:00 PM
(Zoom details on your group page!)


Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 6.10.45 PM

This is the end of the one-time launch pricing special!!

>>> Code: ‘COURSES’ brings the price back to early bird pricing of $37

>>> Code: ’BUNDLE’ gives $50 off on the bundle offer!

  • CREATE HAND-HOLDING-STYLE COURSES easily with just a few clicks. (Up To 100 Video)
  • Edit, Merge, Slice And Repurpose Video/Audio Content
  • Upload/Import From: Zoom, Facebook, Gdrive, Vimeo, Dropbox, URL, Computer
  • 1-Click Video Sharing To Facebook, Twitter, Email, Reddit And More, For FREE Viral Traffic
  • UPLOAD & STORE your e-learning courses quickly and securely.
  • GENERATE repeat sales with “in-demand” niche content.
  • 100% Beginner Friendly, ZERO Content Creation skills required!
  • AUTO TRANSCRIPTION create full, time-coded text versions of every video course.
  • GENERATE Course Pages to host your e-learning courses with just 1-Click!
  • IMPORT Directly From Zoom & GDrive: Send your awesome live training to Coursium for evergreen earning.
  • COMMERCIAL LICENSE: Right out of the box we make it easy for you to start earning with your e-learning business.

Welcome To The World Of Imposter Syndrome

I have been very successful in multiple and very different areas of business in my working career - and yet, I have NEVER gotten over the feeling that it is all luck - I was in the right place at the right time, it was an accident, etc. I have a very - no, impossible - time giving myself the credit that others say is due for my accoomplishments.

And I am not alone in this - it is known as "Imposter Syndrome" and it is a very real issue for many, including myself. Here are just a few of the issues we experience:
  • Self-doubt
  • The need to do better
  • Never being able to take a compliment
  • Inability to see your achievements
  • A tendency to self-sabotage
  • Constantly chasing perfection
  • The feeling others would do better than you
  • Feeling like you don’t deserve what you have
  • Worry that someone exposes you to the world as a ‘fake’

    Here is what this bundle includes - and it would make a great digital workbook!
  • 30 page (~6500 word) guide that teaches people how to spot their Imposter Syndrome, and more importantly how to deal with it once and for all + 2 cover styles
  • Enhanced eBook with images
  • Audio Book
  • Autoresponder Series
  • Lead Magnet Repor to giveaway
  • Articles, Social Media Images, Trainer Slides and MORE


Pixel Perfect 2 by Max Rylski

Screen Shot 2021-08-22 at 8.26.26 PM
Max Rylski has been a leader in the graphics industry for more than a decade and rarely releases a special bundle like this anymore! Thousands of 'cut out' images sorted into 93 categories - there is something here for every niche! This is a fantastic bargain!!

You know those cool pics of people holding signs? A whole bundle of them in here! These would run you up to $5 at most stock sites - this whole bundle is under $29 right now!

Looking for HIGH-QUALITY PLR To Jumpstart Your
Course Creation Process?

This huge bundle is by April LeMarr and is all TOP Quality PLR! Each bundle includes a 10-day e-course PLUS an 18+ page report!

Hot relevant & EVERGREEN topics:
  • Instagram eCourse & Report
  • JV Affiliate eCourse & Report
  • Live Demo eCourse & Report
  • Using Lead Magnets to Grow Your List eCourse & Report
  • Video Made Easy eCourse & Report
  • Using Social Media for Business eCourse & Report
  • Video Marketing for Shy People eCourse & Report
Have a wonderful week - and don't let the grumps get to you!!

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