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Yes, I have no shame....

Hi, Everyone!

Today is the last day of Ruthie's totally rocking and amazing over-the-top Birthday Bash Bundle. And yes, I bribed you to open this email because I want to make sure that if you are still on the fence or somehow you forgot about this...that you don't miss it because it ends at midnight EDT tonight!!

I am even making it super easy-peasy to collect on that bribe! No need to optin to anything - you are already on my list! - so just download the Q4 Digital Planner.

As always - you have full Commercial rights to edit, brand, sell as your own product or gove away to build your list!

And now on to the reason for the bribe (unabashed promo coming up!)...

Just a few more hours to pick one of the
best deals of the summer - and maybe the year!

Screen Shot 2021-08-01 at 10.13.59 AM

It's Here!! Ruthie's Amazing Birthday Bash!

40+ Low Content products from some of the top Content Creators in our niche - with a value of more than $1,300!! BUT...there is one thing that separates Ruthie's bundle from all of the rest - Ruthie really strives for original content in her bundles to make sure we, as Customers, get the absolute biggest bang for our bucks, and I can tell you that there some truly amazing contributions in this bundle that I have never seen anywhere else!!

And there are 3 more new contributions added:
  • The POD Designs Club - Unicorn Designs – value $27
  • My First Journal – value $27
  • November's 30-Day Gratitude Challenge – value $27

And of course - the original GINORMOUS bundle....
  1. The Scrap Book Templates 2 (value $27)
  2. The "End Strong..Start Stronger" Money Activities Digital and Printable Planner Bundle + Lead Magnet (value $97)
  3. Confidence PLR Booster Pack (value $27)
  4. RawrSome Dino Bday Kit Templates (value $27)
  5. Where's My Towel Travel Planner (value $37)
  6. Adulting is Overrated Journal, Planner, Digital Paper and Stickers Bundle (value $34)
  7. Planner and Journal Kit #3 - Green Bamboo - Variety Pack (value $27)
  8. Anti-Aging Superfoods (value $27)
  9. Whimsical Desktop Organizers (value $37)
  10. Double Bundle of Fill In Crossword Style & Animal Line Art Coloring Designs (value $64)
  11. Cactus Planner and Monthly Dividers (value $27)
  12. Pink Floral Journal & Calendar PLR Template Pack (value $37)
  13. Inspirational Success Quotes Card Deck (value $27)
  14. Alice Bullet Journal (value $27)
  15. 12 Week Beauty Planner (value $27)
  16. 35 Inspirational Quotes & Messages (value $29)
  17. My Digital Social Media Workbook (value $27
  18. 20 Seasons Of The Year Video Pin Templates (CANVA) (value $27)
  19. Game Stock Photos (value $40)
  20. 30 Day Scripture Writing Journal (value $27)
  21. 2021-2022 Floral Calendar Canva template (value $27)
  22. Boho Clip Art, Digital Paper and Digital Washi Bundle (value $47)
  23. Fall One Word Journal Duo (value $34)
  24. Deluxe Lemony Weekly Planner (value $37)
  25. Wild Orange Essential Oil Coloring Page Designs (value $36)
  26. The World Awaits: A Kid's Travel Journal (value $29)
  27. Affirmations Journal Bundle (value $27)
  28. Herbal Tea Guide and Weekly Planner (value $27)
  29. Back To School Planner Template (value $37)
  30. 21 Days of Nature Based Art Journal (value $27)
  31. Moroccan Dreams Digital Paper & Digital Stickers (value $35)
  32. Kids Journal and Creative Writing Prompt Bundle (value $37)
  33. Easy Learning Quickstart (value $27)
  34. The Ultimate Opt-In Template Bundle (value $29)
  35. Rainy Days and Sun Days Mini-Journal (value $27)
  36. Versa Templates (V1) (value $27)
  37. Three Instagram Puzzle Templates (value $27)
  38. Morning Journal for Busy Entrepreneurs (value $27)
  39. Digital Planner Cover Kit (value $37)
  40. Self Care Puzzles (value $27)
  41. Paper and Pencil Games (Affinity) (value $27)
  42. Interior Room Coloring Pages & Patterns (value $37)
  43. PLR Vacation Planner (value $27)

My BONUS for

Ruthie's Amazing Birthday Bash!

So for my Bonus - I am going to be doing FOUR 90-minute LIVE workshops on how to create a digital planner from scratch!

We will cover pretty much everything that goes into creating a fully hyperlinked planner, and I will demo both the horizontal single page as well as the horizontal 2-pager, with the coil in the middle. You will learn how to create hyperlinks that allow you to add new pages without re-doing the entire planner from scratch, how to create and change tab colors and shapes and much more!

And of course - you will have access to replays afterward! Even if you don't want to create Digital Planners from scratch (it's WORK!!), this workshop will give you a solid foundation for being able to make any changes you want to PLR planners, and get you over the fear of "breaking" them! And this will be different from the training in our upcoming monthly membership, too!

This course will be focused mainly on Keynote - but the mechanics of what you will learn will be 99% the same for Powerpoint!

This is the ONLY time I will do this level of training without charging a full course price for it - and Digital Planner courses are generally in the $197 and up range. I know because I have taken pretty much every one out there, and developed my own techniques, as well!!
To Collect Your Bonus!!!

Ruthie has added something really cool to her checkout: First, make sure that you are NOT logged in to the member area at RitchieMedia.ca (very important), then check at the bottom of the payment section to make sure it shows Melody Wigdahl as the referrer: (PLEASE NOTE: YOU WILL THEN BE PROMPTED TO LOGIN TO COMPLETE YOUR TRANSACTION, AND THE REFERRER'S NAME WILL DISAPPEAR - BUT IT'S ALL GOOD AS THE COOKIE IS SET FOR THE PURCHASE AND YOUR BONUS!)
Screen Shot 2021-08-01 at 11.35.16 AM
If you see this, it means you are purchasing through MY link and will qualify for the bonus. The details and a group page will be set up by tomorrow - and you will be able to access it through your member account at RitchieMedia.ca

Enjoy your free Digital Lead Magnet!

P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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