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Hi, everyone!

HEY!! Isn't that a gorgeous dogwood tree?? Yeah, it is until you look close and you realize that the HUGE clusters of white flowers are really clumps of snow....and can you see me laying out there on the lawn, sucking up my tropical drink with the cute little umbrella in it? No?? NO!! That's cuz I am in my office, with the heater under my desk, mumbling even more obscenities than usual about the weather.....

Other than waking up to 3 inches of snow this am, I could get used to this vacation thingie! Today, I opened my Metamask.io wallet and my Opensea.io account to get ready for my NFT creations, and our next NFT session (FRIDAY!!), finished the bonus for Lynette's Change Your Mindset release (check your Thrive Anywhere account if you purchased it through me!), got 6 months completed for the 2022 printable planner, and finished up two other bonuses, which will be uploaded tonight. Still working on the rest of them and should be caught up on bonuses by the end of the weekend.

For those that missed Friday's Digital Planner Workshop, the replays are up, and you can access them on the group page. Check back over the next few days, as I will be adding more bonuses to the page too ;-)

Zooming around:

• The "Newsletter Design Workshop" is on the calendar for Tuesday May 4th, 3 PM EST. I will send out Zoom details as we get closer. This is the bonus workshop for Cindy Bidar's Email Marketing Campaigns: How to Fill Your Calendar With Engaging Offers That Get Results. We will do a walk-through of setting up your newsletter in MailPoet (drag and drop) and BirdSend (WYSIWYG editor), and possibly FloDesk. You will also get a cheatsheet of helpful HTML snippets that you need no matter which editor you are using! Even if you are using other services - there is a great deal of similarity between the different companies based on the type of newsletter creator they use.

Blogging for Dollars, Anyone?

Let me clear about this: I really love blogging, and I truly want to get back to writing more this year. Writing is fun, and something that has been a 'money hobby' most of my life. I even put myself through business school writing for those little cheesy women's romance mags that most of you are too young to remember, but they paid well and they were cheesy versus sleazy so it was ok with my mom. The fact that she was not about to pay for tution made it even more acceptable to her.

Blogging can also be very lucrative, but it doesn't happen by accident. You may write, but that doesn't mean they will come. And, yes, we are back in the regions of SEO and content optimization again!

I mentioned yesterday that I was looking at two SEO tools over at AppSumo, AppSumo -
Squirrely SEO A.I. and Keyword Hero. After reviewing both of them, I did wind up buying Squirrely because I used to use it many mooms ago, and had great results with it, and it looks AMAZING today.

I will probably wind up getting Keyword Hero, too, because it does offer a few other features that I really liked, but Squirrely has a feature called FOCUS PAGES, which is a WORDPRESS plugin, that is truly amaze-balls and I kinda get sidetracked by it....

It's built in AI feature analyzes the content as you write your blog post advising you on how to tweak it to rank for the keywords you want AS YOU ARE WRITING!!

It takes into account 54 different ranking aspects, and will show you ranking results in more than 100 search engines.

I cannot wait to play with this!! Check them both out if you want to get your rankings up and start getting some real live free traffic to your site!!

Squirrely SEO A.I. and Keyword Hero

We can do a set-up walk through
if anyone isinterested
because I love SEO!!



Since I am supposed to be on vacation this week (stop laughing!) Rather than do a specific bonus for each offer - here's the list of what I am working on and you can pick what you want!!

Choose any one of these bonuses for every product listed below that you purchase :

1) 15 Vision Board Frames/Backgrounds
(all new - will be delivered this weekend)

2) 5 Vintage/Grunge Covers + Title Banners (perfect for scrapbooking ephemera - all new (all new - will be delivered this weekend)

3) The Zodiac Bundle (Ready for delivery! This can be seen here: https://plrofthemonth.club/jays-zodiac-tome-bonus/)

4) 20 New Original Papers (Ready for delivery! bonus for Pinning Keywords, now available for any of the products below)

Pick any bonus above for any of these products - full descriptions below....
ENDS TONIGHT - From Coach Glue: Video Script: 7 Steps to Help You Get Featured on Hot Podcasts
• From Cindy Bidar: Sales Pages That Convert
From Piggy Makes Bank: Is the Fear of Success Holding You Back?
• From Jan Small: Spring Cleaning Checklists from Jan

Please send your receipt and bonus request to:
[email protected]


**New Today**

From Amy Harrop

Amy told us about this one when she spoke at the Homepreneur's Adventure Summit and it really looks like a winner! This newest software focuses on something Amy calls Snackable Content - Snackable content is attention-grabbing, short content, often in the form of tips, checklists, lists, and snippets.

