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aMember Demystified has landed!

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Hi, Everyone!!

Yes!! If you missed the aMember Demystified Workshop that I did with Ruthie Bowers as part of the Deluxe upgrade for her last bundle event, Ruthie has just released them as a course! We had a great time with this workshop but the most interesting aspect was how much Ruthie and I learned from each other as well!

aMember is a MASSIVELY powerful piece of software, and there are so many different ways to do almost everything - it was really fun to see just how many different ways there are to add products, buy buttons and more! This could have easily been named aMember TAMED!

If you contributed to the bundle in January or bought the deluxe version, you have access to the recordings already - just look for Amember Demystified in your Active Resources section and that will take you to the course!

aMember Demystified Details:
There are two recordings - Both videos are a little over 1 hour in length
Module 1: Configuring Amember
Module 2: Setting up Products and Your Affiliate Program

This is a step-by-step video for setting up your aMember but also covers a lot of the 'finer' points that we have learned after using aMember for quite a while! Ruthie uses aMember on 3 sites and I have it on 2 sites, so we work with it every day!

Get full details here: aMember Demystified

And about that Bro Marketing....

This has long been a major pet peeve of mine...you know those emails that begin with "Yo Bro!"....I usually respond to them with "HEY LADIES!!", and yes, I have had some snarky replies back that they were not ladies, to which I replied that I was not a bro.

The bro greeting seems to have died down some, thankfully, but today a VERY well-known marketer - someone considered to be one of the "TOP DAWGS" in the marketing space, sent out an email with this as the opening line:

Ever wonder what it's like to sit down at a bar,

grab a cigar, and have a business chat with me?

hmmmm...sexist, much? Yes, I DO know that there are a few women that smoke cigars but basically - this entire scenario is still a male-focused event. Nothing wrong with that - IF you don't have any non-males on your list...

That would be like me opening my newsletter with "Hey, gals!" which I would never do because I know that we have a wonderfully diverse audience.

I think what really annoys me the most is that the internet is the one place where everyone should be on an equal playing field. You can start a business online with almost no $$, just sweat equity, and it doesn't matter where you call home, what color you are or what your pronoun/pronouns of choice are, so it ticks me off when I see such a blatant 'old school' sexist statement made. I spent too many years dealing with this kind of attitude in the corporate world to see the same statements being made online.

A person's ethics and attitude matter far more to me than gender, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs or any other 'yardstick' you use for comparison. I just want to work with honest folks that are fun to be with. Period.

And yes, I do see the irony here, that I am also making the assumption that the marketer is, in fact, referring to a cigar-chomping guy joining him for a drink - but I think my first impression upon reading the opening line is correct - the marketer is reaching out to the guys on his list and ignoring everyone else.

And yes, I did drop the marketer an email....brief but I think I made the message clear. Will let you know if he responds...

New Releases!!

My Bonus!!!


From Jan at Simple Happiness.biz comes an adorable Kids Printables Set!

Bonus: Get a coupon to choose any Design from Toolkit #8 - The Summer Fun Playbook & Planner! You will find the link at Jan's site in your member area after your purchase!

From Maria at Artsy Challenge comes a gorgeous Vintage Rose Journal!

Bonus: I have the perfect Vintage Rose Workbook to go along with it! Send your receipt to [email protected]

My Bonus!!!

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I am planting flowers tomorrow, so I may or may not hit your inbox tomorrow! Either way, have an amazing evening and have some fun somewhere along the line!
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