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And the gifts continue....

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Happy Tuesday!!

And we have tutorials today! Yea! And another gift, too!! So double YEA!!

There has been a lot of chat this week about what to buy and when to buy it.

I agree with much that has been said so far, with a few little caveats here and there, but what I think is MOST important is TRACKING everything that you buy! I frequently buy courses, software, and PLR (especially written) that I KNOW I will not have a need for until a few months down the road. The thing is, many times if I wait until then, it will either be significantly higher or no longer available.

This is especially true of software during the launch period when you can often get it for a one-off price, and if you wait, you will be stuck with a much higher monthly fee - or it may be closed to new customers (I had this happen recently for an autoresponder software that I wanted to try!). High-quality PLR is often sold in limited amounts to keep it somewhat exclusive and you may not be able to find comparable material when you need it at a later date.

I TOTALLY agree with not letting things sit unused on your computer - but I have become very good at tracking the software, courses and PLR that I buy on a spreadsheet, which lets me know at a glance what I have, what has been used, and where it is stored. When I have an opportunity to participate in an event - often on short notice! - a quick glance at the spreadsheet lets me know what I have available, when I last used it and where it is located.

Courses hold a special place for me - because I believe that we must always be learning, but the topics that I invest in are pretty specific: traffic, WordPress, Traffic, and MORE Traffic. LOL, fortunately, Traffic for me covers a wide range of 'subtopics': Pinterest, blogging, list-building, etc.

One of the biggest caveats I have regarding buying decisions is related to SOFTWARE - this past week I made two major investments: BCast and Competeup. I had plans to get into podcasting later this year, but decided to make the purchase now, during the launch, because I wanted the one-off price, rather than waiting and winding up on a monthly subscription, as Neil tends to do with his releases. Long term, this will save me thousands of dollars.

With Competeup - my RafflePress was coming up for renewal, so that purchase cost a little more right now but will save me a great deal over the next couple of years.

And a special note here: I buy a lot of software, and I rarely buy anything more than the FE basic version, as I find that most OTOs have little to do with the core product. I purchased the full suites of both BCast and Competeup which was VERY unusual for me, but I think both will pay for themselves fairly quickly!

With written PLR - high-quality PLR is often released in limited amounts, or for a short period of time, and then it may be subject to a substantial price increase or may not be available at all, so if the topic is relevant to a possible future product, even if it is 6 months down the road - I will pick it up.

And this is why tracking your purchases is so critical!! I am human, I have a lot going on - and it is virtually impossible for me to remember everything I have on my 3 external hard drives! My spreadsheet is my lifeline!

Get your FREE Purchase and Content Tracker here - you can tweak it to track anything you want very easily: Content/Purchase Tracker

It also makes it easy to whip up a new lead magnet or bonus on short notice, too. ;-)

Today's Gift:

This is a mini-planner that was a bonus a few months ago so some of you may have it, but I know a lot of you don't so have fun with it! Full commercial rights as always!

Here is your download link:
Foxy Mini-Planner

Other updates...

BCast Bonus: Podacastsandbroadcasts.com is going to be the home for our new Podcast directory - site will be live Thursday! If you purchased one of the qualifying products for this, please make sure you send your receipt to [email protected], as I am putting together the dedicated email list for the group. Our first meeting will be TUESDAY MAY 25, at 2:00 PM EDT

Competeup bonuses - please check your account on JVZoo -
all of the bonuses and instructions for the future bonuses are uploaded now, so if you bought through my link, you should have everything there! I am working on the Directory, and will add a link to it once done on the group page. AND...I will be sending out ;-)

• Kindles and Courses: We meet this week - Wednesday, 3:00 PM EDT (check your group page for details - and I will be sending out a reminder this evening!)

• Kitchen Sink - Back on for this Thursday - 3:00 PM EDT - login details in the member area


Favorite Releases this week:

Create A Course In A Weekend by Dvorah

I finished going through this one last night and I have to say that this might be my favorite "course creation' course to date! One of the reasons for this is that D'vorah actually goes into a lot more detail than most about how to actually get your course into a format that you can sell/deliver to your customer, something that has been lacking in most of the courses.

So if you have been through other courses on creating a course...and still feel like there are missing pieces - this one just might fill in the gaps for you!
Full details here: Create A Course In A Weekend
($30 off with coupon code: COURSE30)


Not Just Another Podcast Planner!

TBH - I assumed that this was going to be too similar to Lynette's that launched last week, but this is TOTALLY different, and is very useful, either for your own use, or as a product to sell or give away. I am also thinking you could create a great lead magnet to promote your podcast, too!Coach Glue just released one that is very good - and very different
Get the details here - Start Your Podcast!

• From Justin At ToolsForMotivation.com...
100 Self Help Video Volume 3

This is SOOOO much more than just 100 short videos - the bundle includes:

  • 100 Videos in 10 DIFFERENT Categories
  • 100 Text Narrations
  • 100 Slide Decks
  • 100 Audio Tracks
You can create PODCASTS, a new YouTube channel, create a workbook (digital or printable) with the Slide Decks and so much more! You could literally build an entire website and business around this one bundle!

BONUS: Buy through my link and get a free listing in our new podcast directory (coming soon - see above!). Send your receipt to [email protected]

    ===>>> Check it out here: 100 Self Help Video Volume 3


    Looking for a softer yet targeted sales approach? Check out Cindy Bidar'
    s new release -

    Money-Making Quiz Funnels

    Quizzes are a GREAT way to build your list but only if you know what you are doing!! There is an art to creating quizzes that get results and Cindy has distilled this down to a simple step-by-step guide that will get your quiz funnels set up and producing results in no time!

    The course covers:

    • The three most common types of quizzes
    • The psychology behind why quizzes work so well
    • The Art of Writing a Money-Making Quiz!!
    • Apps That Make Quiz Building Easy
    • And so much more!!
    Get the full details here:

    Money-Making Quiz Funnels



    FROM THE HOTH - WEBINAR: What's Working Now In SEO
    I (SORTA) HATE TO KEEP HARPING ON THIS BUT...the truth is that SEO is super, super important for your long-term success, and it is easier to do if you start good SEO practices from Day One.

    • Artists Network Competition
    Get your artist hat on and enter the Artists Network Competition - ALL mediums are accepted for this one!

    • From Planoly.com
    Tips & Tricks from Business Owners on Managing Your Instagram

    • From NeilPatel.com:
    9 Vital (And Free) WordPress Plugins Every Website Needs

    • From Entrepreneur.com
    How a Unique Approach to Marketing Can Propel You to the Top as an Industry Leader Webinar

    • From WPEngine.com:
    5 Essential Tips For Writing Better Blog Posts

    • From Elegant Themes:
    8 Best WordPress LMS

    That's it for now - see ya tomorrow!
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