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It's Hump Day...

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Hi, Everyone!

WHEW!! It is only Wednesday and I am WORN OUT!! Almost 8 hours of Zoom time over the last 3 days, and although it probably does not look like it - I spent several hours pulling all of my files and notes together for the Monday and Tuesday Workshops, so it has been a very busy week already!!

AND - all of the replays and transcripts are uploaded and ready to go!!

Monday's replays and transcripts for the Create Your Digital Planner Workshop (#1) was the bonus series if you purchased Ruthie's Birthday Bundle through my link. The replays are accessible on your product download page via your member area here. The full schedule for the rest of the Workshops is also on the same page.

Tuesday's replays and transcripts for the Toolkit #16 Customizing Workshop was for everyone who purchased Toolkit #16, and you will also find it in your member area on the product download page here

The first Kitchen Sink PLUS Workshop will be held August 17th - details are on the Kitchen Sink Group page - this is part of the bonus for the BC Stack buyers but the public launch will be announced in a couple of days - I just need to catch my breath with all that is going on right now!!

And tomorrow is the 'regular' Kitchen Sink Mastermind with a special presentation by a couple of our members that accidentally volunteered to share details of their recent adventures with various video softwares ;-)

You will have to show up to find out exactly who but this will be fun, I promise!

As always - the Zoom details are in the member area -
if you are not a member yet - sign up for free here

Yes!! It is coming soon - October 26th - 28th, to be exact! I held off on opening up registration last week as I did not want to take any steam away from Ruthie's Big Birthday Bash but it's time to get to work now!

We are now open for submissions in the following categories:

(only a couple of spots left!)

> This is the paid bundle and curated by committee this time!

> This is the giveaway portion of the event - we will be giving away a few gifts every day to drive people back to the event - and then continuing AFTER the event to highlight all of the contributors!

The final date for submissions in all categories is September 22nd - everyone will be notified of acceptance by October 1!

PLEASE NOTE: If you submitted for the canceled spring event - there is no need to re-submit unless you want to change your product. If that is the case, just add a note to your new submission ;-)

Happy Birthday to Jan & A Gift For You & I!

Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 9.26.45 PM

Today is the 60th Birthday of someone that has become a very good friend over the past year, Jan Small of Simple Happiness and today she has a gift for you: 60 GORGEOUS Digital papers with PLR commercial use rights and is FREE with coupon code BIRTHDAYGIFT.

But it doesn't end there - get 60% off STORE-WIDE with coupon code: BIRTHDAY60
Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 9.57.07 PM


Catherine Beebe at ContentAccelerators has released another new pack of Sticker Templates for Affinity, the alternative to PhotoShop that is gaining in popularity every day by leaps and bounds!

How valuable is your time? With over 75 sticker templates here, it would take the average person 5-8 hours to create these in Designer. For just $15 you can skip the boring template set up and get straight to the creative, fun part–decorating these and creating sticker sets.

  • Vector images can be scaled without pixelation
  • Easily fill with colors, gradients, and digital patterns (from an image)
  • Slice and crop your sticker sheets and export all of your pngs at once (they've already sliced these in Export persona)

And be sure to check out the FREE Affinity Sticker course, too!


50 Online Side Hustle Ideas

Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 9.36.01 PM
If you were on Tuesday's call or a Charter Member in the Kitchen Sink PLUS - this is EXACTLY the kind of PLR you can put to use now!
  • Over 8,000 words (50+ pages) of "how to", step-by-step content. 100% unique and original.
  • 10 original articles
  • Graphics, Mind Maps, Checklists, resource Rolodex
  • Ready-Made Salesletter & Thank You Page
  • Lead Magnet & Opt-in Page
  • Promotional Email Swipes
  • Social Media Viral Images Pack
  • Your Fast-Action Bonuses:

    • FAST-ACTION BONUS #1: Quickstart Guide
    • FAST-ACTION BONUS #2: 12 Step-By-Step Video Tutorials
    • FAST-ACTION BONUS #3: PLR Training Camp (2 hr 14 min video training)

      All of this for $9.97 as of this moment...
And don't miss the pop-up offer - get 30 free articles just for free!

Want to sell more?

Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 9.45.55 PM
I can tell you without hesitation that when I am on top of my 'system', my revenues increase. Dramatically. Consistently. And when I don't stay organized, my revenues suffer. Dramatically. Consistently.

Fran's new course will help you organize all that content you have and in a way that makes it accessible all the time, and easily..so you can use it...to you know, make money with it??? Trust me - this is an investment that will return 100X it's cost...

21 video lessons + extra FAQ videos

7 full workbooks
We all need this.

And that is it for today - see everyone at the Kitchen Sink tomorrow!

P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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