This was simply one of THOSE weeks. We all have them from time to time. Just part of life but this was one that was plagued with tech gremlins and mailing list issues, and to all that toughed it out with me, I sincerely appreciate your patience! I just purchased AMember and will be rolling everything over to it over the next couple of weeks. You don't realize just how many products you have produced until you have to move everything!

Freebie Alert - I am not sure how I wound up on this mailing list, but this podcast and slide show are excellent, so I thought I would share. It's from Kirsten Oliphant at Create If Writing, and the topic is How To Be More Productive (and Profitable) By 'Niching Down' on Amazon. Basically, Kirsten learned how to research accurately to find her target market - and in one year grew her Amazon Kindle income from $30 to over $9,000 per month! Great info without a sales pitch. In fact - there are a LOT of great articles and several free courses here. Spend. Some. Time. Here. Good stuff.

Speaking of good stuff and productivity...how's that for a subtle segway?? The Work Less, Do More Productivity Bundle is down to the last 2 days. If you haven't checked it out yet, I hope you will take a few minutes to do so this weekend. Personally, I think the name of the bundle is kind of misleading because this is so much more than 'just' doing more stuff in less time, it's about doing the stuff that makes you more money in less time. And that is a good thing ;-) SO...if you have a few minutes, pop over to check it out before it disappears....

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Have a wonderful weekend - stay warm and dry!
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