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Coming Soon To Becky's Birthday Party!!

Hi, Everyone!

This is a short newsletter tonight - in the middle of intense design work, and the hands are killing me, so time for the ice packs and aspirin!

But I am happy to announce that the massive elephant sitting on my desk - namely the 18-month digital planner - all fully hyperlinked - is almost done and will be launching after the BC Stack launch, with the printable version launching in a few days. The hesitation in pinning down the exact date is that I am working on the designs now, and my schedule is pretty much at the whim of pre-opp necessities and appts, so it's been staying on schedule these past 3 weeks.

The nice thing is that you can sell 18-month planners through the end of the year, or in August you can take out three months and sell the 15-month version, and then from late Sept on - you sell the 12-month version.

A LOT of work went into this - close to 18,000 hyper inks - but these are what I refer to as 'foundation' products that I can use to build dozens of new products in the coming months. Because of the way these planners are created, you can create new products by swapping out templates, changing page orientation and other (relatively) simple modifications, creating new products for any market or niche you want to reach!

Or you can drop me a note and tell me what niches you would like to see and I see what we can do for you!


OMG!! After two weeks+ of trying to resolve this issue with OpenSea and MetaMask, they finally admitted that an issue with the system was sending the txn through at an impossibly low price and so it was basically stuck in the system!! It was apparently fixed yesterday and last night I was able to initialize my account, so we are getting closer to getting this project launched!! Don't forget to send in your VERY brief (like 2 or 3 line bio with your URL etc) to [email protected], with NFT in the subject line.
Any other email address is not under the same scrutiny and your email could be missed!

Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 8.49.51 PM
Yes, Becky's Shop (not Becky!) is turning 1 year old this week and WE get the gifts! Check out the party every day to see what new gifts will pop up! Different gifts every day, so keep checking back to get everything you want!!


Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 1.50.57 PM

Stop Hoarding Your PLR and Get it Working For You!

PLR is a wonderful time-saver but ONLY If you use it!! Ruthie's 5-day challenge will get you thinking about how you can stop hoarding PLR and actually get it working for you. This includes all kinds of checklists to get you organized and ready to actually use what you have!

Get organized and start seeing a return on your investment!! USE RUTHIEHOARDS to get this for only $5 through Tuesday!


Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 9.02.12 PM
Faith is back with a fun and creative way to add another revenue stream!!
If you can't think of 20 ways to use those kids coloring pages you have stashed all over your hard drive - then you need this course because Faith has all the ways you can think of and then some to get an awesome ROI on your investment!

Bonus: A bundle of 20 kids covers, covering a wide span of topics from camping to dinosaurs! (These are not new but most are from several months ago so you may not have them!)
Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 2.11.41 PM
Lady Rayven's much-awaited Third Annual PLR Printables Extravaganza. The price is only $37.00 and it's truly a huge bundle of great products and courses.

This is different than most Bundle deals because this is all PLR or PLR related AND the Bundle Upgrade option includes courses from some of the top people in the PLR niche for only $67 (this includes ALL of the PLR PLUS the courses!!). The Upgrade bundle includes trainings from Rayven, Kristie Chiles, Kelly McCausey, Becky Beach, Faith Lee and Val Selby and is valued at just under $2500!

AND YES!! I do have a bonus! It will be ready early this week - a bonus pack of 20 all-new original covers, in a wide variety of colors and styles, with matching interior backgrounds, and title banners. These come with full commercial rights so you can use them with anything in the bundle, too!
Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 2.03.43 PM

Alice Seba's Wealth Mindset

This is a MASSIVE Bundle - and perfect for POD (think mugs, T-Shirts and more!!), Workbooks, Journals and so much more!
Fantastic product for the Coaching niche!

What's Included in This Print-on-Demand and Printables Starter Pack

  • 10 - 18" x 24" Poster Graphics - for wall art, mugs, t-shirts, social media, book covers, inserts...and more.
  • 72-Page Mindset Reframing Journal - Give your customers a beautiful place to write their thoughts and to make their affirmations a reality.
  • 72-Page Wealth Building Journal - Another gorgeous planner with plenty of space to share thoughts on positive change in their lives.
  • 2 Journal Cover Sets - The designs are in PowerPoint for super easy editing. We've also included flat PNG files for your documents and 3 x 3-D versions for each journal.
  • 36-Card Reframe Your Money Mindset Deck: Fully editable cards, formatted for commercial or at-home printing, instructions included.
  • 36-Card Wealth Building Quotes Deck: Another fully editable deck, filled with affirmations to create positive change.

At only $11.97, this is a HUGE bargain!!

And now off to the ice packs!!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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