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And it is already Friday....

The week has flown by, in large part due to the chaos that has been flying around us for months now. We have hot water once again, which is wonderful, but we just got hit with a very unexpected bit of news this week - Bob needs a full hip replacement ASAP. I won't go into all the details, but he is in a great deal of pain, and there are no options at this point. It really caught us by surprise as he has been chalking up the pain he has had to his sciatica issues - but things suddenly got worse. Much worse. As in not sleeping worse...and 2 medical opinions later, both docs agree that he needs a hip replacement sooner rather than later. Bone on bone, which is why he is in so much pain.

And so, over the last 3 days, we have been working to find a date, which lead to me having to frantically reschedule my life for a few weeks. And oh yeah...unfortunately, the only date available for his surgery is the same week as the Homepreneur's Adventure Summit - which has now been cancelled to a "TBD" future date.

I announced this yesterday at the Kitchen Sink Mastermind and much to my relief - everyone was sweating bullets for the upcoming deadline, so no one seemed to be terribly traumatized by the change! LOL for once, it was a good thing that we have a tendency to procrastinate...

We WILL be doing a couple of list building exercises in its place - no, you do NOT get to take a break from building our lists!! - so be sure to catch Monday's newsletter, as I lay out the upcoming events. All new and fun stuff we have never done before!

Upcoming Kitchen Sink Trainings!

The Kitchen Sink Mastermind originally started as the SEO & Traffic group, but we turned to list building activities when I realized that many people in the group did not have a website yet, so it made more sense to start with the basics first!

So - by request! - we are going to start up our training series again, featuring a different topic each week! I am working up the schedule now and will be bringing in guest speakers as well.

We will be covering WordPress, PhotoShop, Affinity, Canva, Affiliate Marketing, WarriorPlus Product Set-up, aMember, and whatever else you want to hear about!

If you have any ideas or would like to volunteer as a trainer (and yes, you can promote your course if you have one!) - reach out to me at support@plrofthe month.club, with subject line "TRAINING".

This will be fun ;-)

Other updates...

BCast Bonus: I sent out an email to everyone on this list today! If you did not receive your email, please reach out to me at [email protected] and let me know!! We have good stuff happening here!

• The Create Your Newsletter Workshop replay is posted on the group page along with your HTML Cheat Sheet

NFT Collage Project: If you have had problems uploading your NFT to dropbox, just send it via email to [email protected], please use subject line "NFT"!!


New Releases Today!!
Curation Cloud

Yeah, I know, I said I was not buying anything else but that lasted a whole day! There are 3 new products out today, that I think are worth checking out:

• From long-time software creator, Paul O'Keefe aka Keefy - Curation Cloud is a new cloud-based system that works seamlessly with your WordPress sites and lets you quickly fill up existing sites with content or get new ones up and running quickly.

IMPORTANT: There have been several similar systems recently but all forced you to build sites on THEIR platform, so if the company disappeared, your sites would go away as well. This is a system that sends content to YOUR WordPress sites, meaning that you are in control of your Virtual Real Estate!!! And even if you simply want to sell your planners and think you do not need any content - think again. Google wants every website to have content, and this is a good and quick way to get it.

You can also post to Social Media sites as well: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Imgur, Blogger, Reddit.

There are several OTOs, and each has a downsell with a $10 or more discount. I purchased the FE and OTO 1, which is really all that most people would need.

BONUS: YES, I love all things WordPress, so we WILL do a walkthrough on setting this one up! PLUS - I have several other premium plugins from Mark Hess that I have Developer rights to - I will let you take your pick, and install it for you! (I will post the list tomorrow!)

===>>> Take a peek here: Curation Cloud


Crypto CoinDrop

James Renouf is back with another great crypto course about CoinDrops - and yes, they do exist, and yes, you really can get free crypto through them. Do not do what I did: I had a small but growing portfolio that I had built up with coindrops...and I lost my key when my harddrive died. Today, my wallet details are stored everywhere you can think of.

BTW - pass on the Facebook group, the first OTO is good but the rest, I passed on. Intrigued by the final one...but not enough to drop $497 to find out LOL

===>>> Check it out here: Crypto CoinDrop


Save Your Facebook Ads With Cookieless Ads -

Apple is out to kill Facebook's entire ad program??
CookielessAds is a new, cloud-based, software that allows advertisers on Facebook & Instagram to overcome the ad-blocking technology introduced by Apple in their iOS14 and likely to be flowed by other platforms. This new proprietary software system will let you by-pass the iOS 14 update with the easiest Facebook & Instagram Targeting & Tracking you have ever seen!

Check it out here: Cookieless Ads


Favorite Releases This Week:

Create A Course In A Weekend by Dvorah

I finished going through this one last night and I have to say that this might be my favorite "course creation' course to date! One of the reasons for this is that D'vorah actually goes into a lot more detail than most about how to actually get your course into a format that you can sell/deliver to your customer, something that has been lacking in most of the courses.

So if you have been through other courses on creating a course...and still feel like there are missing pieces - this one just might fill in the gaps for you!
Full details here: Create A Course In A Weekend
($30 off with coupon code: COURSE30)


Not Just Another Podcast Planner!

TBH - I assumed that this was going to be too similar to Lynette's that launched last week, but this is TOTALLY different, and is very useful, either for your own use, or as a product to sell or give away. I am also thinking you could create a great lead magnet to promote your podcast, too!Coach Glue just released one that is very good - and very different

BONUS: Buy through my link and get a free listing in our new podcast directory (coming soon - see above!). Send your receipt to [email protected]

Get the details here - Start Your Podcast!


• From Justin At ToolsForMotivation.com...ENDING TODAY!
100 Self Help Video Volume 3

This is SOOOO much more than just 100 short videos - the bundle includes:

  • 100 Videos in 10 DIFFERENT Categories
  • 100 Text Narrations
  • 100 Slide Decks
  • 100 Audio Tracks
You can create PODCASTS, a new YouTube channel, create a workbook (digital or printable) with the Slide Decks and so much more! You could literally build an entire website and business around this one bundle!

BONUS: Buy through my link and get a free listing in our new podcast directory (coming soon - see above!). Send your receipt to [email protected]

    ===>>> Check it out here: 100 Self Help Video Volume 3


    Looking for a softer yet targeted sales approach? Check out Cindy Bidar'
    s new release -

    Money-Making Quiz Funnels

    Quizzes are a GREAT way to build your list but only if you know what you are doing!! There is an art to creating quizzes that get results and Cindy has distilled this down to a simple step-by-step guide that will get your quiz funnels set up and producing results in no time!

    The course covers:

    • The three most common types of quizzes
    • The psychology behind why quizzes work so well
    • The Art of Writing a Money-Making Quiz!!
    • Apps That Make Quiz Building Easy
    • And so much more!!
    Get the full details here:

    Money-Making Quiz Funnels


    Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Good things coming in the next few days, in spite of the left curve just thrown my way! Pivot, friends, just pivot!
    P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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