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i have absolutely no idea what i'm doing1

but I am having a lot of fun doing it.....

Yea! It's Sunday, my day off...

Ummm, yeah, right, I'll let ya know when that happens...and I truly cracked up when I saw this graphic today because truthfully? I RARELY let my lack of knowledge or experience stand in the way of doing something that I want to do! I have a definite tendency to dive in headfirst, and ask questions later. But looking back over the last year, it's worked pretty well for us! We may not be perfect, but we've taken action instead of waiting to get things perfect, and managed to accomplish a LOT, had a lot of fun and made some wonderful friends! We may not always know what we are doing but we are very enthusiastic about all that we do!! ;-)


Lynette's Dream Plan Achieve Giveaway ends the 12th! GREAT GIFTS but also some AWESOME prizes, too!! Optin for my gift and you will have a chance to win $100 in credits for anything on my site, current or future (and yes, new stuff arriving soon!)
Click here or scroll down for more details ;-)

As I mentioned yesterday, one of the top questions since the summit, has been about mailing your list but the next most asked question is about TRAFFIC!! No surprise, really, as once you get a few peeps on your list, and a couple of sales under your belt...you want MORE!! LOL, human nature, right?

Unfortunately, the answer to getting more traffic is not quite as simple as how often to email your new list!

In theory, traffic generally falls into two categories: paid or free. Wow, I know that is really earth-shattering, right? But hear me out....

No matter what the source of traffic is - it is never free. Whether you are posting on Pinterest or participating in giveaways - there is always a cost associated with 'free' traffic in terms of your time and effort.

When I was first starting out, I followed the advice of several 'internet marketing gurus' and ran paid ads on Bing, Google, Facebook and even 'native' ads. And to be honest, I was pretty pleased with the number of new subscribers I picked up...until I began participating in Bundles and Giveaways.

Although I was often getting more subscribers with the PAID campaign, the 'free' events were producing more QUALITY optins, because these were people that were actually interested in what they were opting in for!

This also resulted in a much higher subscriber retention rate, too, and sales eventually started coming in consistently, because the audience was more targeted and engaged!
Over time, I found more events to get involved with - including our own events - and pushed the paid campaigns to the side, with the exception of event-specific campaigns.

I still experiment with paid ads from time to time - but my best and most responsive lists are from
list building events.

Tomorrow - we will look at organic traffic, and why we all need to start paying attention to the new Google updates coming in May!!

Zoomin' Around...

If you picked up the Homepreneur's Adventure Premium Bundle - we will be meeting for the two Digital Planner Workshops April 16th and 30th! Check your Premium Bundle PDF for the link to the Workshop page. You can download your PDF from the member area at VirtualEventsUnlimited.com

• NFT Working Group - Bonus for James Renouf's NFTs Exposed Course
We had our first session Friday April 9 and will have our second session Friday, April 23, so we all have some time to create some original artwork ;-) for the next step! Replays are posted on the group page ;-)

If you want to join us - you can pick up James's course today: NFT EXPOSED


From Cindy Bidar

The Money Maker's Bundle

If you are a regular reader of this newsletter, then you know that I have a lot of respect for Cindy, and her membership, Six Figure Systems, is one of only a handful that makes the cut every quarter. The reason that I listen to Cindy is simple: she is seriously making bank (in excess of $20k per month) and that is where I intend to be by the end of 2021!

And I have to admit that I laughed out loud when I saw this on the sales page:

So can we stop pretending we aren't in it for the money?

Yep, you may have heard me expound this same philosphy a time or two (or twelve?) in the Kitchen Sink Zooms....

Now, Cindy has put together a bundle of what I think are 4 of her best courses for 75% off!

  • Uncovering Hidden Cash - Simple Strategies to Boost Your Cash Flow and Improve Your Bottom Line
  • The Tripwire Toolkit - How To Fill Your List With Buyers, One Tiny Sale at a Time
  • A License to Print Money - How to Maximize Your Profits and Give Yourself a Fat Pay Raise
  • Daily Money Makers Toolkit - Easy to Follow, Everyday Tactics that Will Keep the Cash Flowing In On A DAILY Basis
Whether you are a newbie or you've been at this for awhile, I promise that you will benefit from this bundle - I can honestly say that they have had an impact on my own business over the past year!

The Money Maker's Bundle


Screen Shot 2021-04-11 at 5.13.37 PM

New From Ruthie!

12 Gorgeous New Paper Packs!!

If you are looking for beautiful papers & patterns for your projects - look no further as Ruthie just launched a brand new set! Ruthie's papers come in pattern/color coordinated sets, making it very easy to create a new planner or journal in several colors
====>>>> Check them out here (priced so low you can afford to stock up!):

12 Gorgeous New Paper Packs!!

Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 6.20.49 PM

The Gluten-Free Journal


This is a HUGE health issue that many people think is just a fad -
trust me, when I say that it is not!!

