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but then again every day is kinda like this.....

And here we go with another week ;-)

Before I go any further - if you have not jumped on this yet - it is about to close! Lynette's Dream Plan Achieve Giveaway ends TODAY! GREAT GIFTS but also some AWESOME prizes, too!! Optin for my gift and you will have a chance to win $100 in credits for anything on my site, current or future (and yes, new stuff arriving soon!)
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And on to that Organic Traffic stuff....

Most people only think of 'organic' traffic as visitors that hit your blog or website solely from the search engines, such as Google or Bing, but you should really include all visitors that come from any type of non-paid traffic.

As an example, I DO get a lot of visitors from the search engines, BUT I also get a lot of visitors that arrive from the various giveaways and events that I participate in weeks and sometimes MONTHS after the event closed!

This is sometimes because they may not have needed my products at the time of the event, but often, people just don't get around to actually going through the gifts that they have downloaded until weeks or months later - and when they do - they pop over to check out the rest of our products. After almost a year of participating in events - I get sales pretty much every day from new customers and I know that most of them are from events that ended 90 to 120 days (or more) earlier!

This is one of the reasons that I almost always include a non-expiring coupin in every giveaway bundle.

And yes, you could make the case that this is paid traffic since they are using a coupon - but it is rare that I don't get a few dollars along with that coupon, so it is still free traffic!

If you are a journal or planner creator, there is a good chance that you do not have a lot of content on your blog...and if this is the case, I strongly suggest that you try to add at least a short blog post every couple of weeks - 350 words is the standard length for a blog post and we have so many great PLR creators, that you don't even need to start from scratch!

Make sure that the content is focused on some aspect of your core business, such as planners or journals, and you will be suprised at how many keywords you can easily rank for in just a few months of consistent content creation.

And while keywords are important - writing relevant, high quality content for human readers is even more important in the eyes of Google.

We will address the topics of keyword selection - primary and longtail - as well as latent semantic indexing keywords (LSI) and how you can even help your WordPress site rank better with a few key plugins ;-)

New Today!!
Jay's Zodiac Tome Bundle!!

This is a huge bundle, which is not readily apparent when you first visit the sales page - so be sure to scroll down and see all that is included! I LOVE designing for anything in the zodiac, universe, crystals and metaphysical niches, and I have a HUGE bundle of goodies that I am putting together as a bonus for this one!

BONUS: These have all been used as bonuses for other products over the past 18 months - so I am putting together a page showing ALL of these so you can see them tomorrow before you buy!!

Buy either one of the front end offers and you will receive:
• 5 Astrology Cover Designs
• 3 Crystal Cover Sets (Each set inc. Cover, Title Banner & Interior Background page)
• 3 Tarot Cover Sets (Each set inc. Cover, Title Banner & Interior Background page)

Buy the Bundle and get all of the above PLUS:
• 12 Zodiac Coloring Pages
• 15 Universe Covers
• 10 Matching Title Banners
• 5 Astrology Covers

These are completed but you might have some of them, so I will post them on the site for you to preview tomorrow ;-)

Jay's Zodiac Tome Bundle!!


This is a very timely launch as Google's new Web Core Vitals update (bloodbath?) comes into play next month (May 2021) and having a fast loading site is going to be more important than ever for ranking, free traffic and user experience!


WP Profiler

From Matt Garrett - WP Profiler seems so simple on the surface - you just install and activate it with a single click… just like any other plugin...but when you actually run it you realize what a complex bit of code this thing is!

You’ll get a detailed report quickly showing you all potential issues currently slowing down your blog, as the plugin delivers 1 Click Diagnostics / Recommendations + Auto Fixes that will find and fix things like:
Web Connectivity Tests
Live Hosting Tests
Live Theme/Plugin Tests
Auto GFX Optimising
Database Scrubbing
Daily monitoring!

If you do any client work, there is an Agency license available during the launch, too!

Again, Page Speed is SOOOO important these days if you want to rank in the Big G, and this is a fast and easy way to see what you need to fix and a far more complete site audit than anything I have seen that was under $$$$

WP Profiler


Screen Shot 2021-04-11 at 5.13.37 PM

New From Ruthie!

12 Gorgeous New Paper Packs!!

If you are looking for beautiful papers & patterns for your projects - look no further as Ruthie just launched a brand new set! Ruthie's papers come in pattern/color coordinated sets, making it very easy to create a new planner or journal in several colors
====>>>> Check them out here (priced so low you can afford to stock up!):

12 Gorgeous New Paper Packs!!



Yes, I bought it, played with it this am and I think this one is a winner!! If you purchased either one of the recent Pinterest Courses by Kristie and Becky (Pinning Keywords Made Easy & Pinning The Future) you will know that video pins play a big role in their success - but I hate PowerPoint and really wanted something that would create something a little 'splashier' than the typical PPT vid.

This IS a bit pricey but I really like the wide variety of iPad/iPhone video mockups that I can use for digital planner videos for social media. I think these will be very "eye-catching", will showcase my digital planners better, and goes along very well with Kristie and Becky's recent results with video on Pinterest. And I also like the fact that it is a one-time fee, and the developer Scott Oldham has been around for a long time (I think I bought my first program from him 5 years ago?)

===>>> Check it out here:



WP Exit Traffic Pro

I have been waiting on this one for a while as the nearest competitor is part of the very expensive Optin Monster plugin - for $348 per year!! This little baby pops up when your visitor is about to leave your site and lets you show them pretty much anything you want:

You can use ANY URL. The page or offer you show them doesn't need to be on the same domain, so you can use any link, offer or optin form! (Try to leave the sales page and see what happens! You will love it!)

• WP Exit Traffic Pro is compatible and works perfectly with all WordPress themes and page builders. Install it on all of your WordPress or WooCommerce sites.

Unlimited Site License lets you Install On Unlimited Domains with 12 Built-In Animated Effects

===>>> Check it out here:

WP Exit Traffic Pro


That's it for today - tomorrow is Tutorial Tuesday!!
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