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My thank you gift to you!

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Hey, everyone!

First up, thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding as we get through Bob's surgery! He is doing great, but it's been a long and tiring week for both of us, nonetheless. Tough to sleep with one eye open and an ear perked but I am managing as best as I can, but I do admit that by mid-afternoon, I do start to droop a bit.

I will have our new schedule up on our calendar tomorrow, just need to go over the list of follow-up and therapy appointments and make sure I have no conflicts before I get the schedule posted, so I don't have to change anything else!

As a thank you gift to everyone, I will be sharing some past bonuses with everyone over the next few days. You may have some of them, but there will be a couple of new ones next week as well. Today is one of my favorite Lead Magnet designs, "My Happiness and Gratitude Journal". You have full commercial rights to sell, edit or giveaway as you wish.

Download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vsgpj46s9sg7vxa/AAACDUDIlPS7yv904iFUnSTda?dl=0


NFT Project
Our Friday NFT meeting was a lot of fun because our first NFT is almost done! It is a collage based on the theme "What Summer Means To Me" with 64 images from almost 30 contributors, across 3 generations, and ranging in age from 5 to 80-something ;-). Future collages are already in the works! No, it's not internet marketing, but we DO hope to get some good PR from it. But I think more than anything - it's something different and fun for everyone to get involved with, stretching our brains and doing and learning something new. And it is a LOT of fun!!!

Kitchen Sink Guest Speakers - Would You Like To Be Next??
So far we have had two GREAT sessions with our account manager from BublUp and Cara Boardwine (getting comfy on camera with Cara!). Cathy Gilstrap is tentatively scheduled for our next session (subject to family obligations) and I will be doing a WarriorPlus walkthrough if we have time. Catherine Beebe will be teaching an Affinity class (yea!) a bit later in the summer when her class schedule fits our time slot better.

Do you have anything that you would like to share with the group? And yes, it can be a lead-in to your own product or course (please no affiliate promos!) reach out to me at [email protected] - this is a great way to gain traction and credibility for your products and courses, and yes, you will have access to the video as well!

Tangible vs Digital

Recently, there was a course that was heavily promoted by a lot of the 'heavy hitters' in the internet marketing space, To be perfectly blunt, I did not promote it because I was too busy running the other directions as fast as I could... ;-)

I am sure you probably saw it - it was one of those launches that was pretty tough to avoid, as it was hitting your inbox about 30 seconds...it was all about this amazing new concept of buying stuff you find at your local store on a really good sales price and then selling it online at a higher price and making a killing....O.M.G.

This concept is not new - in the early days of eBay, Craigslist and FaceBook Marketplace
people ran around to outlets, yard sales, auctions and bankruptcy sales. And yes, some people did well but even more wound up with garages full of junk that they paid for and could not get rid of. But that is not the worst of it....

Have you shipped anything lately? Between the cost of packaging, and the cost of shipping PLUS the time involved in shipping it - that bargain will probably need to be below the wholesale price of the product, and it's pretty rare that that is going to happen.

Last but not least - and this is one of the reasons I so prefer digital to tangible products: Refunds happen. No one likes to admit it - but if you are selling stuff online, you will get refunds.

With a digital product, you may see the money disappear from your PayPal account - but chances are that the 'hard cost' of that product was 'just' your time and creative juices. Now I am not trying to make light of the value of your time - but if you get a refund on a TANGIBLE product - you may wind up covering the return costs - or you may never even get the product back.

Yeah, that happens. Ask my hubby who has been dropshipping for 10 years....he totally agrees with me and is definitely phasing out his dropshipping!

So, yes, you can make money doing the 'bargain arbitrage' thing - but it takes time and effort and experience - and more people come out losers than winners at that game and THAT, my friends, is why I was not promoting that course last week!!

I would MUCH rather spend my time finding new ways to drive more traffic than standing in line at the Post Office or waiting for the UPS pickup!! I love the digital side of the online business world and would not trade for the 'dark side' EVER!!!

There have been some AWESOME software launches this past week, but I have
not had time to review all of them - these are the ones I purchased and can
comfortably share with you ;-)
Screen Shot 2021-06-26 at 7.34.46 PM
I picked this up Friday and this is KILLER!!!! One of the things I hate about adding music to my videos is that they ALL sound alike! NO MORE!! This is really is a '1-2-3 and you're done' software that lets you create ORIGINAL soundtracks that you can actually SELL as your own or even do VOICEOVERS (and the voices are GOOD!) WITH OR WITHOUT YOUR OWN ORIGINAL MUSIC TRACK!
  • Easily Create Voice Overs, Music Tracks & Complete Audio Tracks For Videos, Ads, VSLs, Podcasts, Courses And More!
  • 15 Synthetic Voices In Multiple Different Accents & Languages
  • Fully Cloud-Based. Nothing to download or install. Access from anywhere
  • No Prior Skills Or Experience Needed. Zero learning curve
  • No Amazon™ Polly Or Google™ WaveNet
  • Voice-Overs – 50/week
  • Music-Tracks – 50/week
  • Videos – 50/week
  • Create lengthy voice-overs – 1000 character per voice-over

Ruthie's Flash Sale

Screen Shot 2021-06-26 at 5.46.12 PM
The flash sale on Ruthie's Musical Instruments Coloring Pages ends on Sunday, June 27. Save 50% with coupon code MUSICWORKS. This pack includes:
  • 20 Lineart Image
  • 60 Filled Coloring Page Images
  • 50 Square Patterns
  • 50 Round Patterns
  • Music-Themed Notebook Template
Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 8.18.19 PM

Launch Price Ending Soon!

