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It's Here...BC Stack

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Hi, Everyone!

Just a quick email today as I am off to my grandson's graduation party!!! Hard to believe since I still remember the first time his parents put him in my arms and I kept thinking "They must be crazy! I know nothing about these little creatures!!" But 18 years later, I have 3 grandsons, have changed plenty of diapers and had lots of wonderful weekends here at "The Cabin" (the family nickname for our log home) with the boys. I would have missed all of this had I not made that crazy move from Silicon Valley to Cincinnati 22 years ago!! Long story behind that and I still have no idea why I did that but it worked out pretty good. Everyone deserves to chance to re-invent themselves every couple of decades ;-)

Although BC Stack has just launched, it looks like it will be its USUAL huge success! Dan and Rachel have carved out their own niche and are pretty much the undisputed leaders in the "Super" bundle niche!

And this one is no different - the depth and variety is amazing, but as I mentioned the other day, what I am finding most interesting is how much my own needs/interests have changed over the past year - the products and courses that I originally bought the course for are NOT the same ones that I am using now - but I can honestly say it is one of the few bundles that I have been in and out of all year long!

Here are just a few that will be on my "use right away list"!!
  • 5 Free Done-For-You Content Packs (Piggy Makes Bank)
  • Flipping Niche Websites Course (Yes, this is easier than you think!)
  • Product Launch Pad - Complete Digital Product Sales Funnel (Monica Froese)
  • Organization and Practical Productivity for Online Entrepreneurs (Cindy Bidar)
  • Hosting Like a Pro on Clubhouse
  • The Visibility Effect (Livestream & Clubhouse Strategy for Bloggers & Podcasters)
  • The Best Video Tools & Hidden Gems to Make You an Online Video Rockstar!
  • Canva Course: How to Create 5 Products to Sell (Gabby Conde)
  • Hand Drawn Chic Course Book Design Pack (Lynette Chandler)

  • Dan Miller, New York Times Bestselling Author of 48 Days to the Work You Love
  • Ultimate Mix & Match Planner Kit (Ruthie Bowers)
  • Blogging: The Less Effort and More Reward Way (Jan Small)
  • 1,102 Marketing Templates (Super Bundle) (Helen Ross)
  • And of course - my new 18-month planners!!
And one that REALLY sounds intriguing is this one:

1 Year Membership with Infinitunes

Infinitunes is the world's very first software for INSTANT music track creation. It's not like other audio platforms where you get a library of pre-made tracks. Each and every track is 100% unique, copyright-free, and comes with unlimited usage and distribution rights when added to a video!

And yes, there are 5 members of the Kitchen Sink Mastermind in the Bundle!!
This is a MAJOR accomplishment!!!

And On To My BONUS......

I am going to leave the original description intact below and answer the questions first so that everyone can read the whole description of the bonus ;-)

Here are the top questions about the Bonus:
1) Are you shutting down the Kitchen Sink Mastermind"
NO!! NO!! NO!!!! Think of the Kitchen Sink Plus as the "Finishing School" for the Kitchen Sink Mastermind. We will be working together to get your portfolio of Planners, Workbooks, Journals and Lead Magnets built up so that you ALWAYS have something ready to go for EVERY event that comes along. No more missed list-building opportunities! This will be a more focused 'action' group IF that is what you want/need! If not - just a great way to get great limited-edition original planners at a super discount!

2) Do I need to buy more PLR to make this work?
If you are like most of us - you have more than enough on your hard drive already. I am not going to try and sell you anything else.

3) Do I need to buy anything else to make this work?
If you want to work with Digital Planners, you need to have the latest versions of PowerPoint or Keynote and PDF. If you do not have it, just stick with the Printables. It is your choice as to whether you want to work with Printables, Digitals or both. Everything that we will do can be done with either or both. You should have access to a free or paid version of an image editing software (Canva, Affinity, PhotoShop etc). But the one thing you DO need to build a list is an email/autoresponder service. You can start without it but in order to take advantage of these list-building opportunities you need a way to capture the leads and email them!! ;-)

4) Can you guarantee that I will end the year with a list?
No, I can't and I won't because it all still depends on YOU and what you can, will and want to do. I won't lie - it takes work, and I have worked my tail end off this last year, but I set a rather audacious goal for myself and I hate missing my goals!!! But I can honestly say that everyone that followed along over the last year and participated in our various events and activities has a list and those that are consistently following up with their list are actually making MONEY!!

And don't let anyone kid you - we have a LOT of fun with our groups and our events - but at the heart of all of this? We are here to make money, to pay our bills and to have the lives we want.

So without further rambling -
this is my bonus.....

On June 15th, the 'official' group page for the
Kitchen Sink Mastermind will be ONE YEAR OLD!!

To be honest, I have been so busy over the past 18 months that I really had no idea when we started our amazing adventure. I discovered this by accident a couple of days ago!

