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Hi, everyone!

Another dreary 'spring' day here in Cincy - I laugh every time I use the word SPRING and CINCY in the same sentence...but I digress...

Today's newsletter is on a topic that is near and dear to my hearty: free traffic ;-)

Now, in truth, there is really no such thing as 'free' traffic, because you will still be paying for those visitors with your time and work BUT once you get your website set up correctly, you benefit from your work for months and sometimes, years, to come. ;-)

There is no way that we can discuss every aspect of optimizing your website for the Search Engines in this article, but there are still many steps that even the most novice of website owners can take to optimize their website for Google and Bing, including simple steps such as:

1) Having a clear category structure or silo, for both your products and written content. This makes it easier for both your customers and Google to find what they are looking for

2) Keyword Selection & inclusion versus human readers...Yes, keyword or phrase selection IS important - but Google wants the user/visitor to have a great experience on the sites it recommends, so stuffing your blog post with your primary keyword and related keywords will not help you rank better! Your writing will rank better if the article reads and flows well for humans first and foremost! ;-)

3) Length of your blog post - for many years, the 'standard' blog post was 350 to 750 words, then along came the truly overwhelming 'Pillar' post - a tome that Homer would have been proud of, and which seemed to put successful blogging out of reach for most normal humanoids. But in reality - the Big G would rather see consistency, so you are likely to get just as good results by posting more realistic articles 3 times a week than one humongous post once a month.

4) Don't use the same keywords or phrases over and over in your posts - this confuses Google! Yes, I know that can be challenging when your site is focused on one main type of product, such as journals, so try writing posts that focus on 3 to 5-word phrases (Long-tail keywords) that describe different types of journals. Ideally, the article should include the phrase in the first sentence, again mid-way through and at the end - but generally the exact phrase should only be used 2 or 3 times in the standard length blog post. Use variations on the phrase another 2 or 3 times.

5) Use your keywords in the title (h1 tags) and then again as a paragraph title (h2 tags) and be sure to make it bold at least once in the article.

There are so many free SEO courses online but one of my faves is by Debbit Gartner, aka The Flooring Girl. Over a period of 2 years, she built her blog up to $20k per month in affiliate revenue - all through SEO!! Yep she is my hero!!

You can find her free Beginner's Guide to SEO HERE and when you are ready to move on - her other courses are some of the best I have found so far and certainly the most reasonably proced by far! I have almost everything she has produced including Easy on Page SEO for Beginners, and 45 Not So Obvious Lessons I Learned On The Way To Making $20k Per Month (priceless!!)

And if you don't believe me - happy to show the receipts!! I really like to learn from the people that are doing this on a daily basis. Debbie has actually responded to my emails, and is a real person!! Her blog is not a corporate-made story - she is the real deal and a real person! Totally recommend her!

And regarding the registration for the Homepreneur Adventure: Part 2...

Look for it to go live Monday as I decided to make some changes to the registration process, based on discussions in the Kitchen Sink Zoom Thursday, and I will have the forms ready Monday at the latest...all great ideas that just needed some extra time to implement ;-)

This is going to be a 'curated' event, meaning that every submission for either the Premium or the Swag Bag giveaway will be reviewed and scored by a committee of 5 to 7 members, so that we have the highest quality of products for the event!!


From Coach Glue:
Automation & Systems

Ever wonder how the dynamic ladies at Coach GLue accomplish so much? Melissa and Nicole share their secrets this weekend in their Automation & Systems training on sale for only $27 this weekend when you use promo code 27 through Sunday, April 18. This product includes:
  • Done-for-you 53-page workbook.
  • Done-for-you Training Script - use it to record a video or do a livestream training!
  • Done-for-You Sales Page so you can get the product out there QUICK!!
  • 21 Facebook posts.

Check it out here:
Automation & Systems


Change Your Mindset for
Greater Success Workbook

Lynette has carved out a very unique and successful niche for herself and she makes it easy for you to piggyback on her work! Her workbooks are uniquely designed to walk your clients through a series of questions and prompts that will gently guide them to the place they need to be or address the problem they are struggling with.

The Change Your Mindset for Greater Success workbook is designed to help people gain awareness of their negative self-talk, create a structure to build positive self-talk and generally stop sabotaging themselves. The package includes:
  • 1 x workbook
  • 5 x dividers
  • 3 x professionally edited mockups
  • 30 x social media blurbs
  • 10 x social media images
Use coupon code MINDSET to save 50% through Tuesday, April 20

BONUS: 5 additional covers and matching divider/interior background pages. These will be in your account at ThriveAnywhere Sunday

Get the details here:
Change Your Mindset for

Greater Success Workbook


From Piggy Makes Bank

Is the Fear of Success Holding You Back?

This content bundle is the perfect companion to the Change Your Mindset Workbook from Lynette! This is the perfect type of written content to add to Lynette's Workbook to add a tremendous amount of value to the end product that you create!

This bundle includes Includes:
• 5 Articles
• 5 Emails
• eBook Compilation
• 5 Social Media Posts
• 5 social media images

Get it here:

Is the Fear of Success Holding You Back?


New! Spring Cleaning Checklists from Jan

These are SO gorgeous!! It almost makes me WANT to start that whole darned cleaning thang...almost...but seriously - did you know that cleaning checklists like this are among the TOP best-selling printables - YEAR ROUND??? Jan has just released a set of Spring Cleaning Checklists that you can pick up for only $7 when you use coupon code SPRING20 through Wednesday, April 21.

The pack is huge and can EASILY be tweaked to be for any season not just Spring:
  • a beautiful spring-fresh cover
  • belongs to page
  • 11 fully itemized checklists (with editable text) for every room in the house
  • a decorated blank room template so you can add pages
  • a monthly undated cleaning schedule to make a plan
  • every layout you need for a deep spring clean!
  • in US Letter and A4 to cover international home printing requirements
  • Powerpoint (.pptx) source files

    Spring Cleaning Checklists from Jan


The Money Maker's Bundle
from Cindy Bidar

I have learned so much from Cindy's courses over the past year and these are really among her best - because they work so well together!! I have spent a lot of money on courses over the past year, and the one thing I hate are courses that leave out a major piece of the puzzle...this bundle really does do an excellent job of putting it all together for you - and if you are going to be building a list this year - this is an excellent resource to have!

Now, Cindy has put together a bundle of what I think are 4 of her best courses for 75% off!

  • Uncovering Hidden Cash - Simple Strategies to Boost Your Cash Flow and Improve Your Bottom Line
  • The Tripwire Toolkit - How To Fill Your List With Buyers, One Tiny Sale at a Time
  • A License to Print Money - How to Maximize Your Profits and Give Yourself a Fat Pay Raise
  • Daily Money Makers Toolkit - Easy to Follow, Everyday Tactics that Will Keep the Cash Flowing In On A DAILY Basis
Whether you are a newbie or you've been at this for a while, I promise that you will benefit from this bundle - I can honestly say that they have had an impact on my own business over the past year!

The Money Maker's Bundle

That's it for now! Have a wonderful weekend!
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