Happy Monday!

I hope your week is off to an amazing start! Mine is, and I am loving it. When Monday goes right, you just know the rest week has to follow, right? ;-)

I think it's pretty safe to say that we would all like to Work Less and Earn More. A LOT More, probably...and if that's the case, you really should head over to the Work Less, Do More Productivity Bundle that Lynette Chandler and Cindy Bidar launched today.

In case you don't know these two women - they are UBER efficient, and second to none when it comes to productivity. They've put together a truly spectacular bundle of time-saving tools and training that will get you to peak performance in no time!

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Inside you'll find a host of apps, courses, and even done-for-you services to help you get more done every day while working less.

Here's just a few of the goodies you'll have access to:
  • Content Planning Workshop: Join Cindy for a live, two-week workshop where you'll quickly and easily plan out your next few weeks (or even a whole year!) of content, including blog posts, emails, products, webinars and more. (I sooo need this one!)
  • Lightning Fast Launches: Create and Launch a Digital Product in a Weekend: Get your digital products out of your head and into the hands of those who need them most. No more procrastination, no more analysis paralysis. Just focused work that gets your new product up for sale fast!
  • Positively Productive Course: Learn research-backed ways to adopt a realistically positive mindset, so you can go after your goals, persist through obstacles and challenges, make better decisions and, yes, become more productive than you've ever been!
  • Work Less, Earn More Workshop
    The Work Less, Earn More workshop is an interactive session where you can show up to learn how to apply smart marketing to your business in order to work less and make more money. This workshop is the kick-off to a 10 Day Self-Challenge with daily action steps to Work Less & Earn More.
  • Mobile Monkey Chatbot: MobileMonkey is the world's best Facebook Messenger marketing platform. Connect with customers without writing a line of code in just minutes using the easiest chatbot builder.
  • $50 Store Credit At Thrive Anywhere: Writing things down is a time-tested technique for getting stuff done. Use this credit to grab any printable planners in the store for yourself or use them as lead magnets to build your own list

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===>>> Work Less, Do More Productivity Bundle

Stay warm and have an awesome week!
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