Get all the 'dirt' on your competition!

I almost missed this one because of the Hubby's surgery (hate it when that happens!) but I picked this up today, and in just a quick test, I am sold, and going back to get the unlimited version (and seriously considering the agency option!). The more I use Neil's software the more of a fan I am becoming. They also RESPOND which is freaking amazing!!!

Spyvio is without a doubt one of the most complete competitive research tools I have ever seen - and it blows everything else close to this price point out of the water!
These are just a few of the key features - you really need to see the sales page and watch the videos to get the full impact of what this tool can do for you:

  • Reverse Engineer Ads, Funnels & Emails From Any Successful Business Online + Unlock Proven & Profitable Campaigns From Top 100 Businesses Of 2020!
  • FIND: Research, collect & store MORE profitable ads, funnels & emails of ALL your competitors
  • Collect Ads As You Browse Facebook & Google
  • Stealth-Sign Up Without Using Your Personal Email Address
  • Unlimited Searches, Bookmarks, And Use
  • Full Competitor Breakdown
  • Get instant access to 100 top businesses - their highest-earning funnels, emails and ad campaigns (2,000 Pre-Collected Profitable Ads/Funnels/Emails)
  • CREATE: 1-Click copy winning campaigns without spending any money
  • PROFIT: Customize these campaigns for your own business for instant profits
  • FREE COMMERCIAL LICENSE INCLUDED: Sell proven-to-convert Funnels, Emails & Ads for BIG bucks!
And I do apologize - the launch price ends either tonight or tomorrow - I am trying to see if I can get it extended!!

    Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 2.14.33 PM


    Here's a refreshing change for you - a tool that is a game-changer, is reasonably priced ($37!!) AND NO UPSELLS!! Yep, you read that right no upsells or OTOS - just one product that really does what it says!

    This is a Desktop software that is both Mac and PC compatible Powerful Uncovers Top Trending Searches, Top Converting Content and Best Performing Ads Directly on Pinterest!

    1. Popular Keywords
    2. Top Trends
    3. Pins Analyzer (checks 45+ data points!)
    4. Browse & Scrape to find the data YOU want
    5. Boards Analyzer
    6. Pinner Analyzer


    • Download Pin Image & Video Files Directly to Your Computer for Unlimited Posts!
    • Get 47 Data Columns For EVERY Pin or Video Post!
    • Get Blazing Fast Column Quick-Filters and Custom Filters
    • Commercial Use license
    • Install on multiple computers!!!

    A must-have if you want to get back in the game on Pinterest
    after their recent changes!

    My Very Highest Personal Recommendation!!
    Understand and Protect Your Copyright
    with Attorney Bob Silber

    Admit it - we ALL shop bonuses - but in this case? The product creator, Dr. Bob Silber, has added his OWN bonuses that are easily worth as much as the actual product! Dr. Silber is a trial attorney with over 40 years’ experience practicing in all State and Federal courts. and a former adjunct professor teaching business, Intellectual property and Internet law at Florida Atlantic University. And I am honored to be able to add that he is an active member of our Kitchen Sink Mastermind ;-)

    If you put 5 content creators in a room - you will get 5 different opinions on Copyright law - but all you really need is the RIGHT ONE!!

    Get The Protection The Law Requires Now For Only $17 While This Offer Lasts

    This Assignment of Copyright normally would cost you $497 to $997 from an Intellectual Property Attorney. Today you can grab it for a fraction of the cost.

    Author Assignment of Copyright prepared by Intellectual Property Attorney Bob Silber – This is the copyright transfer legal document that copyright law requires for you to transfer ownership rights to yourself from the author.

    This copyright transfer document will provide proof of ownership, protect you against legal problems and is what you will use when you register a copyright.

    Act Now & You Will Also Get These Two VIP Bonuses
    – Written by Intellectual Property Attorney Bob Silber the bonuses are priceless because you can’t buy them anywhere else at any price.

    VIP Bonus 1. This 6-page special report was written for all Authors, Designers & Content Creators Of Books, Planners, Journals, Kindle & All Digital Or Physical Products, to provide a basic understanding of the copyright laws in the United States including the difficult to understand “Work For Hire.” It is a simple matter to follow the copyright laws prior to problems arising and this report is instructive as to how to do that.

    VIP Bonus 2.
    This 15-page special report, Transfers of Copyright Ownership Filed In The U.S. Copyright Office, was written to explain all the requirements that you must know to correctly file your copyright ownership document.

    Oh and take a peek at Dr. Bob's testimonials - other than me, they read like the "Who's Who" of the internet world: Jimmy Brown, Alan Says, Mark Joyner, Yanik Silver, Willie Crawford and Jonathan Mizel.

    Thank you for letting me share the page - it's probably the only time I shall be in such company - what a hoot!!
    Off to spend some time with the hubby and the kitties - I am actually getting caught up - hope to be back on track by mid-week if all goes well and the creek don't rise....
    P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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