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An Extraordinary New Software!

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Hey, everyone!

If it seems like I was a little quiet over the last couple of days, it is because my websites were all down! Apparently a failed hard drive took my VPS down over at Momwebs sometime around 2am Sunday night/Monday morning, and we sort of came back up late last night, but still experiencing some issues this am as well, which has been affecting our email. Unfortunately, the rest of our sites are still down and some are actually MIA from the WHM hosting panel, so I am pretty concerned!

The outage also meant that I had no incoming email, AND all of the updates that were posted to the various group pages over the last 2-3 days have to be re-done. SO - I did not post our NFT yesterday, as I am not sure that everyone had a chance to review the key. I will try to have that re-done today, with the hopes that we can post the NFT in the next two days.

The hard truth is that no matter how much you try to prepare or back-up, when things like this happen, you still will lose something! It is rare that backups catch EVERYTHING - especially the ones that you do yourself - and you never know if they are 'good' until you actually need them!!

There were quite a few of us affected, unfortunately, and it seems there were also varying degrees of back-ups as well. It will be interesting to see where we all are when the dust settles.

ugh...the side of online marketing that the gurus never tell you about.....

In other industry news...

A very well-known and well-established 'guru' apparently stopped a launch after only a few hours because he was not getting the results he wanted and apparently informed affiliates that they would not be paid for any sales made during the few hours the launch was live. On one hand - software products are expensive to create and so there is a risk there - and I assume this was one of those crazy launches with huge prizes....but as the vendor - you should be prepared to absorb the losses if it does not go as planned. Tweak it for a better ROI, sure - but to stiff your affiliates because you are not getting the ROI you need? Bad business!


Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 2.40.41 PM

Digital Dust: we ALL have it...the PLR that we bought with GREAT intentions and never quite got around to using. And every so often we check out our hard drive or GDrive or DropBox and are thrilled to see all of that great stuff we scored...but it still sits there.

Buying great content is only a great deal if you USE it. If you use it to make money - it is an investment....if not, it is just one more unrecoverable expense on your balance sheet.

If this sounds like you - then there is one investment you might want to consider today because it WILL give you a great ROI: D’vorah Lansky's new 8 Week Bootcamp: Produce Products from PLR

Throughout this eight-week, interactive program, you’ll discover a wide variety of ways to organize, transform, and sell the PLR products you’ve purchased:
  • Locate and organize the PLR and commercial use rights products that you’ve purchased.
  • Re-purpose dated planners from previous years and make them current for today and into the future.
  • Take an inside look into several products, created by leading content creators in our community, and explore ways to turn these gems into other products.
  • Discover ways to redesign content you’ve purchased by changing colors, design elements and themes.
And a peek at the schedule of events:
  • Week 1: Organize Your PLR and Explore the Possibilities
  • Week 2: Becky Beach: Working with Undated Planners
  • Week 3: Carmen Chan: Strategies for Selling Productivity Planners
  • Week 4: Sue Fleckenstein: Ways to Transform Workbooks and Planners
  • Week 5: Faith Lee: Working with Dated Calendar Templates
  • Week 6: Lynette Chandler: Create a Collection of Three-Column Products
  • Week 7: Melody Wigdahl (ME!!): Customize and Sell Digital Planners without Having to Make Them Yourself
  • Week 8: Package and Sell Your Products and Develop a Momentum Plan
PLEASE NOTE: All sessions are conducted by D'vorah - the content creators will not be on the live sessions. All sessions will be recorded and replays will be available to accommodate everyone's schedules & time zones.

And D'vorah has a TON of bonuses and new products that you will be getting as part of the training - since most PLR products do not allow the buyer to give away the editable source files, you’ll receive a personal use booklet of the products created each week. Additionally, one of your bonuses from D'vorah is a collection of templates with PLR rights!

If looking at the stash of PLR that you have accumulated makes you a
little bit nauseous ...you really need to consider this Bootcamp -
it's better than a magic wand to create $$$ out of dust....

Go here to get started…
8 Week Bootcamp: Produce Products from PLR

Save $50 with code: PLR50
Special ends at midnight on July 7th.

I really wish this had been around when I was working in the payments industry!! This is the latest from Neil Napier and is AMAZING!!

If you do any work for local businesses or freelance or coach - literally ANYTHING that requires a proposal and a contract for your services, this is the solution you need, hands down.

Can you imagine being able to create a video describing your assessment for a new client and then having the contract delivered, signed and managed as part of the proposal? You don't have to send your client off to another service - they get to sign right then and there while your proposal is still fresh in their minds! Or being able to share your design work in a video and having the contract available for the client to sign at the same time!

This is how you close deals!!!

In my case, I will be using it for recruiting new affiliates, and for speakers and contributors for our upcoming events!

There are SO many uses for this and so many ways to grow and protect our businesses at the same time!!
  • Create Professional Proposals - Wow Your Clients With Our All-In-One Proposal Platform.
  • Get Notified When The Client Views The Contract- Be Instantly Informed On Any Opportunity Of A Sale
  • Both Parties Can Securely Download PDFs Of The Signed Contract - The Best Way To Keep Things Moving Forward Is To Have Both Parties Under Control Of The Situation. #NoSurprises
  • Capture Time And Date Stamps For Better Accountability - Both Client And Vendor Are Fully Aware Of When The Deal Was Signed
  • Add CTAs Right In The Video- This Is The Most Important Part Of The Proposal Itself: Ask For The Sale.
  • Send ONE Email With The ONE Link To Give Your Client ALL The Relevant Info AND The Contract To Sign Right On The Proposal Page - No More Looking For Lost Emails Or Long URLs; It’s All In One Place.
  • Customize The Proposal To Reflect Your Brand - Add Your Colors and Logo To Each Offer To Keep That Consistent, Professional Look.
  • Customize Each Proposal For Each Client - Make Each Proposal Reflect The Needs, Wants, Desires Of The Client In Question
  • Chrome Extension Makes Recording Your Own Video Super Simple - No DOWNLOAD REQUIRED In Order To Create Your Proposals
  • Record Your Message With Just Your Camera or Just Your Screen - You Can Choose What Kind Of Video Proposal You Wish To Send
  • Or Record With BOTH Your Camera AND Your Screen - And, Of Course, We Provide The Ability To Do BOTH At The Same Time
  • Protected Proposals: Signed proposals cannot be deleted - We Are Not Giving An Inch To Anyone Willing To Game The System Or Cause Chaos Within Your Account. Signed. Sealed. Delivered. Securely.

Take a peek here - I can not do this justice here!

You also get two special bonuses if you buy through my link:

Bonus #1 – DFY Thumbnails
Description: Create your own Thumbnails using DFY Thumbnails. This is super simple to use and lets you create Awe-Inspiring Thumbnails in seconds. With a super-simple interface and dozens of options, an Incredible Looking Thumbnail is just a few clicks away.

Bonus #2 – ScratchThat
Description: Create your own Surprise Products using ScratchThat. Ever scratch off a lottery ticket? Engage your visitors as they have fun scratching this digital version with their mouse to reveal their bonus surprise underneath. This could be anything from a coupon code, $10 Off, or a special bonus of some kind.


So I am off to work and to see how much of this mess I can salvage....but I am not a happy camper at the moment....

In case you missed this one... A gift for you: A set of matching five 8.5 X 11 inch 300 DPI designs that can be used as stationery, covers, backgrounds - your choice how to use them! Full commercial rights to use as you please ;-)

Download here:

P.P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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