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Hi, everyone!

Wow! What is that bright thing up there in the sky? Seriously?? We have sunshine! The sun was totally MIA for the first several hours, in fact, we actually had fog most of the day, but suddenly it burst through in all its amazing glory ;-)

Yes, I am a sun person and LOVE seeing the blue skies again! Wonderful what it does for my mood although it does make it tough to get work done sometimes too! Add that to the fact that I am fixing tacos for dinner, and I am a happy woman!

As promised yesterday....I have a new project coming up, and I want to get it on your radar so you can think about it and be ready when I open it up for submissions....

I started a project a few years ago, and never got to finish, as my father passed away in the middle of it, and to be honest, I just did not have the drive to finish it at that time, but this time, I really want to get this done!

In conjunction with our Kitchen Sink Mastermind and the upcoming Homepreneur's Adventure Virtual Summit: Part 2, I want to put together a series of books titled "The Homepreneur's Adventure".

Each one will feature 25 Homepreneurs, each profile will be 2 pages - so not terribly overwhelming for anyone! - and will include links to your websites, Etsy stores, etc.

I am thinking that it would be terrific to give them away as a lead magnet to start with, OR we can go straight to Amazon/Kindle Unlimited?

I am open to either strategy and we will decide that as a group, but I will have the template for everyone before the end of the week - so start brushing up that bio and 'elevator pitch' ;-)

Oh - and there is NO cost to participate!! I am not charging anyone a fee of any kind to be included!


Last Friday's NFT Workshop Replay is posted on the NFT Group page

• Kindles & Courses:
Wednesday, April 28: 3:00 PM EST (details are on the group page and reminder will be sent Tuesday!)

• Kitchen Sink Mastermind:
Thursday, April 29: 3:00 PM EST

• Homepreneur’s Adventure Digital Planner Workshop #2:
(Part of the Homepreneur's Adventure Premium Bundle - details are on your download page!) Workshop #1 is also posted on the download page ;-)



Doing things a little differently this week....Choose any one of these bonuses for every product listed below that you purchase :

1) 15 Vision Board Frames/Backgrounds
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Pick any bonus above for any of these products - full descriptions below....

From Coach Glue: My Dream Life Journal For Manifesting the Life I Want
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• From Chad Elisjer: Microhabits Secrets

Please send your receipt and bonus request to:
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(If you sent your receipt to another email address -
please re-send to the one above as I have a week's worth of email to go
through and you will not get your bonus anytime soon!)


Free Photoshop Challenge from Adobe!!

If you are looking to sharpen up your PS skills - this is an awesome way to do it: From Adobe - Build your Photoshop skills in just 9 challenges! | April 26 - May 21
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Attention Dog Lovers!!

Jan has an adorable dog journal/planner out this weekend, in two different styles! Buy them separately for $17 each with coupon code CUTEDOG10 or bundle them together for $25 with coupon code CUTEDOG12

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Jan's Adorable Doggie Planner/Journal


Content Design Essentials
From Content Sparks

Whether you simply want to be a 'better blogger' or you want to teach your readers to create content that will not only draw visitors in but ALSO rank well in the Search Engines, this course is outstanding, and I think one of the best ones from Sharyn's team in quite a while! Take a look at everything that is included:
  • Course Book (6,324 words, 38 pages) – All the content and activity instructions you need to create a comprehensive self-study eBook, online course, bonus resource, or handout for a live workshop (Value $1997).
  • Action Guide (20 pages) – A complete set of worksheets that helps your students take action on what they learn in the Course Book, so you’ll have happy, successful students.
  • Content Design Checklist - To use alongside the Action Guide, that will help your students to audit their blog posts.
  • Blog Post Content Template (5 pages) - To help your students with structuring their blog post content.
  • Blog Post Design Template (4 pages) - To help your students create a design document for their blog posts.
  • Summary Cheat Sheet (2,538 words, 17 pages) which includes the main takeaways, key points, and action steps from the course. You and your students can use it as a quick reference to save time, versus having to refer to the coursebook every time. (TIP: Our customers love using the cheat sheet to identify what they want to customize in the course, and for sales copy snippets.)
  • Graphics (13 colorful graphics that are used in the coursebook and slideshow, .pdf, .ppt & .png). These give a snapshot view of concepts, as well as adding some visual zing.
  • Course Overview Infographic A 1-page at-a-glance visual of the course, so your students always know where they are in their progress (.pptx, .pdf & .png).
  • Course Roadmap Infographic – A 1-page at-a-glance visual of their path through the course (.pptx, .pdf & .png).
BONUS: $15 coupon for anything from PLROfTheMonth.club - and yes, we have new 18 month printable planner coming out next week!

Content Design Essentials


New!! From Coach Glue:

My Dream Life Journal
For Manifesting the Life I Want

This is AWESOME!! Journal content designed for you in Canva so it’s ready for you to tweak & sell. When you've put your name on it, you'll just click "download as a printable pdf" and you're ready to go! OR....You can use the included word document so that you can design it any way and with any software you want (in your favorite design program) or even design your journal by hand. This is a great hournal template with prompts and 14 pages of great content as well.

BONUS: See above - choose any one that you want from the list above!! Just drop me an email at [email protected] and let me know which one you want!

My Dream Life Journal
For Manifesting the Life I Want


MicroHabits Secrets

This is a HUGE bundle that includes a 13,000-word ebook, two 21-day Challenges in two VERY hot niches - Weight loss and Self-Confidence - an autoresponder follow-up, 7 articles PLUS a lead magnet for only $12.95!!

BONUS: See above - choose any one that you want from the list above!! Just drop me an email at [email protected] and let me know which one you want!

Get the details: MicroHabits Secrets



Use code HBD35 to enjoy 35% off all the products and courses in Faith's store through April 27th! store. You can see everything on sale HERE but here are direct links to some of my favorite courses:

Pin To Win - Pinterest Marketing Strategies For Printables Sellers

How To Create Planners Like A Pro

Email Marketing Kickstart For Etsy Sellers

BONUS: See above - choose any TWO that you want from the list above!! Just drop me an email at [email protected] and let me know which one you want!

Check it all out here:



From Cindy Bidar
Sales Pages That Convert

I love everything that Cindy does because she honestly practices what she preaches!
  • The exact framework Cindy uses for sales pages. This is the same template she's used in her own business to develop 40+ sales pages that have resulted in more than $500,000 in sales.
  • Turning off your inner designer and going against the grain with your buy buttons (because that last thing you want is for them to blend in)!
  • 11 conversion-killing mistakes that even top sellers make (use this checklist for every sales page you write if you want to maximize your sales).
I have not gone through this completely yet but I am loving what I am reading so far and taking tons of notes! Use coupon code CONVERT to save 62% through April 25.

Sales Pages That Convert

Have an amazing week!
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