And it HAS been amazing: starting pretty much from scratch, we have done 3 Giveaways, 2 Bundles, A very successful Virtual Summit (The Homepreneur's Adventure, coming again in October!), a holiday Raffle with Virtual Gift Baskets and shopping event, we have a group NFT collage in the works, AND a book of Homepreneur's Profiles...we have learned how to create a welcome email sequence, set up auto-responders, work with digital planners, set up trip wires and funnels and the list goes on and on.


Our members have learned the importance of building their lists and are seeing sales come in for the first time. People that had no list a year ago now have lists of 1,000 or more!

My goal is to see everyone with a list of 3,000 or more by the end of the year!!

Amazingly, many members of the Kitchen Sink have told me that I should be charging for the Kitchen Sink Mastermind, but I am not comfortable doing that, because we have worked together for so long, that at this point, that does not seem right!

So, July 15th, I am opening up a new membership, The Kitchen Sink PLUS, and every month you will receive the following:
  • A new color-coordinated "Limited Edition" Series that will consist of an original Planner or Workbook in both Digital and Printable format, with a relevant and color-coordinated Lead Magnet. These Designs will ONLY be available through the membership and will never be offered outside of the membership!
  • Matching Design/Style Books: Your products will include a PDF with color swatches of the colors used in the planners, tabs, coils etc, as well as all fonts, and links to their sources. And yes, you can provide these to YOUR customers as well!
  • A minimum of 5 (each!) interchangeable covers, interior designs, and title banners.
  • New Page Templates every month - you can interchange the templates with previous months to create completely new planners. The longer you are a member, the more creative you can get with your planners!
  • PLUS...A special once-a-month Zoom Mastermind (probably our usual 3 hours or so - you know how we are!) where we will go over the newest product release, and work together to customize it for upcoming events, special promos that you have coming up etc. In other words - EVERY MONTH WE WILL WORK TOGETHER TO USE THE CONTENT TO BUILD YOUR LIST AND MAKE SALES. And yes, these will be recorded.
  • Input on products released - we will work as a group to decide on themes and styles for future products!
  • And of course, whether you call it coaching or training, every session will have dedicated to open floor questions to get you over whatever hurdles you might be facing at the moment, from WordPress to email sequences.
And there will be more, because if you have been around for awhile - that's just me. There will always be more ;-)

This may sound similar to the various bonus workshops that we have done but since everyone will have the same products month after month, this will allow everyone to get into a better workflow AND MOST IMPORTANTLY....BUILD UP A PORTFOLIO OF PRODUCTS SO THAT YOU ARE ALWAYS READY FOR A LIST-BUILDING OPPORTUNITY!!

Because the bottom line is that to be successful as an Affiliate Marketer and/or a Product/Content Creator, there are only TWO secrets to success

1. Build A List!!
2. Keep in touch with your list CONSISTENTLY!!

In the last 18 months, I have built my list from 350 wonderful peeps that took a chance on me at WarriorPlus to just under 11,000, and 85% of that came from free events, bundles and giveaways. But you need to be PREPARED to jump on events when they come along, and our monthly sessions will FORCE you to do that!!

So - here is my special bonus:
Buy BC Stack through the link below and get your first two months of The Kitchen Sink Plus for FREE and then, if you decide to stay on, your price for life will be just $27.00 per month - for everything you above PLUS learning how to build your list!

When this officially launches July 15th, the price will be $37, and then it will eventually be $47 per month. IT will never be sold outside of this opportunity for $27.

The new member area will not be ready until July 1, with the new products dropping July 15th - but our first meeting will be the first week of July so we can discuss just what we want upcoming products to focus on and what our list building goals for the second half of 2021 will be! It will NEVER be sold at this price outside of this bonus!!



Two Products That Work SO WELL Together!!

There are two sides to affiliate marketing:
1) BEING an Affiliate Marketer
2) HAVING Affiliates market your Products

If you are a product creator - having Affiliates is like the 'magic sauce' to amping up your sales efforts and Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to be able to start bringing some revenue on a regular basis but there are a lot of moving parts to BOTH sides of Affiliate Marketing!!

Bonus: Buy BOTH of the products below and get a new Affiliate Marketing Tips Lead magnet. Just send your receipts [email protected] - it will be ready next week.

Product #1:
Affiliate Manager
Today one of my fave creators, Lynette Chandler of Thrive Anywhere released a FANTASTIC new product: AFFILIATE MANAGER This is really more of a workbook than a planner, and it literally contains everything you need to set uphttps://www.thriveanywhere.com/account/aff/go/melodywigdahl?i=99, launch and MANAGE your own Affiliate program!!

It's 50% off during the launch week - just use code MANAGER at checkout!
Product #2:
Blockbuster Affiliate Marketing Course
Good Affiliates are not born...we have to learn the ins and outs of the process! This is a great PLR course that you can use to create your own course to give to your Affiliates to get them off to a great start - or package it up with the Affiliate Manager Workbook above and have a COMPLETE product to sell to others that are getting started with their own Affiliate Programs? At only $7.00 (right now) this is a no-brainer buy!
That's it for now - off to see the grandson!!!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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