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Today's Gift!

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Happy Saturday!

The weather is gorgeous today - you could not ask for a more perfect 4th of July weekend. If tomorrow is as nice, we will probably pick up some sandwiches, and stuff Bob and his walker in the Jeep to see if we can find a spot to have a 'car-nic' and watch the fireworks all over the city. An interesting note about Cincinnati: The name comes from the Roman soldier and war hero, Cincinnatus, and the city is supposedly built on seven hills like Rome. So from one of those hilltops, you can see fireworks all over the city and river!

And about my love/hate relationship with Email....

It seems that my Love/Hate comments yesterday about email (see below!) generated more than a few comments from folks! Needless to say, the number one question was what email provider would I recommend? And that is a very tough question to answer to be very honest. Many of the 'top' names in the business are very UN-friendly towards anything that can be construed as affiliate marketing, which I am sure most of you engage in either most of the time or all of the time in your newsletters.

The sad part is that if you read the TOS of almost every major service provider, you will find that affiliate marketing is prohibited - even though you might have gotten the green light from a customer service rep. I always find this worrisome because it gives the service provider recourse to terminate an account at any time and they are within their rights even though a company rep might have told you otherwise.

Currently I use MailPoet - which was recently sold to Automattic, Wordpress's parent company, but it is mainly because it resides in my WordPress dashboard, making it easy to access and the database is on my server - so I control my mailing list. However, the convenience ends there, as it does not offer an easy to use autoresponder - it is getting better but is a LONG ways from perfect on that score.

Because of this (and other issues) I am switching my primary lists to Mailvio, which I purchased before Clickvio, because it is designed for internet marketers and has been through several upgrades in recent months. I am just in the process of moving things over so it will be a while before I can give you a review, but I am very hopeful because their team has been very responsive so far.

But one thing I can tell you about list building - it works, it is an asset that you will always have, and it is one of the reasons I spend time every day on list building activities - and so should you!!

Oh and if you picked up SPYVIO when we had it on special pricing - it is an OTO to Clickvio at $197 - which is WAAAAAY more than we paid for it!!

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Pre-Launch Price Extended Through Monday!

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YEA!! Yadsia has extended her Pre-Launch Price for her Design and Sell Digital Planners Crash Course!

This is an unusual 'pre-sell' launch, so the course is deeply discounted from the actual launch price BUT there is no sales page - the link above will take you directly to the cart page! The course is not quite done, as Yadsia is still adding videos but she tends to over deliver so no worries on that score!

These are some of the things you will learn in this corse:

• How to design hyperlinked digital planners.
• How to customize the planners and repurpose designs.
• Create different styles, including
- Planners with flipping tabs
- Digital bullet journals
- Digital Notebooks
- Digital Sticker books

And the templates are included!!!! With a commercial use license, of course.

More details Here: Design and Sell Digital Planners Crash Course!

Special Note: this is included in the MASSIVE Digital Business Start-up course. If you think you might want more than one of her courses - this is the one to go for - and she offers an installment plan, too, which I took advantage of. The section on FB ads alone is worth the cost of the whole course - and she is still adding to it!

Check it out here: Yadsia's Digital Business Startup

The One Content Membership That Makes
The 'Cut' Every Month....

If you are like me, you see a trial membership and you click that button!! I get a lot of great deals this way - but it also means that I go through my PayPal account and cancel a lot of stuff every month!

But there is ONE membership that ALWAYS makes the cut every month and that is my Piggy Makes Bank Business membership! Their content is simply SOLID, and I use it all the time. If you create planners, workbooks or journals for consumer use - the content is a fabulous way to quickly add value to your low-content products and a great way to make them stand out from the competition!

Piggy offers 2 different memberships, and you can get either Monthly Membership
for just $27 - that is $20 off the regular price of $47 per month -
until Midnight, Monday, July 5, 2021

Click below to see the offers:

Self-Help PLR Membership

Business Membership


And just to clarify - I actually love doing my newsletter because it is a great excuse to be a nerd and find cool new stuff every day, but the services we all have to use every day? Ehhh - not so much!

But no matter how I feel about it - it is the lifeblood of my business!! And because it is - I am always on the lookout for new ways to improve my clickthrough rates and deliverability. One software that I have just picked up is Neil Napier's Clickvio which uses a new technology called MJML...a new framework that is responsive by design.

Mobile-First. And that makes Google very happy. If Google is happy...we are happy.

And that is a critical piece of info because that is what Google is focused on right now: providing the vast audience of mobile device users a BETTER experience for both websites AND email. In fact, Gmail is coming down HARD and sending your emails to the PROMOTIONS or SPAM tab, if your emails don't work right every time.

Clickvio fixes this issue by letting you create drag and drop emails that will work with ANY AUTORESPONDER SERVICE that lets you create an HTML newsletter or email!!

The features included are massive - just take a quick peek at the website to get the full details!

PLUS - use coupon code Melsfriends at checkout for $7 off.
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The Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book

I almost passed this one over this week because well, hasn't the subject been done to death? Yes, it has, but usually not in real, detailed, actionable steps. It turns out that the author is one of Matt Garrett's students, and that means he has been learning from one of the best in the biz.

The book is clear, and straight to the point, focusing on 7 strategies that I know work, because I use them myself - and I wish I had written this!! LOL...next time....

But the best part is this: I have bought $97 courses that did not lay out the path as clearly as this does, and it is only $12.

If you are new to affiliate marketing or want to up your game - this is 35 pages of solid, useable content - it won't break the bank but it WILL help you MAKE bank!
Have a wonderful weekend and if you celebrate the 4th of July - have fun!!
Your gift today is a set of matching five 8.5 X 11 inch 300 DPI designs that can be used as stationery, covers, backgrounds - your choice how to use them! Full commercial rights to use as you please ;-)

Download here:

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