Hi Everyone!

I had wanted to get this out to you yesterday, but the power company showed up unannounced yesterday to replace our meter and the power was on and off for most of the afternoon! LOL the last few days have been a series of unplanned interruptions, but hey - you just have to go with the flow sometimes!

I do not like sending out something to buy with every email! So this one is full of good resources that don't cost a thing! Sometimes you might wind up on a sales page AFTER you get your freebie, but we all know how to say no and move on when we want to!

==>> Alice Seba over at Publish For Prosperity has 3 giveaways - with full PLR - that are amazing:
Increase Your Focus For Better Productivity
Turn Social Media Graphics into Instagram and Social Videos (This is a tutorial that includes a free PLR download - it's awesome!)
Free Smart Goals WorkSheet

==>> The Heart Of Coaching Giveaway - I just heard about this one yesterday, not involved in any way but I downloaded a few really nice products here: Coaching Giveaway

Last but not least for today:
==>> Hubspot is one of my favorite sources for free content that is actually USEFUL!! Here's some of their recent goodies:
25 Email Templates for 50% Open Rates
A Guide To Using Images In Marketing
Instagram Made Easy

I will try to send out a resource/freebie list every week or so - there are so many great resources out there - it's just a matter of finding them!

Have a wonderful day!
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