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Yes, we haz got bonusez

Good morning!!

I wanted to get the newsletter out early today, because frankly, the day ahead is going to be a zoo! If I don't do this now, there is a REALLY good chance it won't get done later!

I have received so many questions about the upcoming Kitchen Sink PLUS membership - I thought I covered them all the other day....but more have come in so here goes...

The Kitchen Sink Mastermind is FREE and we meet, at least through the summer months, every other Thursday. You can find Zoom details in the FREE member area on PLRoftheMonth.Club.

In the last year +/-, this group has been responsible for 2 "Start Your Side Hustle" events, the MAJOR Homepreneur's Adventure 4-day Virtual Summit, complete with a Bundle and Swag Bag Giveaway, plus Holiday Raffle and Etsy Shopping Event. We have another Summit coming up in October, and other events in the works as well.

The point is that we get things done. We are building our lists and getting our businesses up and running....most people in this group have added 500 to 3,000 subscribers to their lists from our events! And at that point - you start seeing revenue coming in.

The Kitchen Sink PLUS will be the new PAID membership and differs from other 'PRODUCT OF THE MONTH' memberships in that while you ARE going to be getting lots of new goodies every month - the real value is in using those products to build your own library of what I call 'Foundational Products' and using these products as TOOLS to build your list.

Foundational Products are those products that you can use to quickly create an original product and I DO NOT mean just to sell in your store. I am going to teach you how to build your library so that you can jump on every list-building chance that comes your way, with unique HIGH-QUALITY products!

Events, whether paid bundles or giveaways, are for list-building and once you have a list you can promote your own products as a Content Creator, as well as others products as an Affiliate Marketer. Having your own list gives you the freedom to escape the constant launch cycle. And if you really do not want to BE a content creator (hey! not everyone does!), and feel lost as to how to build your list without creating all of your own content - you will love this new membership!

I have heard many people in our niche disparage "Freebie Seekers" that sign up for Giveaway, but I totally disagree with this POV! I look in my aMember stats and see that there are hundreds of people that have never bought anything from me - but I have made thousands of dollars from the products that they purchased through me as an Affiliate Marketer.

And one more note: all of my products come with FULL Commercial Rights - meaning that you can edit or re-brand as you please, sell as your own, giveaway or pass these same rights to your own customers. I am one of the few that allows this.

There are enough other things to worry about. Violating PLR rights should not be one of them ;-)

6 Members of the Kitchen Sink Mastermind are in the Bundle this year -
it could be you next year!!

Here are just a few that will be on my "use right away list" because I KNOW that I can use these to make money right away!!
  • Ultimate Mix & Match Planner Kit (Ruthie Bowers)
  • Blogging: The Less Effort and More Reward Way (Jan Small)
  • 1,102 Marketing Templates (Super Bundle) (Helen Ross)
  • Canva Course: How to Create 5 Products to Sell (Gabby Conde)
  • Legendary Lead Magnets (Naima Sheikh)
  • Course / Guide Book Template (Lynette Chandler)

And these are the ones that I will load onto the iPad to watch/listen to for long-term growth:
  • Flipping Niche Websites Course (Yes, this is easier than you think!)
  • Product Launch Pad - Complete Digital Product Sales Funnel (Monica Froese)
  • Organization and Practical Productivity for Online Entrepreneurs (Cindy Bidar)
  • And ALL of the Podcast and ClubHouse products and courses!

If I can give you ONE piece of advice:

Do NOT simply pick out the 3 or 4 courses that are relevant and interesting to you right now. If you do that, you will tend to FORGET about the rest of the Bundle, and that is a huge mistake - and a waste of more money than simply what you paid for it!

Keep it all in one MASTER BC Stack Bundle on your desktop, then separate the Bundle into sub-folders by TOPIC such as Blogging, PodCasting, PLR, Mindset/Motivation, Design - whatever makes sense to you. Then get in the habit of checking it FIRST when you need training or are thinking about buying a course...

Last year, I cannot tell you how many times I started to buy something but found either the same course or something equally relevant in the Bundle!

But whatever you do - keep the BC STack on your desktop and do not ignore after you pick out your top 3 or 4 to tackle now!

My BONUS......

JUST ADDED!!! Bonus #1:

Three $50 coupons (YES!! That is $150!!) to be spent any time, on any non-recurring product (sorry cannot be applied to The Kitchen Sink PLUS)

Bonus #2:

July 15th, I am opening up a new membership, The Kitchen Sink PLUS, and your first 2 months will be free. IF you decide to continue, the cost will be $27 per month, which is the lowest price it will ever be (I intend to launch at $37 in July). Every month you will receive AT LEAST the following:
  • A new color-coordinated "Limited Edition" Series that will consist of an original Planner or Workbook in both Digital and Printable format
  • Matching Design/Style Books
  • A minimum of 5 (each!) interchangeable covers, interior designs, and title banners.
  • New Page Templates every month
  • PLUS...A special once-a-month Zoom Mastermind and more...much more.


Please check your BC Stack member area at
Login and just click on the "BONUS" link and
follow the instructions to get access!!

My Very Highest Personal Recommendation!!
Understand and Protect Your Copyright
with Attorney Bob Silber

If you put 5 content creators in a room - you will get 5 different opinions on Copyright law - but all you really need is the RIGHT ONE!!

And that is what you are going to get in this new product on Copyright by Dr. Bob Silber, a trial attorney with over 40 years’ experience practicing in all State and Federal courts. Bob is also a former adjunct professor teaching business, Intellectual property and Internet law at Florida Atlantic University.

This would normally cost you $497 to $997 and today it is $17!!

Act Now & You Will Also Get These Two VIP Bonuses

VIP Bonus 1. This 6-page special report was written, for all Authors, Designers & Content Creators Of Books, Planners, Journals, Kindle & All Digital Or Physical Products, to provide a basic understanding of the copyright laws in the United States including the difficult to understand “Work For Hire.”

VIP Bonus 2. This 15-page special report, Transfers of Copyright Ownership Filed In The U.S. Copyright Office, was written to explain all the requirements that you must know to correctly file your copyright ownership document.

Oh and take a peek at Dr. Bob's testimonials - other than me, they read like the "Who's Who" of the internet world: Jimmy Brown, Alan Says, Mark Joyner, Yanik SIlver, Willie Crawford and Jonathan Mizel.

Thank you for letting me share the page - it's probably the only time I shall be in such company - what a hoot!!

Get The Protection The Law Requires Now For Only $17 While This Offer Lasts

Have a fantastic day, no matter where you are or what you day holds - there is always a new opportunity out there somewhere waiting for you ;-)
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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