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Today, I am as happy as a kitten with a ball of yarn...


...I have HOT WATER!!

Hi, everyone!

YEA!!! We have hot water again! OMG - what a wonderful invention!! And I am keeping this short because we have a sink full of dirty dishes, and we need to dive in and get them done since we are running out of silverware LOL!!

But as promised, I have a freebie for you today, and yesterday's is still available if you haven't downloaded it yet! AND there will be more over the weekend as I am cleaning out my Dropbox files!!

Today's Freebie:
Social Media / Printables
A BIG bunch of fun graphics in various sizes with PSD files included so you can edit as you please ;-)

Yesterday's Freebie....
Financial Tracker Templates: Personal and business expenses and income trackers editable in pages, word, and PDF. These are dated 2019, but you can change that in much less time than it would take to create them :-) Download HERE

News and Updates

• And we are off and running with our first group NFT collage! If you are part of this bonus group - the dropbox details are on the group page! Let's do this!! (The access details are in your WarriorPlus account for Janes Renoufs NFTs Exposed).

Competeup bonuses - please check your account on JVZoo - all of the bonuses and instructions for the future bonuses are uploaded now ;-)

BCast Bonus: Let's tentatively schedule a first group meeting for Friday, May 14th, 1:00 PM EDT to start planning and scheduling our podcasts, and everyone can get their podcast listing setup!

And be sure to catch the newsletter Saturday - I have more freebies coming!

Tutorial Thursday Redeaux!

• From Blogher:
TikTok Launches ‘Lead Generation’ So You Can Turn Followers Into Customers - Find long-format videos daunting? This might be a great alternative!

• Blogher again...
5 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn Stories as a Creator
Think Linkedin is dead? You will think again after reading this - and I can tell you from personal experience that it is not!

• From Elegant Themes:
How to Use the WordPress Media Library - There's a lot more here than just a place to hold our images - here's how to get the full value out of this under-appreciated feature in WP!

• From ConvertKit:
Bypass the YouTube algorithm with email marketing featuring Ben Schoeffler - for us fledgling Podcasters - great article!!

• I am not a GoDaddy fan...but they SHOULD know a thing or 3 about SEO, right? 3 steps to crushing website optimization

• From Aurelius Tjin Have you seen the new beta CANVA PRESENT AND RECORD FEATURE? There are lots of possible uses for this new feature!

More tomorrow and MORE FREE STUFF!!!!!!

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