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Happy Saturday!

Today is the absolute last day for the launch price discount for the new 18-month 2021-2022 Digital Planner. More than 80 of work went into the foundation of this planner - the hyperlinking that ties it all together and makes it work! That does not include the template and graphic creation! So this is an insane deal for only $17!!!

The price also includes a LIVE workshop (and replay) on how to take advantage of the new features baked into this one that will let you create a new planner or workbook for virtually ANY niche without ever touching the linking structure. TBH - it really is a product that I am proud of because of the flexibility it gives you as a content creator or seller ;-)

Full details below or click here:

Toolkit #16 - Design #1

Yesterday we talked about the concerns that hold people back from emailing their list, and that those concerns generally fall into one of these two areas:

I don't really have anything to say.
What if they don't like me?

I offered a solution to concern #1 - but the hardest one to deal with is concern #2 - What if they don't like me?

Writing a newsletter that connects with your audience is not always easy. There is nothing more discouraging than writing what you consider to be an EPIC tome and then seeing the highest unsub numbers of the month...and yes, it can and does happen.

It's tough to not let it bother you when you are writing from the heart, and putting your very vulnerable and authentic self out there, but for your own sake, you have to develop rhino hide and not take the unsubs personally.

While it's true that you cannot possibly resonate with everyone on your list forever - the other side of the story is that you do not know WHY the reader unsubscribed. You don't know what is going on in their life at the moment, or how their circumstances might have changed since they originally signed up. Your site might be focused on "Becoming a Cat Whisperer" and they are now interested in housebreaking their Aardvark. You just never know...

Or as happened recently - it could have been a mistake and they will be back when they realize they are no longer receiving your witty and knowledgeable missives! This happened a couple of weeks ago when I received an email apology from a very well-known marketer, explaining that he was cleaning his inbox, and accidentally unsubbed.

Had I known that he had unsubbed, I probably would have been upset....but since I don't really pay a lot of attention to my unsubs, I was just happy that he thought enough of my newsletter to re-up!

Here's the bottom line:
I check the numbers occasionally but I don't check daily. If the numbers seem higher than normal - I WILL go back and see what the topics and offers were during that time frame but I don't obsess over it. But if I see something that looks like an anomaly I do check and see where I messed up and try not to do that again LOL!

List-building is a permanent, ongoing activity because you will ALWAYS lose a few readers EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Don't obsess over it. Don't worry about it. Do. not. take. it. personally.

Stuff happens. It's them, not you ;-)

UP NEXT!! Ruthie's Amazing Birthday Bash!

I just got a sneak peak at the sales page and I am telling ya - this is probably the best one ever! All original, brand new, never-before-released products and I am itching to get at them! SOme REALLY amazing stuff in there!

And YES - I will have a bonus for it ;-)

Charles Harper is Here With The Course We Need!

Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 11.34.31 AM
Warrior Plus Instructional Videos

WarriorPlus is one of the most trusted sales platforms in the industry. It has a huge audience and it WORKS.

If you are just starting out, and don't want to fork out $150 or more for your own shopping cart like aMember - WarriorPlus is the perfect place to start because there are NO set-up fees! You only pay for the sales you actually make ;-)

And if you are an established content creator it is a great place to reach a whole new audience!

BUT...it is not exactly what you call 'intuitive', so I am thrilled to see Charles tackle this topic today!

This may be the cutest product cover ever...

Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 8.00.49 PM
Kristie Chiles is back with more great idea-generating research - just in time for the holiday gift season! This is perfect to get your Etsy store stocked up in time for the hottest buying season of the year!! Some of the cutest and most creative ideas I have seen in a while! Kristie and her two daughters were guest speakers at our first Summit, and it was really an over-the-top presentation - these ladies know what they are doing when it comes to Etsy success!
PS. If you want to SCALE this entire process to the moon, but you need MORE (as in MORE details), you might want to check out this FREE WEBBY where Kristie & Brandon dive deep into what is possible with Etsy shops making BANK with T-shirts.

PPS. If you stay through the WHOLE Webinar, you'll get this free gift: Kristie's "Cheat Sheet' that walks you through every step to setting up your Etsy Store!!

Register for the webinar here: Free Webby With Brandon and Kristie
Every once in a while, products come out that are great companions!
This is definitely the case with the two products below - Matt Garrett's "MAT1" and Kevin Fahey's "The Repetitive System" These two complement each other perfectly, and between the two deliver more USEABLE information than most courses at 10X the price!

Matt Garrett is Back!

Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 9.27.53 PM
Matt has been in the Internet marketing game for years, and he is one of my 'Go To' people for Wordpress plugins and courses. He has launched over 75 products, and has truly perfected the art of EVERGREEN products! Why is this so important? Simple - EVERGREEN=PASSIVE INCOME.

Yep, my goal.

MAT1 SIMPLE FAST PRODUCTS is his core blueprint showing how you can quickly create evergreen products that sell without spending weeks and wasting hundreds of dollars! And Matt has been doing for years

And right now - it is at $17.25 - a STEAL compared with every other product creation course out there - and taught by the real deal ;-)

Screen Shot 2021-07-29 at 9.26.35 PM
Kevin Fahey just launched his The Easy Repetitive System and I am honestly impressed with it! The product is based on his years as a content creator AND affiliate marketer, and just one of the bonuses - access to his private mastermind group - is probably worth more than the cost of the product. It was just under $20 when I bought it this afternoon - and it is really worth way more than that as Kevin shares the systems and processes that makes him $$$ every year now.

Toolkit #16 - Design #1



This 18-Month planner is more than 600 pages,
all hyperlinked from multiple locations -
More Than 16,000 Hyperlinks!

Seriously, you don't want to create these on your own - but they are fun to customize and the LIVE WORKSHOP will show you exactly how to make all kinds of fun changes!

This design also includes a unique new "Calendar Page Index" that lets you quickly and easily add your own content to create 100% unique products for virtually ANY Niche - and YES!! I will be doing a LIVE WORKSHOP as part of your purchase!

Pick up this monster Digital Planner today and get:

• Dated 18 Month Digital Calendar - all fully hyperlinked and ready to sell!

• 8 Original graphics that can be used as you please: Cover, Desktop, Dividers or Interior Backgrounds

• 6 Done-for-You Full-Page PNG Templates

• 20 Additional PNG Components to create your own original pages!

• GoodNotes Compatible

• New System lets you create custom products - Planners, Journals, & Workbooks - for virtually ANY niche by EASILY adding your own content!

LIVE WORKSHOP TRAINING!! (and yes, replays will be available) The live workshop will be held 3:00 PM EDT Tuesday, August 10th! Zoom details will be on your product download page Monday, or sooner - and if our usual training are any indication - block out at least 2 hrs on your calendar for this one! And yes - this is live and interactive, so you can ask questions!

And with at least 4 more designs coming out in the next couple of weeks - each with 8 Original Graphics - you will have plenty of options for creating unique works!

Get it now for just $17
with Coupon Code: 2022LAUNCH

Toolkit #16 - Design #1

Launch price extended through July 31!!

Important Note:
Several readers have asked if this is the same planner that was in the BCStack Bundle - NO!!! I always create new, unique planners for every bundle that I participate in! On the rare occasions when I sell something outside of a bundle, I will always let you know ;-)
Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 9.00.18 PM

This is one of those sales that you really need to see to believe!

It really only takes an hour or so (maybe less) to change a
2021 planner over to 2022 - and at these prices -
it is well worth the effort!!

Perfect for lead magnets, bonuses, and so much more!

That's it for today!

P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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