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The week that FLEW by.....

As you already know, we had more than a few technical glitches over the past week. It happens. Life goes on, and I think we were still able to deliver products to everyone on a pretty timely basis. And again - our thanks to all for your patience. The unfortunate side effect, though, was that it set our next product release back by a few days. It was a truly massive undertaking, because although Adobe PDF is great for creating fillable forms - there is only so much that it can automate! There are almost always a few fields that have to be created or tweaked manually, and when you are doing a massive document like the new Planner Toolkit #5: The 'Stay on Track' Workbook Journal...more than 9,000 fields!!!'s time intensive no matter how you look at!!

The good news is that we are almost done!! YEA!! The two images above are from the new designs for Planner Toolkit #5: The 'Stay on Track' Workbook Journal (link is live but sales page is NOT complete yet!)

Now, as you know, we were involved this past week with The Work Less, Do More Productivity Bundle and several of you wanted to know if you could use your $35 credit for the new product release - and of course, the answer is YES!!

So...if you are still on the fence about getting The Work Less, Do More Productivity Bundle - here's a sneak peek at the NEW Designs for the Planner Toolkit #5 Stay On Track Workbook Journal (the sales page is NOT done yet!!) but you can see all but two of the new designs here:

===>>> Sneak Peek: Toolkit #5: The Stay On Track Workbook Journal

Remember - it won't go live until tomorrow, but if you purchase The Work Less, Do More Productivity Bundle before it closes at Midnight tonight through the link below - you will have your choice of any TWO Planners from Toolkit #4
a credit for $35 to be used for anything ANYTIME on our site -
including Planner Toolkit #5: The 'Stay on Track' Workbook Journal
Buy the UPSELL - and you get BOTH!!

===>>> Work Less, Do More Productivity Bundle

Have a wonderful weekend - stay warm and dry!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!!

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