I first discovered that I had a Gluten Allergy in 2009, and I can tell you from first-hand experience how important something like this journal is, especially when you are first dealing with "going GF" as we say! And even though there are more Gluten-free products today than there was a decade+ ago - you still spend a LOT of time tinkering with recipes, and trying to replicate your favorite dishes, so accurate record-keeping becomes an important part of your daily routine! A food diary is also essential because some gluten foods or food combinations affect you more than others (intolerant vs celiac).

I could go on and on but just me say that if you thinking of going gluten-free, or HAVE to go Gluten-free, it's NOT easy, and a journal like this is a critically important part of the process if you want to do it successfully!

This is a HUGE market!!!

LAUNCH PRICE $17 (Sale is for $10 off the regular price of $27.00)
Use Coupon code: GLUTEN10

The Gluten-Free Journal


D'Vorah Celebrates
Product #25!!

And D'vorah is giving US a huge gift by giving
us 25% off anything in her store!
Use CELEBRATE25 at checkout to get
the deep discount!!


D'Vorah Celebrates


This is a very timely launch as Google's new Web Core Vitals comes into play next month (May 2021) and having a fast loading site is going to be more important than ever for ranking, free traffic and user experience!


WP Profiler

From Matt Garrett - WP Profiler seems so simple on the surface - you just install and activate it with a single click… just like any other plugin...but when you actually run it you realize what a complex bit of code this thing is!

You’ll get a detailed report quickly showing you all potential issues currently slowing down your blog, as the plugin delivers 1 Click Diagnostics / Recommendations + Auto Fixes that will find and fix things like:
Web Connectivity Tests
Live Hosting Tests
Live Theme/Plugin Tests
Auto GFX Optimising
Database Scrubbing
Daily monitoring!

If you do any client work, there is an Agency license available during the launch, too!

Again, Page Speed is SOOOO important these days if you want to rank in the Big G, and this is a fast and easy way to see what you need to fix and a far more complete site audit than anything I have seen that was under $$$$

WP Profiler


Dream, Plan, Achieve Giveaway

I know, I know, you are probably thinking "NOT ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!" but trust me...this is not your usual Giveaway! Lynette Chandler of Thrive Anywhere has put together a fantastic group of products PLUS - we all contributed RAFFLE prizes!


And be sure to pick up Lynette's product - it's a 12-Month Weekly Marketing Planner Canva Template - this one will be worth it's weight in gold for you!
  • An Online Business Start-Up Plan - Cindy Bidar
  • Building A Successful Business - Tracey and Suzanne
  • Easy Emails Bundle - Jennifer Dunham
  • Ideas In Order - Kelly McCausey
  • How To MarketFor Small Business - Connie Ragen Green
  • Secret Language of Money Video Course - Sheila Netti
  • Viral Visibility - Lindsay Fox
  • Unshakeable Self Confidence - Stacey Myers
  • How to Create an Online Store - Di Heuser
  • 10 Easy StepsTo Get Clients - Cindy J. Holbrook
  • She Journals Club - Rosie Battista
  • And from moi' - my brand new PLAN TO PROFIT BUNDLE - which includes the Plan to Profit Business Planner, the Journal to Profit journal and the Lead To Profit, a giveaway mini-planner to build your list, all color-coordinated so you have a ready to go lead magnet and upsell ;-)

Get your goodies here:

The Dream, Plan, Achieve Giveaway



Yes, I bought it, played with it this am and I think this one is a winner!! If you purchased either one of the recent Pinterest Courses by Kristie and Becky (Pinning Keywords Made Easy & Pinning The Future) you will know that video pins play a big role in their success - but I hate PowerPoint and really wanted something that would create something a little 'splashier' than the typical PPT vid.

This IS a bit pricey but I really like the wide variety of iPad/iPhone video mockups that I can use for digital planner videos for social media. I think these will be very "eye-catching", will showcase my digital planners better, and goes along very well with Kristie and Becky's recent results with video on Pinterest. And I also like the fact that it is a one-time fee, and the developer Scott Oldham has been around for a long time (I think I bought my first program from him 5 years ago?)

===>>> Check it out here:



WP Exit Traffic Pro

I have been waiting on this one for a while as the nearest competitor is part of the very expensive Optin Monster plugin - for $348 per year!! This little baby pops up when your visitor is about to leave your site and lets you show them pretty much anything you want:

You can use ANY URL. The page or offer you show them doesn't need to be on the same domain, so you can use any link, offer or optin form! (Try to leave the sales page and see what happens! You will love it!)

• WP Exit Traffic Pro is compatible and works perfectly with all WordPress themes and page builders. Install it on all of your WordPress or WooCommerce sites.

Unlimited Site License lets you Install On Unlimited Domains with 12 Built-In Animated Effects

===>>> Check it out here:

WP Exit Traffic Pro


That's it for today - tomorrow we will look at Organic Traffic!!
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