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Hey, everyone!

The household remains in a bit of an uproar as we move things around from room to room, in preparation for Bob's upcoming surgery but at least the rain has stopped for a bit and we have actually seen some SUNSHINE!!

Still working out the final details as the bedroom that makes the most sense is not the one closest to the bathroom that will most easily accommodate a walker....unfortunately that one is the one we use for our office. I had actually been considering moving my half of the office to the other side of the house, so I will be more comfortable recording courses...so this may the final impetus to get me off my tush and make the move ;-)

We did get out of the house for a bit today and actually had lunch at an indoor location, something we have done very rarely in the last year+. It is weird re-integrating with the world after being so isolated for so long! We have been relying on delivery services and Amazon for almost everything, and of course, as Homepreneurs we are more isolated than folks with J-O-Bs, but this last year really took it to a whole new level. Just going to the new grocery store today felt like a trip to Disney World today!!

And I learned something new from one of my readers!! I already knew that anything you eat on vacation had no calories, but did you know that foods of the same color have the same calorie count: For example, lettuce and pistachio ice cream have the same amount of calories, black coffee and anything chocolate: the same calorie count!!

Additionally, if you break a chocolate chip cookie - all of the calories leak out, the same thing happens when you 'untwist' an Oreo cookie ;-)

Thank you, Richard, for these nutritional tidbits!!

Creative Fabrica Issues?
Just a heads up to all of you that use CF as much as I do: some of us have noticed a massive influx of icons and low-quality 'line art' - not the high-quality graphics that we have come to depend on them for! I am going through and downloading my fave artists so that I have a solid stash of graphics for the future...just in case!! Not sure what is going on but many of us depend on CF, so I am hoping that this is just the result of a recent portfolio acquisition and not a sign of things to come!

Calling All Homepreneurs!!

Our next List Building 'mini event' is here! We are putting together a series of ebooks featuring our Homepreneurs!

This is a compilation of Hompreneur's profiles, each one is 2 pages long, and asks the one question we all love: What is the ONE thing you wished you had known before you started your business? HAH! Only ONE thing?? Yep, just one thing instead of the gazillion zipping through your head right now!

Each profile will include your logo, a header image, your personal pic, bio and company details. You may also include a link to a freebie, and from the freebie, you can also offer a special offer.


This is open to everyone with a LIVE online business!!

We will post the finished ebook everywhere that we can think of - including a Kindle version - and we can use it for a lead magnet, too! Each edition will have 10 to 15 profiles, and I would LOVE to do multiple editions!!

Get full details here:

Meet The Homepreneurs!!



• From Sprout Social: The Best Times to Post on Social Media in 2021
Data gathered from 20,000+ Sprout Social customers over the past year!

• From HubSpot: 5 Steps to Create an Outstanding Marketing Plan [Free Templates]

• And more on the upcoming Google changes - from the Search Engine Journal: 5 Must-Know SEO Concepts You Must Follow in 2021

Twitter Premium Features May Include Undo Sent Tweet
Love this one - how many careers will be saved by being able to recall that last Tweet sent by some Twit??

• OOHHH!!!!! From WPTavern.com - Check out the latest Gutenberg updates: Gutenberg 10.6 Adds Duotone Filters, Query Pattern Carousel, and Most-Used Tags Selector

• From WordStream: 7 Inspiring Post-COVID Marketing Ideas (+Real Examples!)
Also - there is a webinar that should pop up on using Google Display Ads tomorrow! I don't think I will be able to attend but it should be a good one!


Two new giveaways!

• Donna Kocik's 'DONE FOR YOU' just went live
LOTS of names you will recognize including Rosie Battista, Lori Winslow, Serena Carcasole, Jeanette Ortega and many more - even me! A great variety of products too PLUS raffle prizes!

Build Your Successful Online Business Is back!
This long-running monthly giveaway continues to grow! I took a couple of months off but am back this month - although late to the party - my gifts will be uploaded later today!
===>>> Build Your Successful Online Business Is back!


The BC Stack Early Bird Discount!!

• BC Stack Early Bird Special!!
Every year you have the option to pick up the NEXT Stack at a serious discount - and now you have a brief chance to buy it at $11 off before it launches! And yes, I am in the Stack with a BIG bundle, that would sell for more than the Early Bird special price IF you could buy it outside of the stack...but this will be an exclusive design just for BC Stack ;-)
===>>> BC Stack Early Bird Special!!


Other updates...
Remember - no Zooms this week except for Friday's NFT!!
I will be on vacation LOL LOL LOL

NFT Collage Project: If you have had problems uploading your NFT to dropbox, just send it via email to [email protected], please use subject line "NFT"!!


New Releases This Week!!

Rare Flash Sale from Ruthie! - Linear Patterns and Coloring Journals

Ruthie is the pattern queen and this is a really awesome collection!

  • 50 - 12 x 12 Patterns in PNG format
  • 50 - Full page backgrounds in 6x9, 8x10, and 8.5x11 sizes
  • 50 - Framed Lined Pages in 6x9, 8x10, and 8.5x11 sizes
  • 50 - Framed Blank Pages in 6x9, 8x10, and 8.5x11 sizes
  • 50 - Weekly Coloring Planner Pages in 6x9, 8x10, and 8.5x11 sizes
  • All pages come in PPT and PDF formats
  • Commercial rights license included
BONUS: I love turning these patterns into stunning UNIQUE designs that ONLY you will have! Use them for planners and journals, but you can also use them for notecards, POD pillows, placemats and so much more. I will do a 90-minute walkthrough and show you some really fun ways to re-purpose Ruth's gorgeous patterns!

Check it out here:

Linear Patterns and Coloring Journals

(Use coupon code SAVE20 at checkout)



Curation Cloud

If you want to ramp up your blogging game, this is a great way to do it!

I opted for Curation Cloud because this actually works WITH your WordPress sites. I am a stickler for keeping my sites under my control and this lets you do just that! I do not like the many site builders that have launched over the past few weeks that 'host' your content for you. NOT a good game plan!!

You can also post to Social Media sites as well: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Imgur, Blogger, Reddit.

There are several OTOs, and each has a downsell with a $10 or more discount. I purchased the FE and OTO 1, which is really all that most people would need.

BONUS: YES, I love all things WordPress, so we WILL do a walkthrough on setting this one up! PLUS - I have several other premium plugins from Mark Hess that I have Developer rights to - I will let you take your pick, and install it for you!
The plugins that I can install for you are (yes, I really do buy what I recommend!):

  • WP Exit Traffic Pro Developer Pro
  • WP Fresh Post Developer Pro
  • WP Zombie Shield Developer Pro Bundle
  • WP X Secure Developer Pro Bundle
  • WP Quick Code Scan Developer Pro Bundle
  • WP Tube Speed Special Developer Bundle
  • WP Profit Tab Developer Pro Bundle
===>>> Take a peek here: Curation Cloud


That's all for today!! Have a wonderful week!!
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