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And coming soon....BC STACK!!!

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Hi, Everyone!

So I had big plans to tell you my super special bonus for BC Stack, but we had to go get the hubby's walker and quad cane and some other things, and then we had our NFT call - we are SOOO close on getting that launched!! - so I am still working out the details for the bonus - but I think it will be worth the wait because it will also have a major announcement attached to it ;-)

Ah, life definitely gets in the way of business at times, doesn't it?? But then again - at least we do have the flexibility of moving things around without getting fired, too!!

Ongoing Projects!

We are getting close to putting together our first edition of "Meet The Homepreneurs!" - if you would like to get some extra PR for your online business - submit your profile today! This is going to be put together as a Kindle that we can all promote to get some good PR and hopefully traffic to our websites!

"Meet The Homepreneurs" for full details!! And this is a FREE event - no cost to participate!


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There is no way that I can do justice to the new PhotoVibrance software that launched today!! I am sure that you have seen those cool animated gifs with the pouring beer or the wave coming into the shore? Well, amp that up X 10, and you have a better idea of what PhotoVibrance does! I had not purchased anything like this because I was not that impressed with the ease of use, the effects or the price - but this one is out the door for the launch price of $39, and I love it!

Perfect for grabbing attention on social newsfeeds (yep, this is for my next ad campaign!), and a great advertising tool to generate more traffic for your business!

You can also do some crazy-cool things such as:

  • Turn any product shot into an eye-catching VIDEO ad!
  • Replace the sky on any image with MOVING skies & stars.
  • Bring any photo to life with moving visual effects.
  • Create 3D parallax animations with real 3d particles
  • And MUCH more!
Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 2.27.30 PM

A Products That Work SO WELL Together!!

There are two sides to affiliate marketing:
1) BEING an Affiliate Marketer
2) HAVING Affiliates market your Products

If you are a product creator - having Affiliates is like the 'magic sauce' to amping up your sales efforts and Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to be able to start bringing some revenue on a regular basis but there are a lot of moving parts to BOTH sides of Affiliate Marketing!!

Bonus: Buy BOTH of the products below and get a new Affiliate Marketing Tips Lead magnet. Just send your receipts [email protected] - it will be ready next week.

Product #1:
Affiliate Manager
Today one of my fave creators, Lynette Chandler of Thrive Anywhere released a FANTASTIC new product: AFFILIATE MANAGER This is really more of a workbook than a planner, and it literally contains everything you need to set uphttps://www.thriveanywhere.com/account/aff/go/melodywigdahl?i=99, launch and MANAGE your own Affiliate program!!

It's 50% off during the launch week - just use code MANAGE at checkout!
Product #2:
Blockbuster Affiliate Marketing Course
Good Affiliates are not born...we have to learn the ins and outs of the process! This is a great PLR course that you can use to create your own course to give to your Affiliates to get them off to a great start - or package it up with the Affiliate Manager Workbook above and have a COMPLETE product to sell to others that are getting started with their own Affiliate Programs? At only $7.00 (right now) this is a no-brainer buy!
Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 8.49.51 PM
Yes, Becky's Shop (not Becky!) is turning 1 year old this week and WE get the gifts!

Check out the party every day and see the new goodies that are available!
That's it for now - back with a big announcement tomorrow....
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