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Hi, Everyone!!

And another weekend has flown by - but then once again, the weather was so miserable, staying in was the best option. Of course, I could have done something other than sitting at my computer and work, like maybe clean the house or do laundry, but then again - why break with tradition? ;-)

I spent some time this weekend tracking down more broken links on my sites, the result of our server issues a few weeks ago, 'cus no, 404s are NOT cool....


When I was updating the Digital Planner Toolkit #13 earlier this week - I missed the index page!! Arrggghhh...another spot on the Super Girl capem=, but all fixed and uploaded!!


Just Push A Button and Reach 2B People...SERIOUSLY??

I have had so many people reach out and ask about all of the 'push-button' traffic software programs that have been hitting the market lately - and there have been a LOT of them!!

I purchased several and I wish that I could tell you that I found some gems but the truth is that not one was anything better than automated spam of various social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Reddit, Twitter - you name it and I can find you software that has been launched in the past month to spam it.

Some of them might actually work for a few days, but ultimately, these tactics will get your accounts shut down if you are lucky - and if you are unlucky? Your IP or macID will be blocked. And no, a macID is not just for Apple users - the macID is a MACHINE ID - meaning the actual ID number of your COMPUTER that many sophisticated systems are capable of tracking and blocking.

On the surface, this is simply sad, but deeper down, it is disgusting because most of these products are simply clones or spinoffs that are being recycled in the marketplace with new names and sales letters. Some of them are so poorly re-done that the original products are still to be found in various spots in the course or the videos.

One of the few products that I actually had some hope for was inaccessible and there has been no response from the product vendor after a week - in fact, it does not even appear that he has opened the email.

BELIEVE ME....If there was a push-button solution for traffic - I would be selling it like crazy and shouting from the rooftops!! Product creation is the easiest part of building an online business - TRAFFIC IS THE TOUGH PART and if I could find a 'magic sauce' to make it easy - we would all be using it!!

Thank you!!!

I can't believe how many folks have already joined! We are sitting at 121 members - not bad for less than 24 hours after the announcement!

The Kitchen Sink Mastermind Facebook Group!

Speaking of Announcements....
Monday is How To Create A Digital Planner
Workshop #3

Check your BC Stack Bonus page for Zoom details and Replays!!

If you are in that group and cannot find your details, please contact me at
[email protected]

Pixel Perfect 2 by Max Rylski

Screen Shot 2021-08-22 at 8.26.26 PM
Max Rylski has been a leader in the graphics industry for more than a decade and rarely releases a special bundle like this anymore! Thousands of 'cut out' images sorted into 93 categories - there is something here for every niche! This is a fantastic bargain!!

You know those cool pics of people holding signs? A whole bundle of them in here! These would run you up to $5 at most stock sites - this whole bundle is under $29 right now!
Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 6.20.29 PM

Expires at Midnight!

If writing catchy little Tweets that generate clicks or social posts that your peeps deem share-worthy - I strongly suggest you check out Karon Thackston's Short Copy Success Secrets.

She has just re-launched this at 40% off but the sale ends on Sunday (8/22)!

This course focuses on the tiny text that drives traffic and closes sales including:
  • Tweets that are rewarded with high numbers of clicks
  • Social posts that your peeps deem share-worthy
  • Email subject lines that pump up your open rates
  • Blog post titles that attract readers & subscribers by the droves
  • Bullet points that make site visitors drool
  • PPC ads that capture stellar clickthrough rates
  • Calls to action designed to close the sale fast
  • Or practically any other type of short copy
Short copy drives big traffic and conversions because it opens the door to a pathway to profits.

Get full details here:
Short Copy Success Secrets

Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 6.10.45 PM

A Really Great Product for Only $37!!

This may be the best value for a course creation software and video editor on the market! This new video course app makes e-learning easy, engaging, and effective, thanks to a powerful AI that transcribes, translates, and tags videos to make them accessible to the whole world. And in case you are not aware of this - tagging is more important than ever in driving traffic to your website and videos!

  • CREATE HAND-HOLDING-STYLE COURSES easily with just a few clicks. (Up To 100 Video)
  • Edit, Merge, Slice And Repurpose Video/Audio Content
  • Upload/Import From: Zoom, Facebook, Gdrive, Vimeo, Dropbox, URL, Computer
  • 1-Click Video Sharing To Facebook, Twitter, Email, Reddit And More, For FREE Viral Traffic
  • UPLOAD & STORE your e-learning courses quickly and securely.
  • GENERATE repeat sales with “in-demand” niche content.
  • 100% Beginner Friendly, ZERO Content Creation skills required!
  • AUTO TRANSCRIPTION create full, time-coded text versions of every video course.
  • GENERATE Course Pages to host your e-learning courses with just 1-Click!
  • IMPORT Directly From Zoom & GDrive: Send your awesome live training to Coursium for evergreen earning.
  • COMMERCIAL LICENSE: Right out of the box we make it easy for you to start earning with your e-learning business.

Looking for HIGH-QUALITY PLR To Jumpstart Your
Course Creation Process?

This huge bundle is by April LeMarr and is all TOP Quality PLR! Each bundle includes a 10-day e-course PLUS an 18+ page report!

Hot relevant & EVERGREEN topics:
  • Instagram eCourse & Report
  • JV Affiliate eCourse & Report
  • Live Demo eCourse & Report
  • Using Lead Magnets to Grow Your List eCourse & Report
  • Video Made Easy eCourse & Report
  • Using Social Media for Business eCourse & Report
  • Video Marketing for Shy People eCourse & Report
See you tomorrow at the Workshop...or on Facebook!

If you are looking for a fantastic course on HOW to create a course by a creator of university-level courses, then please check out the recent release by Dr. Bob Silber - How To Create Your Irresistible Online Course In Any Niche” is based on his years of teaching and designing courses as a former adjunct professor at Florida Atlantic University - and it shows!

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