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Hi, everyone!!

As most of you are probably aware, I am a bit of a geek, and I am always on the lookout for software and services that make our days a bit easier, especially when it comes to tools for marketing and traffic generation, areas that generally take more time than we usually have.

I thought I had come across a really nifty tool a few days ago called VidTag. I have been using Otter.ai the last few weeks for creating a transcription of our Kitchen Sink calls, and had planned to use them for my courses as well, because as a consumer, I really like it when a transcription is included with the video course. And I really wanted one that creates a searchable transcript with tags, table of content etc., which Otter does not/ They are a bit pricey but still seemed like a great feature for a course.

So, along comes VidTags last week - which does EVERYTHING that the expensive products do for a one-time fee...unlimited video renderings/transcripts etc. I dove in and bought it immediately, uploaded a 60-minute video, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it loaded very quickly. I then sat back to see how long it would take for the searchable transcript and TOC to get done....ummmm......like never? So the next morning I open a support ticket, and again, pleasantly surprised to get a very quick response...and support says that the video is too long and they have asked the tech team to increase the transcription capability because obviously, most webinars are 90 minutes to 2 hours....so the next day I try again...upload the same 60-minute video, just under 1GB, and I get a message that the upload limit is now 500MB!!! WHUT???

So, instead of increasing the length of the transcription, they cut the size of the video upload to approximately 30 minutes?? Seriously? How many webinars are 30 minutes long? Do you really need a Table of Contents for a 30-minute webinar? Umm, no, probably not.

Today is Tuesday and this has been going on since last Thursday. I was so excited and really thought I had found another great tool for us that want to dive into course creation - and at a very affordable price, but...unless this gets resolved - and it is not looking like it will - this is another 'don't bother' alert....sigh.....

I bought several other things on WarriorPlus over the weekend, nothing much that I want to share LOL - drop me a note if you are looking at something, and I will let you know if I picked it up and why I decided not to promote it....

Dropmock....yes, I bought it, have not had a chance to play with it yet but looks very intriguing - will let you know tomorrow!

It's really all about traffic....

WP Search Crawl

We tend to talk a lot about list building because it's something that we can do as a GROUP...but don't ever forget about ORGANIC traffic! Every single day, even when I do not send out a newsletter, I still make a few sales, and I get new subscribers, from people that literally trip over my sites online.

One of the plugins that has been helping a lot is WP Search Crawl by Mark Hess & Michaek Thomas - I have been using it for a few months on several sites and I have definitely seen a difference because it makes sure that everything is getting indexed!

This is what this little gem does for me:

See exactly when Google and Bing last visited your pages

• Ping Google and Bing in 1-Click - Click a button and ping them in 1-click. Let them know you added new content, freshened up your site, or you just want them to pay your site a visit - the bots arrive lickety-split

• Newbie Friendly and Super Easy To Use Using this plugin couldn't be any easier...
No complicated settings, it's easy no matter your level of WordPress expertise (or not!)

===>>> Check it out here:

WP Search Crawl


WP Fresh Post SEO

Have you ever arrived on a website and been dismayed to see the posts are dated from 3 years ago? Chances are you immediately left - and guess what? That is EXACTLY what the bots from Google and Bing will do! This plugin makes sure that your titles and posts are ALWAYS updated and appear current to both visitors and bots, so you will get extra love from the bots and your visitors!! Super important if you have any kind of content on your site!

===>>> Check it out here:

WP Fresh Post SEO


Ellen Finkelstein's
Spring Business Boost Giveaway

Ellen's gathered 16 online business owners together for this Spring Business-themed giveaway, including a free month in Kay Wagener's fabulous Copywriting Cafe, which includes two 60 minute group coaching sessions. Kae is a former producer for a TV mag show, and is really a group resource. I got to know her personally as part of one of her groups last year, and she is really a great teacher. And you will also find a digital mini-planner from me too!
Ellen was a Guest Speaker in our Homepreneur's Adventure Summit, so PLEASE!!
Let's all support her Giveaway event, too!!

Check it out here:

Spring Business Boost Giveaway


Dream, Plan, Achieve Giveaway!!

The Dream, Plan, Achieve Giveaway is an unusual event where 12+ successful and experienced business people - all names you will recognize! - share their tools and resources completely free. And a totally new bundle from me ;-)....
  • An Online Business Start-Up Plan - Cindy Bidar
  • Building A Successful Business - Tracey and Suzanne
  • Easy Emails Bundle - Jennifer Dunham
  • Ideas In Order - Kelly McCausey
  • How To MarketFor Small Business - Connie Ragen Green
  • Secret Language of Money Video Course - Sheila Netti
  • Viral Visibility - Lindsay Fox
  • Unshakeable Self Confidence - Stacey Myers
  • How to Create an Online Store - Di Heuser
  • 10 Easy StepsTo Get Clients - Cindy J. Holbrook
  • She Journals Club - Rosie Battista
  • And from moi' - my brand new PLAN TO PROFIT BUNDLE - which includes the Plan to Profit Business Planner, the Journal to Profit journal and the Lead To Profit, a giveaway mini-planner to build your list, all color-coordinated so you have a ready to go lead magnet and upsell ;-)

Get your goodies here:

The Dream, Plan, Achieve Giveaway


Tuesday Tutorials

• From Search Engine Journal: Why Do Search Rankings on Some Keywords Fluctuate So Much?

• And 50 Questions You Must Ask to Evaluate the Quality of Your Website

• From Sprout Social: What to post on each social channel to stand out from the crowd

• From BubleUp (my new face tool - thank you, Cara!): Boost your productivity by forwarding any email to Bublup

• EEK ALERT!! From PC Mag: HHow to Find Out If Your Phone Number Is in the Facebook Data Leak

• from Social Media Examiner: TikTok Live: How to Live-Stream Your Way to More Business

• And from Neil Patel: How to Leverage Testimonial Examples in Paid Campaigns


Pinning Keywords

From Kristie Chiles and Becky Beach, this new course is the perfect complement to their recent release, Pinning The Future. If you are still floundering and confused by Pinterest keywords, this course is the ultimate resource for finding "Low Hanging Fruit", a term that is used to describe Keywords that are searched for 5 million times (according to Pinterest) by people who are about to BUY something. In this ALL-NEW VIDEO Masterclass, you will discover how Becky and Kristie are getting AWESOME KEYWORD & PRODUCT IDEAS INSIDE OF PINTEREST.

BONUS: 20 ORIGINAL Digital Papers with Full Commercial Rights (will be available this weekend in your WarriorPlus account)

Get it here:

Pinning Keywords


That's it for now - have a wonderful evening!
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