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I Was Going To Take
Good morning!!

Today is my 20th wedding anniversary!! And trust me - when you have a 24/7 marriage like we do - it's really more like 40 years!! We each have our own businesses but we share the same office and are really pretty much together ALL the time. It works because we were smart enough to realize early on that while we work just fine in the same room - it is best that we each have our own 'thing'.

Otherwise, it would have been the proverbial "video at 11' if you get my drift ;-)

So this is a quick one today as we are indeed going out to dinner tonight - the Montgomery Inn Boat House for the Cincinnatians on the list - they catered the wedding so it seems fitting to head there tonight! The best ribs ever - so good that Bob Hope had a standing order shipped to him every month for decades!!

Bright Shiny Objects or Tools??

There are a couple of new tools out today, and yes I do have them both!! Please do not confuse these with "Bright Shiny Objects"! BSOs are things that take you off in a new direction, distracting you from your goals and the tasks at hand.

TOOLS, on the other hand, help you accomplish those tasks and get to your goals quicker by removing roadblocks and/or speeding up your workload and process flows. Tools are an investment in you and your business IF they accomplish what you need them to do.

Today there are two that I am very happy with and here is why: I have literally hundreds of hours of Zoom videos at this point, and need a way to organize and post them as I am paying the exorbitant cost at Zoom and it is only going to increase as time goes on, so David Perdew's "Simple Video Management" is perfect for me.

David Guindon's Pin Inspector is a definite win for me because I am planning on diving back into paid ads on both FaceBook and Pinterest so gathering all the tools I can!
Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 2.14.33 PM


Here's a refreshing change for you - a tool that is a game-changer, is reasonably priced ($37!!) AND NO UPSELLS!! Yep, you read that right no upsells or OTOS - just one product that really does what it says!

This is a Desktop software that is both Mac and PC compatible Powerful Uncovers Top Trending Searches, Top Converting Content and Best Performing Ads Directly on Pinterest!

1. Popular Keywords
2. Top Trends
3. Pins Analyzer (checks 45+ data points!)
4. Browse & Scrape to find the data YOU want
5. Boards Analyzer
6. Pinner Analyzer


• Download Pin Image & Video Files Directly to Your Computer for Unlimited Posts!
• Get 47 Data Columns For EVERY Pin or Video Post!
• Get Blazing Fast Column Quick-Filters and Custom Filters
• Commercial Use license
• Install on multiple computers!!!

A must-have if you want to get back in the game on Pinterest
after their recent changes!
Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 2.44.16 PM

Simple Video Management System
From David Perdew

This was actually released in January but it's been re-released and upgraded, so if you missed it the first time - here's your second chance! And it's from David Perdew, so you know you can rely on it being around for a while!

This is a WordPress that solves about 99% of the issues that we usually have with our videos and it really does too much to even do it justice here - if you are at all interested, just hop over to the sales page to check it out!

~ Effortlessly organize all your videos -- S3, YouTube, Vimeo, self-hosted -- in one spot

~Truly responsive player works on all browsers, all devices, all sites (even HTML & platforms like ClickFunnels), at all times

~ Integrates with autoresponders & CRMs -- grab opt-ins straight from the video player

~ Display "magic" buy buttons, optin forms, or any HTML on screen at any time

~ Complete video analytics, including when your viewers are LEAVING

~ "Chrome Proof" splash image -- overlay attention grabbing animated GIF or text at start and/or end of your video!

~ Install on unlimited sites!!

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 2.21.12 PM

From Jan at Simple Happiness
comes this adorable Baby's First Year Journal

The journal comes with both Powerpoint source files AND CANVA templates as well as PDFs in US Letter and A4 sizes.

And the price is too good to pass up at $12.95 for 38 cute and unique pages with COUPON CODE: BABYFIRST (normally $27)

There is an upsell with another 22 unique pages and more backgrounds (including pink and blue versions) and is $9.95 with coupon code BABYEXTRA (Coupon is on the page).

HINT: Even if you do not think you need this right now - this is one of those 'evergreen' verticals that are ALWAYS good sellers. You can relaunch this a couple of times a year and use it for list-building events with some quick tweaks and changes!
Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 3.58.55 PM
You still have a few days left to get the biggest bargain of the year!! BC Stack is the one deal that I always find room for in the budget and this year, with the next Summit and Podcasting on the horizon - this one is perfect for me!

And of course - you HAVE to 'bonus shop' for the Stack and here is mine....

My BONUS......

JUST ADDED!!! Bonus #1:

Three $50 coupons (YES!! That is $150!!) to be spent any time, on any non-recurring product (sorry cannot be applied to The Kitchen Sink PLUS)

Bonus #2:

July 15th, I am opening up a new membership, The Kitchen Sink PLUS, and your first 2 months will be free. IF you decide to continue, the cost will be $27 per month, which is the lowest price it will ever be (I intend to launch at $37 in July). Every month you will receive AT LEAST the following:
  • A new color-coordinated "Limited Edition" Series that will consist of an original Planner or Workbook in both Digital and Printable format
  • Matching Design/Style Books
  • A minimum of 5 (each!) interchangeable covers, interior designs, and title banners.
  • New Page Templates every month
  • PLUS...A special once-a-month Zoom Mastermind and more...much more.


Please check your BC Stack member area at
Login and just click on the "BONUS" link and
follow the instructions to get access!!

And now, time to get cleaned up and put on some 'IRL' clothes and SHOES!!!

No, seriously, am I the only one that rarely wears shoes anymore - or just the only that ADMITS it?? ;-)
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