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The Dream, Plan, Achieve Giveaway Is Live!


A Sneak Peak At My Gift!

Hi, Everyone!!

This is a very short one - the regular newsletter with a LENGTHY article about image usage rights - will be out later today as I am working on some actual examples of the right and WRONG way to use purchased images. After the fiasco regarding a certain printable launch on WarriorPlus and based on the comments and questions I received, I thought some examples might be helpful.

BUT...I wanted to send out a very rare (semi) Solo email as very special giveaway launched today, from Lynette at Thrive Anywhere. This is NOT your typical giveaway because not only are the products of unusually high quality - Lynette has also put together a bundle of prizes up for grabs that are AMAZING!!

If you saw her presentation at our recent Homepreneur's Adventure Summit, "Go For The Big Ask" - you will understand that the woman truly practices what she preaches with the prizes that she has procured!!

The Dream, Plan, Achieve Giveaway is an unusual event where 12+ successful and experienced business people - all names you will recognize! - share their tools and resources completely free. And a totally new bundle from me ;-)....
  • An Online Business Start-Up Plan - Cindy Bidar
  • Building A Successful Business - Tracey and Suzanne
  • Easy Emails Bundle - Jennifer Dunham
  • Ideas In Order - Kelly McCausey
  • How To MarketFor Small Business - Connie Ragen Green
  • Secret Language of Money Video Course - Sheila Netti
  • Viral Visibility - Lindsay Fox
  • Unshakeable Self Confidence - Stacey Myers
  • How to Create an Online Store - Di Heuser
  • 10 Easy StepsTo Get Clients - Cindy J. Holbrook
  • She Journals Club - Rosie Battista
  • And from moi' - my brand new PLAN TO PROFIT BUNDLE - which includes the Plan to Profit Business Planner, the Journal to Profit journal and the Lead To Profit, a giveaway mini-planner to build your list, all color-coordinated so you have a ready to go lead magnet and upsell ;-)
And be sure to pick up Lynette's product - it's a 12-Month Weekly Marketing Planner Canva Template - this one will be worth it's weight in gold for you, and I am thinking that we will use this in the Kitchen Sink Mastermind as we plan our next Summit?

(And a big confession: still trying to get used to seeing my name listed with people that I have 'admired from afar' for years!! Thank you, Lynette!)

Get your goodies here:

The Dream, Plan, Achieve Giveaway

And don't miss this one!

Ellen Finkelstein's
Spring Business Boost Giveaway

Ellen's gathered 16 online business owners together for this Spring Business-themed giveaway, including a free month in Kay Wagener's fabulous Copywriting Cafe, which includes two 60 minute group coaching sessions. Kae is a former producer for a TV mag/news show, and is really a great resource. I got to know her personally as part of one of her groups last year, and she is really a fantastic teacher.

And you will also find a digital mini-planner from me too!

Ellen was a Guest Speaker in our Homepreneur's Adventure Summit, so PLEASE!!
Let's all support her Giveaway event, too!! If you attended Ellen's presentation with Connie Ragen Green on the power of Joint Venture's at the Summit - the chatbox BLEW UP with people reaching out and connecting for JVs right there during the Zoom!! It was an amazing display of people actually listening and taking action!

Check it out Ellen's Event here:

Spring Business Boost Giveaway

Keep an eye out for the regular newsletter later today!
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