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Hi, Everyone!!

Well, summer is here in its 90F degree glory, and the cicadas are apparently hatching out all over town, but so far, in spite of all of the oak trees on the property - which they supposedly love - we have not really seen too many yet. WHUT??? We might miss the pestilence??? It's looking like it could happen - which would be pretty unusual the way things have been going around here for the last few months. Kinda seems like life has been in the 'crises du jour' mode, but hey! It keeps you alert and on your toes, right?

Our Meet The Homepreneurs project is coming along quickly!! We have about a dozen submissions now, and that is close to what we need to put together our first edition!! PLEASE NOTE: There is NO deadline for submissions - this is an ongoing project, and we will hopefully publish 3 to 4 editions between now (or more!) and the end of the year. Please ONLY submit if you have a live website or at least a live landing page. I will NOT be going back and forth with contributors changing websites and links!

Get your profile submitted here: Meet The Homepreneurs project

And yes, I firmly believe in the quote above - sometimes when the crud is flying all around you and things are NOT going according to plan - all you can do is decide to be happy IN SPITE of everything.

The more you don't feel like smiling - the more you need to.

And besides -
it will drive people crazy wondering what the heck you are up to ;-)



Jan has an adorable kids launch and I have a great bonus for it - as well as for Maria's Rose Journal - so if you have not bought it yet - hold on and check out my bonus tomorrow!!


Launch Price Ending!

Curation Cloud

The launch price is ending tomorrow on this one, so if want it - now is the time to jump in!!

Curation Cloud is a new cloud-based system that works seamlessly with your WordPress sites and lets you quickly fill up existing sites with content or get new ones up and running quickly.

IMPORTANT: There have been several similar systems recently but all forced you to build sites on THEIR platform, so if the company disappeared, your sites would go away as well. This is a system that sends content to YOUR WordPress sites, meaning that you are in control of your Virtual Real Estate!!! And even if you simply want to sell your planners and think you do not need any content - think again. Google wants every website to have content, and this is a good and quick way to get it.

You can also post to Social Media sites as well: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Imgur, Blogger, Reddit.

There are several OTOs, and each has a downsell with a $10 or more discount. I purchased the FE and OTO 1, which is really all that most people would need.

BONUS: YES, I love all things WordPress, so we WILL do a walkthrough on setting this one up! PLUS - I have several other premium plugins from Mark Hess that I have Developer rights to - I will let you take your pick, and install it for you!
The plugins that I can install for you are (yes, I really do buy what I recommend!):

  • WP Exit Traffic Pro Developer Pro
  • WP Fresh Post Developer Pro
  • WP Zombie Shield Developer Pro Bundle
  • WP X Secure Developer Pro Bundle
  • WP Quick Code Scan Developer Pro Bundle
  • WP Tube Speed Special Developer Bundle
  • WP Profit Tab Developer Pro Bundle
UPDATE!!! I am working on a list of the sales pages for all of the plugins above, so you can see what they are before making a decision!! It will be in your WarriorPlus account tomorrow, along with the details for the walkthrough Workshop!

===>>> Take a peek here: Curation Cloud


Challenges by Member App

If you are hesitant to launch a course because it seems pretty daunting - then doing a Challenge is the best way to gently dip your "toe in the water"! Challenges are like mini-courses, and can be live, automated, or a combination of the two, and can run from 5 to 30 days or more.

And the best part? They make a great intro to your full-blown course!

Challenges by Member App is a very easy-to-use platform for setting up and running your challengesand youThese are are a few of the key features - but there are more on the sales page - just too much to list here:
  • Create Automated or Live Webinars, Workshops or Q&A Sessions
  • You can run live Challenges or automated evergreen Challenges
  • Create homework for your students to submit each day of your challenge.
  • Require homework to be completed before moving to the next lesson or enable students to skip homework if they like and move to the next step.
  • Send live instant notifications to participants to keep them engaged
  • You can even send a completion certificate!
  • Commercial Rights Option!
I DID pick up the Agency ALL-ACCESS because it includes video hosting, but it is a monthly fee, so if you are not going to use this within the next 60 days, I would hold off on the OTO! But it really offers a lot of extra features such as gamification AND affiliate management which is a nice feature, especially if you have not picked up aMember yet.

BONUS: I have two planner/workbook products that are great for Challenges - # 7
and #5. Pick up the main offer and get a coupon for any single Design Kit from either Toolkit. Pick up ANY OTO - and get a coupon for the SUPER BUNDLE from either Toolkit - That's a $97 VALUE!!

Get the full details here: Challenges by Member App.


More tomorrow - have a wonderful evening!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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