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The First Kitchen Sink PLUS Planners are here!

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Hey, Everyone!

Once again, I woke up thinking it was Saturday. I really don't get it because, seriously, when was the last time that really mattered? But for some reason, my brain seems to be stuck in Saturday mode lately, although I have to admit that when Saturday starts on Tuesday - it does make the week seem shorter ;-)

Do. not. try. to. figure. that. out.

And don't miss Tutorial Tuesday at the bottom of the newsletter todat!
I have had SO many emails about the Digital Planner training that I am offering as a bonus to Ruthie's BIrthday Bash Bundle - if I have not answered you directly yet, I will, I promise - but here are the top ones received today:

1) Will there be replays of the Live Workshops?
Yes, and if we have any technical issues that prevent us from using the recordings (like I have a senior moment and forget to hit the button!), we will re-do the session!

2) How long will the recordings be available?
At least 90 days, and probably longer. You WILL have time to watch them!

3) Will there be transcripts?
Yes, there will be transcripts from Otter.ai - these are unedited but great notes with the video!

4) Will we actually learn how to create a working digital planner?
Yes! From the very basics of setting up the template, through to hyperlinking so that it all works on an iPad or similar device!

5) Will these work on a desktop?
No, not with full functionality, and they do require the use of GoodNotes or a similar third-party app that actually provides the annotation functionality to the hyperlinked document.

6) What types of planners will we be able to make?
We will be working with both a single-page horizontal format and a two-page horizontal spread - two of the most popular designs.

7) Will I be able to ask questions?
YES! That is the point of LIVE Workshops. Videos are great but there is nothing like being able to ask a live human being questions!

8) Can I use Powerpoint for Mac or iCloud Keynote or Powerpoint 2013?
Nope - none of these will work - you can create the planners but the links do not correctly export to PDF which is what you need to utilize apps like GoodNotes. Sorry!

The sessions will be held over 4 consecutive Mondays, starting August 9th, and each session will be 90 minutes long. The full schedule is now posted on your bonus page - the link is in your member area on Ruthie's site!

PLUS we will be looking at ways to create workbooks and journals for various niches and how to find and access these different markets.

This is an awesome freebie....

From Karen Thackston and Cindy Bidar - It’s called “The #1 Secret Top Affiliates Use To Make More" and it is well worth giving up your email address for it (but I bet they already have it anyway!!). This is a great example of an excellent and classy lead magnet, with a
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It's Here!! Ruthie's Amazing Birthday Bash!

40+ Low Content products from some of the top Content Creators in our niche - with a value of more than $1,300!! BUT...there is one thing that separates Ruthie's bundle from all of the rest - Ruthie really strives for original content in her bundles to make sure we, as Customers, get the absolute biggest bang for our bucks, and I can tell you that there some truly amazing contributions in this bundle that I have never seen anywhere else!!

I think this may be Ruthie's best bundle yet!! It is totally awesome!!

My BONUS for

Ruthie's Amazing Birthday Bash!

As most of you know, I love creating, using and selling Digital planners - and it is a HUGE market that is only going to continue to grow! I have taught LOTS of live workshops on how to WORK with Digital Planners - but I have never taught one on how to create them from the "ground up"!

So for my Bonus - I am going to be doing three 90-minute LIVE workshops on how to create a digital planner from scratch!

We will cover:
• Creating a custom-sized template
• Best size template to work with
• Creating an interactive Workbook
• How to create hyperlinks
• How to work with Master Slides
• When to add content to the Document side instead of the Master Slides
• Adding graphics
• Converting your Printables to Digital Planners
• And OODLES more!

And of course - you will have access to replays afterward! Even if you don't want to create Digital Planners from scratch (it's WORK!!), this workshop will give you a solid foundation for being able to make any changes you want to PLR planners, and get you over the fear of "breaking" them! And this will be different from the training in our upcoming monthly membership, too!

This course will be focused mainly on Keynote - but the mechanics of what you will learn will be 99% the same for Powerpoint!

This is the ONLY time I will do this level of training without charging a full course price for it - and Digital Planner courses are generally in the $197 and up range. I know because I have taken pretty much every one out there, and developed my own techniques, as well!!

I promise you this: you will not be disappointed!!
To Collect Your Bonus!!!

Ruthie has added something really cool to her checkout: First, make sure that you are NOT logged in to the member area at RitchieMedia.ca (very important), then check at the bottom of the payment section to make sure it shows Melody Wigdahl as the referrer:
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If you see this, it means you are purchasing through MY link and will qualify for the bonus. The details and a group page will be set up by tomorrow - and you will be able to access it through your member account at RitchieMedia.ca
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It's rare that a successful marketer shares the nuts and bolts of how they built their business, but Kevin Fahey seems to have done just that in this one! The Easy Repetitive System is based on his years as a content creator AND affiliate marketer, and just one of the bonuses - access to his private mastermind group - is probably worth more than the cost of the product. It was just under $20 when I bought it this afternoon - and it is really worth way more than that as Kevin shares the systems and processes that make him $$$ every year now.

He is one of the few that is making this kind of money in the PLR space -
so I tend to listen closely when he speaks.....

Tutorial Tuesday!

• From Elegant Themes: How To Remove Sidebars From Divi

• From SE Journal: 7 Ways to Write Blog Introductions Your Readers & Google Will Love

• From OptinMonster: 31 Impressive Content Marketing Examples You Can Use

• From SE Journal: Google’s Mobile-First Indexing: Everything We Know (So Far)

• From Wordstream: NEW Optimized Targeting in Google Ads: What You Need to Know

Well, that should be enough to keep you out of trouble for a while!!! Have a wonderful evening!!

P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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