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Hi, everyone!

WHEE! I spent the day working on the new digital planner for 2021-2022, and I think I have managed to resolve the issues that I was having with exporting - I will know for sure by Monday, but if so, this is a big one, and just in time for the June buying season! I will have 18-month (June 2021 - December 2022) planners in both printable AND digital available within the next two weeks. The plan is for the printable the end of this coming week and the digital the following week. Fingers crossed!

Since this is still spring - in spite of the frost warning last night - I am doing my version of "Spring Cleaning" which means going through older files and seeing what I can clean out and giving whatever I can to all of you!

Yes, I should be actually cleaning house, and maybe going through the closets, but this is way more fun ;-)

And I already have your gifts lined up for the next two days and hopefully more to come ;-)

And Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there, and Happy Others Day to the rest of you that are dear friends, aunties, and 'faux' moms to someone else's kids. Remember - family is often who we choose, not just who the Universe placed us with. I had to move to the other side of the country to find my family, and tomorrow we get to celebrate my being a "Wicked Stepmother" for almost 20 years now!! ;-)

Today's Gift:

Those images above are from a LinkedIn Giveaway I did in December 2019 - each set contains six 8.5 X 11 graphics, all variations of the same design. Makes it very easy to do a product with accents of one color scheme throughout the planner or journal, and then repurpose the interior with different covers and interior backgrounds. And yes, you have full commercial rights to all!

Here are your links:
Gift 1

Gift 2

Yesterday's Gift...

Financial Tracker Templates: Personal and business expenses and income trackers editable in pages, word, and PDF. These are dated 2019, but you can change that in much less time than it would take to create them - and you have full commercial rights :-) Download HERE

News and Updates

Competeup bonuses - please check your account on JVZoo - all of the bonuses and instructions for the future bonuses are uploaded now, so if you bought through my link, you should have everything there! I am working on the Directory, and will add a link to it once done on the group page. AND....I will be sending out ;-)

BCast Bonus: OOPS - Still trying to find a date with no major conflicts for everyone (this is getting tougher all the time!) BUT the PODCAST DIRECTORY will be live Monday and you can list your upcoming podcast for free and start connecting with others to book guests or BE a guest!

And be sure to catch the newsletter Saturday - I have more freebies coming!

Other updates...

• Flodesk
As much as I am in love with their beautiful templates - there is no way to integrate with aMember and absolutely no way to access the HTML version of your newsletter - there isn't even an archive available to embed on your site! I did try sending it to my email and copying from there, but there was so much junk code added in that it was too time consuming to be practical.

Their suggestion was that we copy a paragraph or two of the newsletter and post it on our site...and then send the reader from our website to their website to read the web version on THEIR website. GREAT for Flodesk's SEO - sucks for ours. I am passing on this one for now, until they realize the importance of their client's SEO, because in essence - Google sees the web version of our content on THEIR website, and they are getting the juice from our fresh daily content...and we are not. Really not cool.

Favorite Releases this week:

Goodness! I have never seen so many BLIND SALES PAGES as I did this past week! I am sure that there are some gems out there that we are missing - but I am not buying something if I cannot figure out what the heck it is that I am buying!!

In the meantime - here are some great new releases from people we know and can trust!

Create A Course In A Weekend
It's interesting to see how different courses can offer very different approaches on basically the same topic! D'vorah's approach to creating a course in a master of a couple of days is very precise, very organized and very step by step. It also focuses more on a slide based approach, which is great for those that are not wanting to be on camera anymore than necessary! Another great course from the Lady D!
Full details here: Create A Course In A Weekend
($30 off with coupon code: COURSE30)

If creating a full-blown course is still kinda daunting -
you might want to consider doing a Virtual Bootcamp! While Content Spark's latest release, Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp has the phrase 'high ticket' in the title, in reality, a Bootcamp is the perfect upsell after your free or very low cost Challenge, and does not have to be 'high ticket" - unless you want it to be!

What IS a Bootcamp?
A virtual bootcamp is more intense than a Challenge, and usually longer. For example, if you offer a free 3 day Challenge on emailing - then the next step could be a 14-day List Building Bootcamp, with a daily check-in session and a new list building assignment or activity. There are 3 different levels on this one, so easy to get started at any budget level!

Sharyn has bonuses on this one:

  • Early Bird Bonus: Guide to Using Live Polling & Breakout Sessions
  • Launch Bonus: 5-Day Challenge Kit (Ready to run)
  • Upgrade Bonus: Sales Page Copy
Get the details here - Create Your High-Ticket Virtual Bootcamp

• Looking for a softer yet targeted sales approach? Check out Cindy Bidar's new release -

Money-Making Quiz Funnels

How to Leverage the Power of Curiosity to Build a List of Action Takers Who Are Eager to Learn (and Buy) From You! Quizzes work but there is an art to creating quizzes that get results! Cindy has distilled this down to a simple step by step guide that will get your quiz funnels set up and producing results in no time!

The course covers:

  • The three most common types of quizzes
  • The psychology behind why quizzes work so well
  • The Art of Writing a Money-Making Quiz!!
  • Apps That Make Quiz Building Easy
  • And so much more!!
Get the full details here:

Money-Making Quiz Funnels

That's it for now - Have a wonderful weekend!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at PLRoftheMonth.club

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