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That strange thing is in the sky again....

Hi, Everyone!

Well, THAT was a crazy busy whirlwind weekend! We actually attended my oldest Grandson's graduation party IRL - and hopefully, everyone will still be fine 2 weeks from now!

In the middle of the party, though....I ran home to jump on an interview with Dan Morrison from BC Stack! We had an awesome chat and he shared the very interesting story of how the Bundle came together - and who his assistant is!!

We did the interview and then I ran back and picked up Bob!!

Check it out here - raw and unedited!!

Topic: Chat with Dan
Date: Jun 13, 2021 06:54 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Meeting Recording:

BC Stack is a unique bundle, and I hope you will take a few minutes to listen to our chat - it's a very interesting look at someone who has created an event that is very different from anything else on the market! Dan has a very different approach to putting his bundle together and he shares some GREAT tips in this video!!

Still on the fence? These are just a few that will be on my "use right away list"!!
  • Flipping Niche Websites Course (Yes, this is easier than you think!)
  • Product Launch Pad - Complete Digital Product Sales Funnel (Monica Froese)
  • Kate Danielle, whose social media update templates will help get you noticed.
  • Diane Keeler, who is going to help make blogging easier with her Ultimate Blogger’s Bundle.
  • Jessica Mele, who’s showing you how to monetize your entire life, so you’ll never be stuck for content ideas again.
  • Hosting Like a Pro on Clubhouse
  • Need Traffic? Check out The Visibility Effect (Livestream & Clubhouse Strategy for Bloggers & Podcasters)
  • The Best Video Tools & Hidden Gems to Make You an Online Video Rockstar!

And Time To UPGRADE the BONUS!!!

JUST ADDED!!! Bonus #1:
Three $50 coupons to be spent any time, on any product!
I have delayed the release of the new 2021-22 18 month planners due to conflicting events, but they will be released when BC Stack ends - I have both Digital and Printable versions ready to go, and each will have at least 5 Designs available. The coupons will be redeemable on ANY current or future products (HINT!!! I will be updating most of the 2021 planners over the next 6 weeks, just in time for the 2022 planner buying season, so this is a great way to load up on products at the best price EVER!!)

Bonus #2:
July 15th, I am opening up a new membership, The Kitchen Sink PLUS, and every month you will receive the following:

  • A new color-coordinated "Limited Edition" Series that will consist of an original Planner or Workbook in both Digital and Printable format, with a relevant and color-coordinated Lead Magnet. These Designs will ONLY be available through the membership and will never be offered outside of the membership!
  • Matching Design/Style Books: Your products will include a PDF with color swatches of the colors used in the planners, tabs, coils etc, as well as all fonts, and links to their sources. And yes, you can provide these to YOUR customers as well!
  • A minimum of 5 (each!) interchangeable covers, interior designs, and title banners.
  • New Page Templates every month - you can interchange the templates with previous months to create completely new planners. The longer you are a member, the more creative you can get with your planners!
  • PLUS...A special once-a-month Zoom Mastermind (probably our usual 3 hours or so - you know how we are!) where we will go over the newest product release, and work together to customize it for upcoming events, special promos that you have coming up etc. In other words - EVERY MONTH WE WILL WORK TOGETHER TO USE THE CONTENT TO BUILD YOUR LIST AND MAKE SALES. And yes, these will be recorded.
  • Input on products released - we will work as a group to decide on themes and styles for future products!
  • And of course, whether you call it coaching or training, every session will have dedicated time for 'open floor' questions to get you over whatever hurdles you might be facing at the moment, from WordPress to email sequences.
And there will be more, because if you have been around for awhile - that's just me. There will always be more ;-)



(Tuesday - Friday ONLY!)

From Justin's team at Tools For Motivation - this is an awesome collection of content to get your Podcast off to a great start:

10 Powerful Podcast Topics Within This Kit…

The Podcast Utilities Kit contains 10 different podcast segments covering the following topics in the personal growth/skill development space…Not podcasting yet? This is still a lot of great content for an affordable price!
  1. The Importance Of Accepting Criticism
  2. Being More Compassionate
  3. Being More Persuasive
  4. Boosting Emotional Wellness
  5. Getting More Done Each Day
  6. Living Your Best Life
  7. Looking At The Bright Side Of Things
  8. Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs
  9. The Pillars Of Self Motivation
  10. Projecting Confidence
Each segment has been designed to be the basis of either an entire episode or as an extended segment within a larger episode (you decide what makes the most sense for your podcast). Here’s what’s included in each segment…
  • Audio: Pre-recorded audio including an intro, a set of tips and recommended action steps
  • Transcript: A text printout of the pre-recorded audio for show notes or marketing material
  • Episode Artwork: A pre-designed graphic to be used as the cover art for your episode
  • Sharable Social Content: Pre-built posts and graphics to help you share the episode on social platforms
  • Customization Helpers: A set of prompts, leading questions and talk-points to help you expand on the pre-built content (making it unique)

Sitezio -
Automated Site Builder With
Built-in Clickbank Monetization

Yes, it does suddenly seem as though there are a lot of 'automated' content and site builders hitting the market, but I flip sites several times a year and anything that comes with Developer rights is ALWAYS of interest - and flipping sites is not as tough as you might think!

I like this one because it adds in Clickbank products for easy monetization - I prefer to use Clickbank for site flipping because virtually anyone can open a Clickbank account so you don't have to worry about the new owner being approved to promote to programs you are using to monetize the website ;-)

I did buy the first 3 offers in this one but there is a downsell to the first one, and I did not see one for the others - but check anyway!!

Have a wonderful week - accomplish things you thought impossible!!
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