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This is me....NEVER....sigh....

And yes, as soon as I hit the button I knew I forgot to grab the Zoom link for the Kitchen Sink Mastermind!! see below.....

Hi, everyone!

Sigh, I DO sometimes wish for the time to lounge in the tub with my rubber duckie and a bottle of wine and a straw, but life gets in the way!

Yesterday was NOT supposed to be a busy day - but I had two giveaways to finish up, and the stove delivery (which of course, you want to get back there and clean all of that between the time they pull the old one out and bring the new one in, right?), and then....one of the grandson's had their first baseball game as a real HIGH SCHOOL starter, so had to be there (freezing for 3 hours, thank you, very much). So, yeah, the day was sorta busy. It WAS funny though - he had his own cheering section since all 3 sets of grandparents were in attendance ;-)

But the COVID arm spent the day RAPIDLY returning to some semblance of normal, redness gone, lump just barely there, and the bruising is very diminished. Amazing how quickly the whole thing disappeared once it decided it was done with me! So, if you are still facing your second shot - I did indeed survive, and the worst of the symptoms really were over in the first 36 hours - and still no fangs ;-)

Buying the new stove however was another adventure: it seems getting a stove these days on short notice is like finding an emergency dentist on a Saturday - barely possible! I was stunned to find that literally every store in town had almost nothing in stock and everything was back ordered to the end of April or even later. So instead of buying the stove I wanted - I bought what was available to be delivered this week! Not thrilled with it, but since we are planning on moving this year, and this will be left with the house, I also was not up for going totally high end either (yes, if I wanted a $10k Wolfe, I could have had my choice of colors too! LOL). But the darned thing is here, and it works, which is a vast improvement on it's predecessor! And with Easter Brunch coming up - I did not think the family would be happy with egg McMuffins from you-know-where....

And don't forget - we have is The Tiny Course's next session! Email reminder went out last night and the NEW Zoom details as well! - Will also resend shortly!

And of course tomorrow is Thursday and the Zoom gremlins willing, we will be back at our new Zoom location:

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 925 6181 4174
Passcode: 062433

And a quick note:
I also purchase the new AFFINCOME Training Kit by FireLaunchers - I will review today and let you know tomorrow it is worth investing in! If it is, this would be a fun one to tear apart and come up with 'best uses' for the bundle as a group!

New today:

Ellen Finkelstein's
Spring Business Boost Giveaway

Ellen's gathered 16 online business owners together for this Spring Business-themed giveaway, including a free month in Kay Wagener's fabulous Copywriting Cafe, which includes two 60 minute group coaching sessions. Kae is a former producer for a TV mag show, and is really a group resource. I got to know her personally as part of one of her groups last year, and she is really a great teacher. And you will also find a digital mini-planner from me too!
Ellen was a Guest Speaker in our Homepreneur's Adventure Summit, so PLEASE!!
Let's all support her Giveaway event, too!!

Check it out here:

Spring Business Boost Giveaway


The 7 Minute Course Creators™ Live Workshop

Ok, I admit, I have not had a chance to review this product since it is for a series of live classes starting next week - but given the topic and the people putting it on - I HAD to pick it up, and I intend to find time to attend these! Over 3 days of the training, we will create an outline and then a course...and yes, by the end of Day 3 - they claim we will have a course ready to sell.....but right now it is about $11.00 (I think it is on a dime sale), and there are a HUGE amount of bundles included in this FE as well. (The really odd thing is that I was just thinking about exactly this format last night for a series of 'bite-size' courses, so this is definitely serendipity for me!)

Check it out here:

The 7 Minute Course Creators™ Live Workshop

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 10.47.55 AM

Pinning Keywords

From Kristie Chiles and Becky Beach, this new course is the perfect complement to their recent release, Pinning The Future. If you are still floundering and confused by Pinterest keywords, this course is the ultimate resource for finding "Low Hanging Fruit", a term that is used to describe Keywords that are searched for 5 million times (according to Pinterest) by people who are about to BUY something. In this ALL-NEW VIDEO Masterclass, you will discover how Becky and Kristie are getting AWESOME KEYWORD & PRODUCT IDEAS INSIDE OF PINTEREST.

BONUS: 20 ORIGINAL Digital Papers with Full Commercial Rights (will be available this weekend in your WarriorPlus account)

Get it here:

Pinning Keywords


Flash Sale From Lynette at Thrive Anywhere!!

Lynette is celebrating the end of Women’s History Month, a holiday that (at least here in Cincy) did get as much press as it should. I come from a long line of very 'colorful' and hardy pioneers, and I remember my great-grandmothers and the stories they told fondly!

Now through March 31st, 2020 (last day) - 30% off everything in her store with promo code WOMEN. And if you are not familiar with Lynette's style of low-content PLR, they are definitely different in that they are filled with prompts and questions to guide the user down the path of each journal or planner's topic and goal.


2000 x 1500 Canva-Template

The Latest from D'vorah
The Canva Planner and Journal Template Pack

Another GORGEOUS Mix and Match Planner Set from D'voarh! Included in this pack are 46 multi-colored pages in 16 unique layouts. Create unlimited planners and journals using the multi-colored, mix and match pages. You can also recreate this template in unlimited design and color-combinations. Commercial Use Rights are included, so you can use these templates as the foundation for many additional products. This 8.5" x 11" - Letter Size - Canva Templates can be accessed as is, with a Free Canva account and it can be resized with Canva Pro. (Note: This product is also included as a bonus in Dvorah's Five Products to Create and Sell course.)

BONUS: Get 5 color-coordinated covers - these will be ready this weekend and in your ShareYourBrilliance account, so no need to send your receipt!

Get 30% off with Coupon Code: CANVA30

Get it here:

The Canva Planner and Journal Template Pack


New from Alessandro Zamboni!
Printable Wall Art Empire

Looking for a unique new way to repurpose your graphics? Alessandro's latest course is definitely a winner!

Included in the course:
  • What is printable wall art
  • Best Sizes and dimensions
  • 5 niches analyzed for you, with real posters created.
  • Where to find the resources to create posters.
  • How to advertise your posters for free to increase sales.
  • And much more
This sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to repurpose a lot of my graphics too!
Get it here:

Printable Wall Art Empire


Tutorial Tuesday Redeux!!

First up, from Elegant Themes: How To Get Started with Pinterest Advertising

And just for fun, from Michael's: Online Zoom Classes
Michael's has an amazing selection of classes now that cover just about any art or craft skill that you can think of! Great fun and great inspiration!

From SE Journal: A Comparison of Domain Authority Checkers for Link Building

From Mailchimp: (the company that hates us affiliate marketers) this very interesting podcast "Deep Futures" Join host Annalee Newitz—award-winning author (Autonomous), science journalist, founder of io9, and former editor-in-chief of Gizmodo—as they look deep into the future and chat with fascinating guests who are thinking about what’s next for medicine, democracy, art, and more. All 6 episodes are available to binge wherever you get your podcasts.

• From Sprout Social: How Social Drives Transformation: Q&A With Twitter’s Zach Hofer-Shall An interesting look at how we should be viewing our Twitter data to understand our market and trends better

From Neil Patel: SEO is Turning into a Questions and Answers Game Did you know that more than 14% of all Google searches are in the form of a question? A great article on what to do with this bit of knowledge!

• From Entrepreneur: E-Commerce Success: 4 Ways You Can Start Selling More Online

That is it for today!!
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