And the fact is that this is content that SELLS and can be adapted to almost any niche or vertical you can think of - and is a FANTASTIC way to add value to your Low/No Content products - quickly turning a journal or planner into a workbook or digital book!

The software comes loaded with more than 2,000 tips pre-loaded across popular topics to get you started!

BONUS: Two new mini-planners that you can use as your framework to customize with your own Tips! These will be ready next week.


**NEW Today**
From Cindy Bidar
Sales Pages That Convert

I love everything that Cindy does because she honestly practices what she preaches!
  • The exact framework Cindy uses for sales pages. This is the same template she's used in her own business to develop 40+ sales pages that have resulted in more than $500,000 in sales.
  • Turning off your inner designer and going against the grain with your buy buttons (because that last thing you want is for them to blend in)!
  • 11 conversion-killing mistakes that even top sellers make (use this checklist for every sales page you write if you want to maximize your sales).
I have not gone through this completely yet but I am loving what I am reading so far and taking tons of notes! Use coupon code CONVERT to save 62% through April 25.

Sales Pages That Convert



From Coach Glue
7 Steps to Help You Get Featured on Hot Podcasts

If you are not getting on Podcasts yet - or starting your own! - why not? This is one of the hottest ways to get publicity for your brand and your business and drive traffic yo your business with minimal cost! The key is being ready and prepared to take action and jump on every opportunity that comes your way and this 'toolkit' will help you do just that!

Personally, I love podcasts, because they are so easy, and can be a lot of fun! Most podcast hosts are personable and used to putting a guest at ease - and the ROI on your time can be amazing - but this is one of the most overlooked forms of traffic generation!

7 Steps to Help You Get Featured on Hot Podcasts

Only $27 (regularly $97) With Promo Code: 27

(expires Midnight Sunday!)


From Piggy Makes Bank

Is the Fear of Success Holding You Back?

This content bundle is the perfect companion to the Change Your Mindset Workbook from Lynette! This is the perfect type of written content to add to Lynette's Workbook to add a tremendous amount of value to the end product that you create!

This bundle includes Includes:
• 5 Articles
• 5 Emails
• eBook Compilation
• 5 Social Media Posts
• 5 social media images

Get it here:

Is the Fear of Success Holding You Back?


ICYMI...Tuesday Tutorials

• From Loom: Whether you are a Loom user or not - We Built The Fastest Video Editor So You Can Record and Share with Confidence is a great look inside the still small and how the tiniest details can have a HUGE impact - plus a great overview of their new features and speed tests. I for one will be giving this a new look!!

• From HootSuite: In their upcoming live webinar, Explained 3 Ways: How Do I Create the Best Social Content in 2021?, you’ll discover key strategies for sharing innovative content that shines on social. And, yeah, I think maybe they have a little insight into the world of Social Media ;-)

• From The Startup, a Medium publication: The Ultimate Guide to Become a Content Creator in 2022. This is probably all stuff that you already know....but read it anyway because maybe this time it will sink in. And yes, I think that last sentence was pointed more at me than you....

And another great article from Medium: The Future of Creativity Is Online Businesses of One - an inspiring and motivating look at the future for us Homepreneurs

• From Elegant Themes - How to Configure Your WordPress General Settings Ah...as much as I love WordPress - no one has ever accused it of being 'intuitive' or 'newbie frinedly'. This is a fantastic article - with screenshots! - that will walk you through all of those much needed and totally annoying General Settings ;-)


That's it for now - off to make a snowkittie.....
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