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When the cat mom works late....the kitties are not happy......

emotions of a cat42
Hi, everyone!

No, there is never enough time for everything but we do try, don't we??

It's going to be a late-night as I try to finish up a submission for a bundle...and the kitties are NOT happy with me at the moment. They do not like their schedules to be interrupted and this is their evening LAP time. I try to explain that this keeps their bellies full and clean litter in their boxes, but they really are not interested in hearing that. Ah well...

Tutorial Tuesday will be coming Thursday - a quick pivot to "Tutorial THURSDAY!!" - as we have more than our share of "interesting" times again the last few days, with the basement underwater and the water heater springing a leak...so we have been without hot water since last Friday, and having a devil of a time trying to get someone in to replace it.

Needless to say, all of this fun has had a bit of an impact on my work schedule, but hey! If it isn't one distraction, it's another right?

Today was our Create Your Newsletter Walkthrough of MailPoet, BirdSend and FloDesk, and ultimately, the consensus is that there is no perfect email service, they all have flaws, drawbacks and missing features.

It's frustrating when something that we depend on so much, that is such a vital part of our business is so often something that we are settling for...I am not sure what the solution is but the quest continues.

A quick reminder....

Walkthrough & Case Study -
See their incredible results:

√ Impressions: 29,626
√ Subscribers: 10,563 (43%)
√ Referrals: 13,929 (57%)
√ Total Conv: 83%

Zoom Session
Wednesday, May 5, 2:00 PM EST
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(You do not need to purchase to attend the webinar!!)


And if you want this fantastic software out before then take a peek here before the webinar - COMPETEUP


BONUS: I am putting together a bundle of mini planners that make great giveaways for these types of contests - Printable and Digital Lead Magnets that I have given away over the past year, there will be at least 10 in the bundle, probably more. You may have some but probably not all of them, plus you can also select one of the above bonuses as well. I should have the bundle done by Monday.

I am releasing a printable 2021-2022 18 month Business Goals Planner (Toolkit #16) shortly - you will get your choice of one free DESIGN KIT from the new Toolkit!! This will make a great giveaway to promote!!

Two $25 credits for future purchases, and I will promote your first 2 contests to my FULL list of 9500

Please send your receipts to [email protected]

Calling All Podcasters!!

I have narrowed down the choice of directory software to 3 and will make the purchase by Thursday - and thank you for all of the suggestions that were sent in! This is going to be so exciting!

Our first meeting will be Monday, May 10, 2:00 PM EST, so look for the Zoom details over the weekend! We have a wonderful group for this project, and it will also be a great way to promote the upcoming Homepreneur's Adventure: Part 2 as well!
That's it for today - gotta get back to work and meet that deadline!!
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