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Hi, everyone!

We have had two lovely days in a row now, and I could almost get used to this! We made a foray to the nursery last week when the first warm weather hit, fooolish us, thinking that we might be able to plant flowers soon! Instead, we have had frost almost every night, and the dining table is filled with petunias and impatiens! Hopefully, they will make it into their pots this weekend!

We do this almost every year - we are so anxious to get outside and get the flowers going that we always jump the gun.

But the table looks really pretty. ;-)

And no it is NOT just you....

One of the comments that I hear frequently from folks that are just getting started online is that they are 'taking too long' to get tasks done, from writing their newsletter to creating new products, and so they stopped that particular task because every course or 'guru' said you should be done in 15 minutes a day....um, sorry. That is SOOOOO not happening!

Here's a news flash for you: you can talk to pretty much any of the people that are dropping into your inbox every day and you will find that we all put in a pretty darned full day. Newsletters with information and product reviews can take two to 4 hours a day.

Creating products - a good high-quality product - can take weeks. Sales letters do NOT get zipped out in an hour. A pillar blog post can take a week or more to research and write. And then, let's add in participating in bundles and giveaways or COORDINATING your own bundle or giveaway...

Building an online business is not for the faint of heart. It takes hard work and consistency, and it is rare that it happens 'overnight'.

But let me be clear - I am NOT saying this to discourage you. Quite the contrary, I want you all to understand that there are a LOT of moving parts just to getting your business up and running, much less to the making money part, but it can be done! It is not rocket science, but like most things, it takes time and effort.

So, do not get discouraged because you can't figure out WordPress in 30 minutes, or you have been at this for 6 months and still can't figure out how to set up your autoresponder. For most of us, these are new skillsets that our previous careers did not prepare us for. You are basically trying to cram a college degree's worth of training into a few months.

Be patient with yourself. Be kind to yourself. And know that you are NOT alone out there - we ALL had to start somewhere and you WILL get there ;-)


• Kindles & Courses:
This the new combined group for both the Tiny Courses and Kindle Creations Group! Wednesday, April 28: 3:00 PM EST I will be setting up a new group page and sending out the Zoom reminder shortly!

• Kitchen Sink Mastermind:
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• Homepreneur’s Adventure Digital Planner Workshop #2:
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Tuesday, April 27th - Friday, April 30th

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BONUS: See above - choose any one that you want from the list above!! Just drop me an email at [email protected] and let me know which one you want!

My Dream Life Journal
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Tuesday Tutorials

• From Elegant Themes, this is EXCELLENT!!! WordPress Dashboard: the Complete Guide. I love WP but am the first to admit that their dashboard is not the most intuitive thing around - this offers some great insight into some of the new features as well as ways to customize your dashboard for the best experience and stats!

• Also from Elegant Themes: 7 Best Redirect Plugins for WordPress. Redirects are not used as much as they should be and can not only be a HUGE timesaver when done correctly but also can have an effect on how your website shows up in the SEs.

Migrate to AWS Online Event
Thinking about AWS hosting in the future? It's cheap, fast, and reliable, but it can be intimidating!! From Amazon - this free webinar will walk you through the process!

• From SEJournal...If you are not familiar with the term "WEB CORE VITALS" - you will be soon as Google rolls out their next slaughter, er, I mean update: Advanced Core Web Vitals: A Technical SEO Guide

• FLoC it? Yikes! Google's new initiative that we ALL need to understand and maybe block??

That should be enough to keep you busy for an hour or so ;-) More tomorrow!
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