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The Cicadas are here!!

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Hi, Everyone!!

THE CICADAS ARE HERE!! And I mean they are really here at my house this time! The last time they arrived, I really saw only a few of them but this time, I am seeing a lot more evidence of their arrival and you can hear the soft hum of them all around you outdoors. I know many are complaining about the noise but it simply reminds me of summer camping trips when I was a kid. We would camp for weeks at a time, and I always remember the forest being filled with the low hum of cicadas until the moon came out. Today was like a mini-trip to the past hearing the cicadas again.

And the city is going crazy with 'cicada frenzy" - all of the local bakeries have their own versions of cicada cookies (sans cicadas, thankfully) - and some restaurants have added them to the menu. Um, thank you, but no thank you. I will let the raccoons and birds feast on them!

And about that Bro Marketing....

Yes, he responded...well, I guess this is his idea of a response:

"Hey! Thank you for the feedback - let me know if I can help you with anything else."

My response?

"Wow!! you really put a lot of thought in that response....."

Yes, sometimes I am just a bit of a b**tch....

The Care And Feeding Of Your Affiliates....

Affiliate Marketing is a wonderful way to "earn your keep" as the saying goes. In theory, it lets you work anytime you want, from any location, and you make money every time you send out an email. Easy peasy, according to all of the $997courses!!

In truth, it is hard work to get your list built to the point that you actually do make money every time you send out an email, and it's competitive since us Buyers are smart and we shop every $17 promotion to make sure we are getting the best bonus.

As an affiliate marketer, we sometimes find ourselves creating a bonus that takes 3 days to create - and then we sell two of those $17 products....giving us an hourly wage of about 18ยข for that bonus we made....but then we hit the jackpot on the next one and we net $357 in 2 days, and we know in our heart that we can do this....

Yeah, it can be a roller coaster.

But the toughest part for us as Affiliates is that we do our work based solely on trust.
We hope we will actually get paid and trust the Product Vendor to be honest and ethical and to pay us not only timely, but accurately.

Several of us have had situations recently where pending commissions disappeared from our accounts, under very questionable circumstances - but we delivered the bonuses anyway because we do not want to lose the customer. It is not the customer's fault.

It does not matter if the customer was the Vendor's customer for previous purchases - the customer bought THIS TIME for a specific bonus, and that should be their right, but it seems this is not the view point of the Vendor. hmmmmmm...

Affiliates are the very best "employees" to have! We work on straight commission, and you only pay us when we perform! I was so thrilled to pay out thousands of dollars for the last two events, and I hope I double that - or more - for the next one! Every sale from an affiliate is one that I would not have had on my own. I did not LOSE 50% of that sale - I made 100% more than I would have if the Affiliate had not made that sale for me!!

As you build your own Affiliate list - please remember to take good care of them and treat them just as you want to be treated as an Affiliate! Ethics, fairness and generosity will go a long ways and serves everyone well.

Because...it really is a terrific business model once you get it going for both Affiliates and Product Creators!!!

If you missed the aMember Demystified Workshop that I did with Ruthie Bowers as part of the Deluxe upgrade for her last bundle event, Ruthie has just released them as a course! We had a great time with this workshop but the most interesting aspect was how much Ruthie and I learned from each other as well!

aMember Demystified

I have been using aMember for almost 2 years now, and purchased my second license a few months ago. I am always amazed at the frequent updates, and the ever expanding list of features - but it can be daunting setting it up, and there are so many features that it is overwhelming....

This walks you through the basics of setting up your aMember but also covers a lot of the 'finer' points that we have learned after using aMember for quite a while - things that you could take months to discover on your own!

aMember Demystified to the rescue!

aMember Demystified Details:
There are two recordings - almost 3 hours in total!
Module 1: Configuring Amember
Module 2: Setting up Products and Your Affiliate Program

NOTE: If you contributed to the bundle in January or bought the deluxe version, you have access to the recordings already - just look for Amember Demystified in your Active Resources section at RitchieMedia.ca and that will take you to the course!

Get full details here: aMember Demystified

New Releases!!

My Bonus!!!


From Jan at Simple Happiness.biz comes an adorable Kids Printables Set!

Bonus: Get a coupon to choose any Design from Toolkit #8 - The Summer Fun Playbook & Planner! You will find the link at Jan's site in your member area after your purchase!

From Maria at Artsy Challenge comes a gorgeous Vintage Rose Journal!

Bonus: I have the perfect Vintage Rose Workbook to go along with it! Send your receipt to [email protected]

My Bonus!!!

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Tomorrow is Tutorial Tuesday and we have some great stuff coming!
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