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Happy Hump Day, Everyone!

The topic this week has been traffic - and today I wanted to address one of the most important and often under-appreciated traffic sources for many content creators: US!!

By US, I mean us folks that promote others' products as affiliate marketers. Most content creators are also affiliate marketers - but I admit that I am baffled by many people's attitude towards their own affiliates!

I have been in sales literally my entire working career, starting as the sales manager for the high school newspaper when I was 14. I have been on STRAIGHT COMMISSION most of my life - and since I will be 67 in a few months - I have more than a little experience in what I am about to write about...

If you are a product creator of any type - affiliates can be one of your best sources of traffic, especially those, like myself and many others that I know, that are active in list-building events.

We take affiliate marketing very seriously! In most cases, affiliate revenue accounts for 50% to 75% of our monthly revenue. Many affiliate marketers that I know do this FULL TIME!! We work hard to build our lists and bring in new subscribers/customers every month.


We also work hard to create bonuses and offer workshops and trainings that complement your products and boost your sales.

As a content creator myself and a life-long sales rep on straight commission, I place a high value on my affiliates. I have not launched a new product in a couple of months, but my Affiliates are still earning because their customers have coupons that they redeem almost every day.

I freely admit that I do not always manage to give my affiliates a lot of notice before I launch - but it really doesn't matter because their links 'live on' and they get paid even when I promote a launch and they don't!

As an affiliate marketer - it is tough to enthusiastically promote a product when you know it was launched the week before to the vendor's list (which your customers are now on....) at a lower price than what you are going to be promoting.

A heads up here: As affiliates, we are not going to spend our time creating a bonus when we know we will make one or 2 sales at the most because the product was launched a week ago...

And as a vendor - we all need to remember that customers SHOP FOR BONUSES!! The customer may have been buying from you for the last century - but they may still choose to buy THIS TIME from an affiliate that is offering a great bonus.

When you reverse that sale because the customer has been buying from you for a long time - you are cheating both the customer and the affiliate - and yet I have heard of this happening on at least 2 different occasions recently, by two different content creators.

As a product vendor, it is sometimes tough to see half of your money going out the door - but you also need to remember that these are sales you would not have made without your affiliate's efforts!

The cost of an affiliate is no different than if you were running a Facebook or Pinterest ad campaign. Affiliate commissions are a marketing expense - EXCEPT THAT YOU ONLY PAY WHEN THEY MAKE A SALE!!

Try getting Facebook to give you the same deal...ain't happenin', my friends....

In closing, affiliates can make or break your business as a content creator. A good team of affiliates is worth their weight in gold and deserve to be treated as a valuable business asset - and trust me - affiliates feel the same way about great content creators, too!!

How to Grow and Monetize My Facebook Groups
By Coach Glue

I love this and really NEEDED this!! Okay, I really hate to admit this but I am NOT a Facebook person, and over the last few months, I have come to realize that I need to change that mindset, but have been putting off doing anything about it. This new planner from Coach Glue has finally given me the framework to change this and I am planning to finally start a FaceBook Group, and we will be using it for the upcoming Homepreneur's Adventure: Part 2 as well!

The Step-by-Step Planner Covers (66 PAGES):

  • Step 1: Leverage Your Expertise And Build A Movement
  • Step 2: Systematize Your Group To Uncover Increased Opportunities
  • Step 3: Captivating Content At Your Fingertips
  • Step 4: Strategically Market Your Group & Become a Beacon For Growth
  • Step 5: Scale Your Business with Easy Group Monetization Strategies
  • Step 6: Leveraging Your Influence & Consistently Hear Cha-Ching
  • Step 7: Inspired Selling Within Your Community Without the Hustle

BONUS!! I will create a Digital Workbook version of this - it will be available early next week - perfect for an upsell or Lead Magnet or even a WorkShop handout!

How to Grow and Monetize My Facebook Groups

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Screen Shot 2021-04-11 at 5.13.37 PM

New From Ruthie!

12 Gorgeous New Paper Packs!!

If you are looking for beautiful papers & patterns for your projects - look no further as Ruthie just launched a brand new set! Ruthie's papers come in pattern/color coordinated sets, making it very easy to create a new planner or journal in several colors
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ICYMI>>>Tutorial Tuesday Redeaux!!

Since we have been talking about Traffic this week - I found some GREAT beginner SEO guides and YES!! We are going to be digging into the topic in the coming weeks - you can never have too much traffic and getting traffic from the Search Engines is another great list-building activity!

Hint: Save this list - you will want to have it for future reference trust me ;-)

Ok, so why not learn from the folks that started this whole thing? Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide FROM GOOGLE!!!

From Moz.com - The Beginner’s Guide to SEO – Moz created one of the first guides ever on SEO. And they tend to update it every year as well.

The Blogger's Guide to SEO - by Aaron & Giovanna Wall

From SearchEngineLand - The SEO PERIODIC TABLE

The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce SEO – did you know that ecommerce sites must be optimized differently than a content-heavy site??


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